Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Let's Get This Hodgepodge Party Started

Here are the questions to this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. Answer on your own blog, then hop back here tomorrow to add your link to the party. See you there!

From this Side of the Pond
1. Sum up your November in ten words or less. 

So much to be thankful for. 

2. Are you hosting any holiday parties this year? Attending any? Party pooper, party animal, or life of the party...where do you land when it comes to parties? 

We're not hosting, but we are attending. Several in fact and they're all happening the first two weeks of the month. I enjoy a party but prefer smaller gatherings. A dinner party with two or three other couples is my favorite. 

Where do I land on that party list? Hmm...I'm a happy party guest who's married to the life of the party. 

3. Do you purchase holiday clothing of any sort (sparkly tops, Christmas jammies, Santa suit, etc). 

Some years I buy holiday clothing. We typically attend a few holiday fetes and I like to have something new and maybe sparkly to wear if the occasion calls for it. We're going to a Santa Pub Crawl again this year, and everyone dresses up like Santa or some other Christmas related character for that. Hubs and I bought something new to wear and if it's as cute as the catalog I'll share a picture. 

Here we are with friends at last year's event-

I always buy Christmas jams for my girls and this year I got all the grands matching pjs too. Hubs usually gets me pjs and we all open these gifts (and only these gifts!) on Christmas Eve. 

4. What's your go-to recipe when you're asked to bring an hors d'oeuvre to a party? 

Depends on my mood, but pomodori al forno is always a favorite. The tomatoes have to roast for several hours so it's not a last minute option. I also like to make a layered greek dip with hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, and olives served with pita chips. It's yummy too. 

5. December 3rd is National Play Outside Day...what might you do to celebrate? 

There's a chance of rain here on Saturday, but I'm sure we'll get out for a walk with the pup no matter the weather. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Definitely on the nice list this year...

Also, I'm pretty sure this is the real Santa. 

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  1. I'm pretty sure you are right about the Santa and I am also pretty sure that is the cutest little boy that he's holding. What a doll! Love the Santa suits and the idea for such a party. I'm with you on the smaller dinner parties - by far my favorite. Happy 1st Day of December tomorrow.

  2. Your little grandson is so adorable and very expressive. He seems to be questioning this entire experience. Enjoy your December engagements!

  3. Oh my, that is the best Santa ever! Grandson survived his lap, too. He is so cute! Look at that sweet face. Not Santa, your grandson. What a fun bunch you all are, dressed for the fun party! You win the prize for Christmas Cheer!

  4. Your ten words or less re: November are perfect.

    And the Greek dip sounds amazing! Is the recipe or a link to it hear on your blog somewhere!

    The little fellow on Santa's lap is adorable. He looks a bit dubious about it all, but I do love the kindness in Santa's eyes.

  5. Yes, so much to be thankful for! Enjoy your parties. That is so cute with the Santa outfits. Have fun. Matching pj's is so much fun. Yum on the party treats. Such a cute photo and yes, he does look like a real Santa.

  6. Agreed - a dinner with just a few couples is my favorite too, though my friend group is so dang busy lately, we have not gone out!

  7. First of all, I love that picture of Santa and your adorable! I hope you have lots of fun at your parties!

  8. Hi Joyce,
    That last photo.. oh my goodness, it melts my heart.

    I have to tell you a story. It comes to mind because of how nice the Santa looks in the photo you shared with your grandson.
    When our boys were little, we had a local Christmas doings to go visit Santa and drop off a letter. Well, the Santa wore his real own grown beard and he was a smoker, so his beard was not nice and white like the one in your photo. What a handsome Santa your grandson got to visit.
    Anyway my boys did not like the Santa and we laugh about it now. ;-)

  9. I tend to be a party pooper but I am always determined that I won't be... then the day of the actual party rolls around and I just dread going. I think it's my social anxiety defense mechanism and I start to convince myself that I don't even want to go. Oddly I hosted more parties than we attended in our early years of kids and I'm not 100% sure that I enjoyed those anymore than I enjoy attending! LOL. Luckily we're rarely invited to parties so it doesn't come up often. I'm pretty sure that is the real Santa too; what a gorgeous Santa suit!

  10. Your grandson is adorable! There is so much to be thankful for.

  11. I chuckled at you being married to the life of the party. That was me, with Joe. He didn't know a stranger and always made people laugh. I was happy to sit back and just watch!! Another fun Hodgepodge, Joyce, and that picture of your new little man with Santa is beyond precious! xo

  12. Santa's outfit is amazing in that last picture and that sweet grandbaby is so cute!!!