Monday, November 7, 2022

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Good Monday morning everyone. It's the 7th of November and I'm blogging in shorts and a t-shirt which feels wonderful. 

Less than wonderful might be the truck needing breaks, the water heater needing a plumber, the Vols losing to Georgia on Saturday (not totally unexpected as GA is firing on all cylinders), the Tigers losing to Notre Dame on Saturday (whew, definitely won't talk about that!) or the Phils losing the World Series on Saturday night (they're my original home town team). 

Let's go back to wonderful and talk about these past two weeks spent with the sweetest little miss there ever was, and her big brothers too.

 Who are also sweet. 

And busy. 

But so so sweet. 

Baby girl made her entry into the world two weeks early, weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds. The early birthday was a blessing I'm sure-ha! 

When her momma was born people couldn't get over how alert she was. And how easy she was. She ate and slept and rarely fussed and now her own little girl? Well she is her mother's daughter. 

She's alert, looks you right in the eye, eats and sleeps like those baby books tell you they should but which most babies usually don't, and she's got an easiness about her that is so lovely. 

To be fair there is a lot of activity happening around her and we joke her mantra is serenity now. She will be in the middle of it all before we know it I'm sure. 

An added bonus on the timing meant we were in town to celebrate little man's third birthday. We missed his first two due to geography and Covid travel restrictions so this felt extra special. 

He was most excited about his adorable firetruck birthday banner and his momma's homemade strawberry cake. 

Next up was Halloween and y'all my daughter is a rock star. She made these adorable costumes while nine months pregnant and the boys absolutely loved them. 

It's Thomas the Tank Engine for those of you without toddler boys, James the red engine for the little mister who loves all things red, Sir Topham Hatt for dad, and the railroad crossing sign for momma because a woman who gives birth a week before Halloween needs a little bit of a costume too. 

The weather could not have been nicer and my daughter and I reminisced about all the Halloweens of her childhood spent trick or treating in the cold, trying to come up with a costume you could wear a fleece under. So nice to be out enjoying the people and the excitement of little ones as they shouted trick or treat and Happy Halloween to the neighbors. I think they loved handing out candy almost as much as they did the collecting. 

Hubs has acted as chauffeur these first two weeks of baby's life, and was able to take the boys back and forth to school which was a big help to mom. I know she's my daughter and I might be a little biased, but she truly is a remarkable woman. I'm in awe of how she is managing all the things, and creating new routines to include baby girl. Still the extra hands these first few weeks were appreciated. 

p.s. we're tired lol 

Also totally and completely in love with this precious baby girl.


  1. Those costumes are great! Looks like a wonderful time. While I am still way off from being a grandparent, I am looking forward to those years for sure.

  2. Lovely.. thank you for sharing.
    Our Atticus loved Thomas the Tank. The costumes are fantastic.
    Congratulations to you all.
    xx oo

  3. Congratulations! She is absolutely precious. (As a mom of mostly bald babies I and totally in love with all that beautiful, dark hair!)

  4. Yes, your girl is amazing. Both of your girls are amazing! YOU are pretty amazing!! I really enjoyed the catch-up post and all the photos. Love is all there is!! I think someone wrote a song about that!! xo

  5. Congratulations to all. She is beautiful and the boys are so handsome. You all are very blessed.

  6. Congratulations! What joy for your beautiful family!

  7. Oh so so sweet! She is precious as are her big brothers. What a blessing that you and hubby could help so much in those first days. God bless her and keep her! Happy birthday to the 3 year old, too! Fun times.

  8. She is beautiful! Loved all the photos and those creative costumes! The colors are so perfect in that last photo of you holding the little miss.

  9. Joyce, the pictures are all so precious. She is adorable and I love how alert she is. Of course the boys are as cute as can be too. I'm so glad you got to spend this time with them. Happy 3rd birthday to your grandson. OMG, I love their Halloween costumes. Awesome post!!!

  10. She is so sweet!! I love how bright eyed she is!

  11. She is gorgeous! And those costumes are amazing.