Monday, September 18, 2023

It Might Be My Birthday

There are two kinds of people when it comes to birthdays. Those who try their best to keep theirs a secret, who don't want anyone to make a fuss of any kind, and who definitely do not want anyone to know their actual age. 

And then there are those who make sure everyone knows it's their birthday. 

I think you know which camp I land in, although it's possibly been a little over the top this year, even for me. For some reason my hubs has been hosting a weeklong Facebook celebration to mark the day, which has me feeling like I need to lay low for a while. Too much me on social media lol. 

Except here I am blogging so whatever. 

This year isn't a particularly 'big' birthday but he has posted a lot of pictures (a lot!!) anyway, and he's written words and it's been sweet and only a teensy bit embarrassing. Hubs can rally people around some fun y'all, which is why I've been wished happy birthday more times than I can count in the past seven days. 

I usually place some imaginary pressure on myself to write something profound when this day rolls around, but right now I'm not feeling it. Maybe this is the year I'll just quietly become a year older.  

Quietly being a relative term, ahem

I am going to do a bit of a phone dump because catching up here makes me happy, and hey, it's my birthday! 

In viewing hubs online photography extravaganza I realized I never posted any pics from the beginning of the month when my whole family was here. We were celebrating the life of my brother-in-law, and it felt so good to have everyone together. 

The two youngest grands had not met many of my extended family and it was so nice to be able to introduce them to everyone in person. The two oldest grands spent one whole entire complete day in the lake with my nephew, who happens to be a teenager with boundless energy. Even he had to admit the little ones have him beat. 

Solidarity nephew. I get it.

In other September happenings we went to a fun float party in a quiet cove one afternoon. Summer is still in full swing on the lake mid-September, and we take advantage of that as much as we can. 

I'm a cloud groupie and the sky showed off big early one Wednesday morning.  

Two Wednesday mornings actually. 

Really every morning.

Hubs and I have taken a couple of hikes this month and yes, the little brown dog came too. He is not one to miss a walk in the woods. 

One hike was to a nearby waterfall we hadn't seen before.

In the middle of a thick forest water rains down from 70 feet above, as it runs over huge slabs of rock and fallen trees.  

The hike is described as relatively easy, and in terms of elevation it was. 

It was also a narrow 'rooty' trail and you had to duck under downed limbs and clamber over rocks and across a 'balance beam' to find your footing on the small strip of sand. 

We ate  lunch perched on a big ol' rock as we soaked up the quiet of the forest and the beauty of creation. 

Shifting gears, or venues if you will, Saturday night we saw a Bee Gees cover band in a neighboring small town. Hitting those high notes like Barry Gibb ain't no small thing, but these guys did it, and we loved the show. 

I've been so spoiled this past week with cards and gifts, phone calls, chocolate cake, a fun little getaway too. I think for now I'll just share my usual profound thought about birthdays...'s so good to have them. 


  1. Oh, I LOVE the Bee Gee's! Happiest of days and it certainly appears you have definitely been celebrated royally.

  2. I love that you love your birthday and want everyone to know about it. Tim has done a great job of sharing photos on Facebook. That was so sweet of him. The photos on the lake are so awesome and I love that float day. Your walks look awesome. Saturday night sounds like a fun time too. Happy Birthday Joyce!

  3. Happy Birthday... loved your profound thought.. agree. :-)

  4. Yes, it is good to have them and it's good to enjoy them, which I can tell you do. Really fun post Joyce and Happy Birthday to you!!

  5. Happy birthday from me, I love my birthday but my daughters and husband think it is just another day, which I do not get, my birthday is a celebration of my life, the year that has passed and the year to come.

  6. Happy birthday!! Yes, it is definitely good to have them and they should be celebrated!! Wishing you many blessings in the coming year! xo

  7. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed all your pictures too!

  8. Happy birthday to you! It is a good thing to have a birthday!!