Sunday, April 9, 2023

A Basket Full

Hello Peeps! Happy Easter to you all! I hope you've had a joyful day celebrating the gift of God's great great love for us. We went to church then had a wonderful lunch with friends from church who also happen to be our neighbors. Such a lovely way to spend the day. 

Both girls Facetimed so we could see our grands. Is there anything cuter than littles all dressed up in their  Easter clothes? The answer is no. 

We have been the usual busy busy here and don't know if we're coming or going a lot of the time, but it's been fun. We spent all of last week taking care of sweet Baby J, aka grandson number 3, while his parents had a vacay in the islands. 

Hubs and I could now use a vacay in the islands, just sayin'. 

Little man was good as gold the entire week, eating and sleeping and smiling, and eating and sleeping and smiling, lather-rinse-repeat all day every day for seven days.  

Truly when you're nine months old life revolves around these activities. He crawls and laughs and plays with toys and knocks down every block tower Nana builds and loves his train book, his cups, and the stuffed bunny he named Irv. 

For real. Hubs asked him the bunny's name and he said 'rrr' so Irv it is. It fits. 

We had a little outing each day because the days start early and last for what sometimes feels like more than a day-ha! 

We spent our first day there walking in the park followed by lunch and a milkshake at a favorite local spot. Little man about face planted into this drink when the waitress set it down, and who could blame him? 

Hi Daughter2! Promise we didn't give him a milkshake on day one. We might have given him a teeny tiny taste of the whipped cream and the waffle cone, but the milkshake was all Pawpaw.

We also grocery shopped-


read books-

did some backyard bird watching-

and a whole lotta vacuuming, Swiffering, and chasing the Roomba because grandparents are all about keeping their charges happy-

Sweet baby J loves him a vacuum. 

We took him to his swimming lesson one day-

Another day we visited a college friend of mine (hubs too!) who we hadn't seen in years. She lives on top of a nearby mountain and we had the best time catching up in her beautiful home. 

Thursday hubs brother and sister-in-law drove over from their home to have dinner with us and spend the night. We grilled steaks after the little guy went to bed and it was so nice to have some new faces and extra hands in the house as the week was winding down. 

We watched some golf on that last day because it poured rain all the ding dong day and we were tired. 

Keepin' it real here always. 

Shoutout to young moms everywhere at home raising babies. The days so often feel repetitive and more than a little bit exhausting, and maybe there are moments you wonder if what you're doing really matters. The answer is yes. One thousand times yes. 

Too little sleep, reading the same story over and over, singing the same song over and over, stacking the same block over and over is, as they say in the times in which we live, 'essential work'. 

Of all the essential work there is to be done in the world, raising vulnerable humans from infancy all the way to adulthood is the most essential work of all. Don't let this upside down world tell you anything different. 

Happy Easter...hoping your basket feels full to overflowing today too. 


  1. Love those little feet! I can imagine how tired you are after a week. What a special treat for your daughter and hubby to enjoy while you loved on Baby J. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. What a beautiful grandson and great words of wisdom to mothers everywhere.

  3. Hi Joyce, so well said, thank you for the wise words.

    Our Sam loved our vacuum. I love the one sock on, one sock off, our boys did the same thing. Ha!!!
    xx oo

  4. What a cutie.

    He reminds me of one little one I used to care for in my daycare years ago - named Conner. We loved that little boy.

  5. Your #3 little man is truly adorable!! I can't imagine keeping up with a little one so kudos to you and your hubs for the great job. I know the kids enjoyed their vacation. Thanks for sharing the cuteness and the fun. xo

  6. I love each and every photo. I also know what you're talking about. We have done this a few times with James when they fly off to an island somewhere. Actually they are going again the last week in July. However, we do get to take him to daycare and get a little break each day. Yes, definitely a shout out to stay at home mom's who do that each and everyday. I love his wave with you!

  7. Sounds like he is a very easy and contented little boy but I know you will have been exhausted by the end of the week lol