Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Hodgepodge With Sprinkles

Welcome to another week in the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post then go say howdy to your neighbor there. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. "A daughter's a daughter all her life, but a son's a son til he takes a wife." What say you? Elaborate.

There are exceptions to every cliche of course, but for the most part I'm going to say the daughter bit is accurate. When we marry we need to form a new bond with our spouse and I think daughters can do that and remain close to their mothers more easily than sons. Sons need to 'leave their mothers which makes the second part of that saying also somewhat true. 

That being said, I don't have a son but I am married to one, and I think it depends on the son, and maybe even to a greater degree on the daughter-in-law, as to what the relationship with the in-laws will look like going forward. My hubs family has always been close and I think we've been good about sharing time with both families over the course of our married life. I have a good relationship with my mother-in-law and have raised my daughters to be warm and welcoming to their mothers-in-law as well. 

Also, I love my mom. I might be many decades old, but she is and always has been very much a piece of my heart. I know I am so fortunate to still have her in my life. 

2. Something you've seen recently that was 'cuter than a June bug'

Any guesses as to how I'm going to answer this one? 

3. 'You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that's pretty much the same thing.' Agree or disagree? Last time you had a serving of happiness ice cream?  Dish-cone-milkshake-sundae...which one do you choose? 

I like ice cream but it's not something I have or even want very often. I'd rather have a homemade cookie, a piece of cake, or a slice of pie. My mom has been visiting for several weeks and she loves ice cream. We made homemade strawberry last weekend and it was delish! Of the choices offered I'll take a cone. 

4. What is one way/area in which you're currently 'swimming against the tide'? 

I don't think social media is where the world's problems will be solved or even reasonably debated, and I don't weigh in on  most of what's going on in the world today on sites like Facebook or Insta. I do my best to avoid engaging in conflict online. So many people seem to thrive on it, but I'm not one of them. 

5. Three things you're looking forward to this summer?

Spoiling a brand new grandson with too many kisses and lots of snuggles and also overwhelming him with all my many words

A few days at the beach with the grandboys and their mom and dad

Seeing old friends

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I bought a big bucket of strawberries from a local farm shop and besides the ice cream made the first strawberry shortcake of the season. 

South Carolina strawberries are the sweetest and nothing says summer like strawberry shortcake. 

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  1. SC strawberries are THE BEST!!! :)

  2. mmmm... fresh strawberries.
    I for one wish they'd get RID of Social media - I feel that is the 50% of the cause of all the crisis in our country.

  3. It didn't matter how old I got, I still needed my mama! I agree with needing to have a good relationship with your MIL. I talked with a couple of young ladies (late 20's-early 30's) and they talked about their horrible relationship with their MILs, due to the elders not being able to let their sons go. Both women are incredibly bright and sweet ladies; I feel really bad for them!

  4. Your relationship with your girls and mother is a beautiful story to watch. I was not blessed with the most loving MIL, but neither was my husband blessed with the most loving mother. I however, was tremendously blessed with great loving parents who also assumed my husband was the son they never had. And that relationship was mutual until the day my parents died. That's the bases for our relationship with our DIL; besides she loves us unconditionally too. That helps.

  5. Awe, the arrival of that sweet little boy is getting close. I'm so excited for all of you. And, those strawberries with whipped cream in those gorgeous Portmeirion dishes. You are so fortunate to still have your sweet Momma and that is such a great picture!

  6. Enjoy your time with grandsons! Social media isn't a place to have conflict...I find most people use it this way too often.

  7. Those strawberries sound delicious! I tried to google shortcake but don't think it's much of a thing here in the Netherlands.

  8. So sweet that you still have your mama here on earth to enjoy. Such exciting times ahead and soon welcoming your new little grandson into the world. May God bless him and protect him from evil. I stay out of that fray on the medias. They aren't conversations, they are outbursts. Yum, strawberry shortcake, that's a favorite around here, too. My grands come home today after being gone a whole month! I'm so excited to hug them.

  9. That shortcake looks delicious. I love strawberries. Your grandsons are so adorable and can't wait to see the new one when he comes.

  10. Fresh local strawberries are always the sweetest! Yum! I think I have the same shirt - the one you have on in the picture with you mom - except mine is a different color - great taste! :-)

  11. Yes! I think I would always opt for a cookie or cake over ice cream, odd as it may seem.

  12. As a mother with two son's, I appreciated how you answered question number 1.
    I love that photo of you and your mom.
    xx oo

  13. Oh Joyce... those grandsons are growing up so fast! I'm glad to hear that you have another one on the way this summer. I can't wait to be a gma! Have a wonderful week!

  14. I enjoyed your answers so much (and thanks for the questions, too!). That strawberry shortcake photo is mouth-watering.

  15. I think you are right in your second paragraph about the son and the in laws. I feel really close with Gabby and we spend time with her family often. I'm so happy you have your mom. I was 31 when I lost mine. Of course it's your grandson's!! Yum on the ice cream you made. I still use Facebook the way I did when it started. You post the fun times, a meal you eat, your pets, etc. I can't wait for you to meet your new grandson. The beach will be fun too!

  16. Your strawberries look so good. Our season was in February. I agree with your answer to #4 and do my best to avoid it too. Those boys are getting so tall! Can't wait to hear about your new little one!! xo

  17. I agree about social media. I fell into that trap back in 2012, but it seems a majority of us did back then, not realizing what a nightmare it would turn into. Since then I avoid most debates and skip past things that upset me. Social media has and continues to change us so much as a society...and not in a good way.

  18. I just saw that our local strawberry farm opened for picking yesterday and I can not wait to get there! Both your strawberry sweets sound perfect for summer.

  19. I am so behind on commenting..ugghh! Better late than never though. Loved your answers and agree with you on a lot of them. I love a good strawberry shortcake.

  20. The boys look so big!

    It's been a while since I've participated but I hope to join back in this summer.