Monday, April 17, 2023

Ruminations On A Monday

My plan today was to blog first thing. Didn't happen, but maybe that was a little too ambitious for a Monday? For my Monday anyway. 

Before I could blog I needed to tackle the paperwork mountain that somehow popped up here last week. You probably know how that thing leads to another and another and before you know it it's 8 PM and you're trying to remember what it was you wanted to say twelve hours ago?

Nothing important. 

That's my blog lane and I'm stayin' in it.  

My momma was here all last week and when she's here I put everything on hold and just hang with her. We played at least a hundred games of Hand and Foot and worked no less than four jigsaw puzzles, minus a few pieces, thank you very much little brown dog! What is it with snagging a puzzle piece before it even hits the floor? Why??? I promise you we feed him. 

Besides cards and puzzles we enjoyed the beauty of the lake from the back deck, once hubs washed down the pollen. Ugh. He also grilled the most delicious ribs one night and they were every bit as yummy as they look.


My mom and I discussed many of the world's ills and how we got here, and now how do we get out of 'here'? We talked about how our faith keeps us going when planet Earth tilts like one of those amusement park rides that make your head spin and your stomach lurch. 

We reminded each other not only does God have the whole world in His hands, but He is completely sovereign over it. 

I love my momma. 

Every day I expect to wake up and find the general population has come to its senses on any number of issues, which I won't elaborate on right now, mainly because I cannot abide mean people. Talking common sense, stating the obvious, and swimming against the current culture craziness are all things that bring the meanies out of the woodwork, and I cannot deal with all of that and file taxes too. 

On a Monday no less.  

Did you file your taxes? 

How about this face? 

Daughter2 drove over on Monday morning because her hubs was traveling and also because she wanted to see her Mema, and her Mema wanted to see sweet baby J. 

And her granddaughter lol, but especially sweet baby J. 

Chasing rainbows. He is everybody's day brightener. 

We have a few home and yard projects in the works (always!) and today the people showed up to make our garage doors less creaky and also to adjust the sensor so the door will go up and down on a sunny day when you press the button. 

Somehow the whole thing was off kilter so if the sun was shining the sunbeam would hit the sensor and the door thought (do doors think?) there was something in its path so you'd have to stand there and hold the button down until it was all the way down. Or up. Which kinda defeats the purpose of having an automatic garage door. 

First world problems I know, but annoying nonetheless, and now it's fixed and the doors make far less noise because somehow it was all related to being off track, and this is why we needed a professional. 

Next up will be sanding the yard which I know you won't want to miss-ha! 

We're home this week in case anyone wants to know. Seems worth mentioning because that's been a bit of a rarity here lately. Not gonna lie, when I looked at my calendar for the week I let out a big exhale and felt my shoulders relax. 

And now I'm thinking maybe this would be a good week to get the boat in the water and declare it officially lake season. What say you hubs???


  1. I love these photos, Joyce! What a blessing to have your mom visiting and she got to see that little guy while she was there, too!! The ribs do look delicious! Keep us posted about getting that boat in the water and hooray for a garage door that works again! Have a blessed week! xo

  2. Sounds like the best of weeks with your dear momma. We enjoy Hand and Foot. That's a great puzzle. It's so good to be on the same page with someone on what is happening in the world and be an encouragement to each other in these times. So good to be reminded about who is ultimately in control. That sweet face on your grandson makes me smile. Happy fresh week to you!

  3. Thank you, this post made me smile. And knowing there are others on the same page as me. I laughed when you said, you would love to wake up and see that common sense was back. I say the same thing daily. I pinch myself saying, am I really hearing this or seeing this?
    Than you for the smiles.

  4. LOVE how you put things on hold and just enjoyed being with your mom. You will never ever ever regret that. You gals must have had a bang-up visit with all the game-playing and puzzle-working. I am convinced that my missing puzzle pieces (since we don't now have a dog) are hanging out with the single socks that have disappeared.

  5. Yes, those moments with your mom are precious. I lost my mom 41 years ago. I'm in love with that puzzle. I went over and found it on Amazon. Yum on the ribs. Sweet words you shared with your mom. Taxes are filed and that face is as precious as can be. So glad your mom got to spend time with him. I never like annoying problems. Hope your are enjoying your week.