Friday, November 10, 2023

Ten On The Tenth

There's a blog link up every month known as '10 on the 10th' (hosted by Marsha In The Middle) and I never participate, because normally by the time I realize it's the 10th it's already the 11th. Not this month! The theme for November is easy peasy-'10 things you love about Thanksgiving'. I'm going to throw a few recent pictures into the mix too because it's my blog and they gotta go somewhere. 

What do I love about Thanksgiving? 

1.Everything. I mean what's not to love, except maybe the slightly tighter waistband the day after? 

2. I love that in a world where everything under the sun has turned into an Event (yes, with a capital E) with themes and decor and planning starting months in advance, Thanksgiving remains relatively simple. 

3.You don't need to rack your brain trying to come up with an original menu, because what you're eating is (wonderfully!) pretty much the same year after year. I mean my family better not be messing with the sides too much because they're what I like best on the day. 

4. Dressing. Stuffing. Whatever you want to call it, is the best part of the meal in my opinion. It's not something I make any other time of the year so feels like a treat on Thanksgiving. I make my mama's cornbread stuffing and my girls do the same. I'm not cooking this year, but there will be dressing. 

5. Leftovers. I'm not a huge fan of leftovers normally, but somehow a turkey sandwich with dressing and cranberry sauce, eaten the day after, doesn't feel like leftovers. 

6. Family. And if you can't be with your actual family you can have a wonderful meal with friends who feel like family. One of our favorite Thanksgivings was spent in England where it's not even celebrated. We shared a traditional meal with another American family, some Canadian friends, and our two Young Life leaders. I have such warm memories of that day. If you can't be with family, or friends who feel like family, there are lots of places to volunteer and serve a meal to folks who need one, which is also gratifying. 

7. No gifts=no pressure. 

8. Naps are for everyone. 

9.Thanksgiving lands in the middle of my most favorite season of the year-autumn. Ours has been particularly lovely this year, and every afternoon for the past couple of weeks I've been taking my cup of tea and my laptop out on the back porch and enjoying the afternoon sky. The color, the temperature, and the's pure gold. 

10. Perhaps what I love best about this day is the way we pause for a minute before December comes barreling in. This holiday is a gentle reminder to count our blessings, and acknowledge there's an awful lot to be thankful for. In these troubled times it's comforting to stop and recognize God's rest in the knowledge that He holds the future. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

"Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!"
1 Chronicles 16:34


  1. Joyce, your answers are so heartfelt and warm. I really enjoyed your responses to 6, 7, and 8. We were a military family until my husband retired 2 years ago so I am always extra grateful during the holidays for friends who feel like family!


  2. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for all the reasons you said. Hope yours will be wonderful again this year!

  3. Leftovers & naps... truly the best thing about Thanksgiving!

  4. Wonderful 10! Loved all the photos, too. Love that Thanksgiving can be so predictable. :)

  5. We were fortunate enough to share Thanksgiving with our DIL and her family in Vermont a few years back. It didn't feel like Autumn though - lots of snow on the ground. Having an American DIL we usually mark the celebration here too.

  6. Since I am Aussie and don' t do Thanksgiving I have no real thoughts about it, my mum use to make the best stuffing for the chicken, we have never been a turkey eating family. I use to eat left overs all the time but not any more. I believe Thanksgiving is a big family thing for those who celebrate it.

  7. I feel the same way you do about this holiday! I love that it is easier and less fussy than others and other than a bit of baking and cooking it's pretty easy. I tried to make a few new recipes one year and my family balked so I keep it simple and just make the same thing each year. :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! It really is a great holiday...same food every year, a nap, and not many decorations needed. :)

  9. Thanksgiving leftovers are THE BEST. Times when I don't cook, I still do a turkey breast so I can have leftovers!! Great photos and a perfect 10!!

  10. I heartily agree with most of your list - I love that Thanksgiving is simple and focused on family and food, and yes, it is actually a good thing that the menu is pretty much the same from year to year.

  11. I enjoyed this post, Joyce (as I enjoy ALL your writings). The autumn photos are so beautiful, so GOLDEN!

    Regarding Thanksgiving, I am wondering if you have Publix grocery stores in your area, and if you do, are you seeing that TV commercial where the daughter is talking to her mom on the phone while they are each preparing Thanksgiving dinner? I think it came out last year and they've brought it back again this year. It's endearing. Your post reminded me of that.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers. I agree with all that you were saying. I love stuffing. I loved all of your photos too. We don't get those colors here.

  13. Oh that golden Fall foliage! One thing I miss living in Los Angeles. Don't miss the Winter's chill though!

  14. I think you have the best answers, Joyce! I was so laser focused on the Thanksgiving meal, I didn't think about all the things it isn't! I much is an Event rather than an event. Thanks so much for linking up and playing along!

  15. Your view is breathtaking!! I love fall/autumn!!