Monday, June 13, 2022

It's Mom Time

Not that mom time since we are still waiting on baby boy to join the party here. I'm talking about my own momma today. She and my younger sister flew to SC for Daughter2's baby shower several weeks ago, and while my sister went back home my mom has been here ever since. My older sister lives about an hour from me and we've been sharing time with her.

She was at my house for nine days early on in the visit, and we took a big little road trip to Tennessee so she could see where her granddaughters live, spend time with her great-grandsons, and visit two of her old and very dear friends who live less than an hour from Daughter1. 

It seemed simple, three hours to Daughter2 and spend the night. Then three more hours to Daughter1 and spend three nights, plus the side trip to the friends, then three hours back to Daughter2 and spend another night, then home. In a blinding rainstorm through Atlanta which was as delightful as it sounds. Plus in the first hour of the trip I made a wrong turn (too much gabbing) and drove about thirty minutes the wrong way before I realized it. Oops. Hey it's not an adventure if everything is smooth sailing, right? 

This little road trip was a lot of schlepping for someone in their ninth decade of life. Also a lot of schlepping for someone  in their sixth decade, but if she can do it I can do it and we did and it was wonderful. Did I take a single picture of the momma-to-be with her grandmother? No I did not. Boo. I meant to, but we were busy talking and dining out and playing cards and time got away from me. Here we are at the shower though, so that's something-

And I did manage a couple of snaps with Daughter1 and her boys while we were in her part of the state. We went to a highly entertaining T-ball game on a warm Friday evening and that needed to be documented. 

Love the batter who ran to first base then sat down for a little rest until it was time to run to second lol. That's our star first baseman beside her-

And I did get a picture of my mom with friends she and my dad made when these friends were newly married with young children. They have been so wonderful to keep in contact with my mom all these many years and we had a lovely lunch in their home. Such a treat for my mom to see them in person-

We went to church with Daughter1 and her family, then out to lunch the Sunday we were there. For the record, picture taking with busy little boys is not for the faint of heart. 

After we got back to SC mom was at my house a few more days before moving over to my sisters to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend and my niece's birthday. Then back to me for another nine days, then back to my sister for another nine days. Whew! She's a trooper! 

We did a lot of card playing, porch sitting, bird watching, and jigsaw puzzle working while she was here. On Monday hubs drove us up into the mountains to the charming town of Highlands North Carolina. We stopped on the way up for the not-to-be missed view of our lake and the lake just above ours, then had a nice lunch in town. 

On the way home we made a quick visit to Bridal Veil Falls which are accessible from a pull-off in the road. It was such a beautiful day, and mom enjoyed walking behind the falls. Not Niagara, but pretty nonetheless. 

What a gift this time has been. To set aside all my to-do's and just enjoy time spent with with my momma. Such tender precious memories made. 


  1. Awww Joyce, I'm so glad you had all this time with your mom. You are so blessed and I know you know that. We've been blessed that my mother-in-law lives in the next town over and we've been taking some day trips with her and hope we can do many more this you said, such tender, precious memories being made.

  2. She was definitely a trooper. This is such a beautiful post. Times like these are so special and need to be marked with a post and photos. The pictures are absolutely perfect and how awesome to get a view of your lake from that point. This post brought me so much joy.

  3. Talk about special!!!! You are so fortunate that she is still able to enjoy such an outing and that she is still with you. She is definitely a trooper!!!!

  4. A precious, precious gift, indeed. Your mom is beautiful and the memories made will warm hearts forever!! Thank you for sharing your mom and your moments with us, Joyce!! xo

  5. Your mom is definitely a trooper! What a gift that you get to spend time with her and that she gets to spend time with her granddaughters and great grandsons. I bet she is anxiously awaiting that new little boy's arrival! (As we all are!)

  6. What a wonderful precious time and you might not have all the photos you wanted but those memories are forever in your mind. Your Mum is definitely a trooper. All the toing and froing sounds exhausting.