Wednesday, November 8, 2023

You Say Potato, I Say Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you’ve answered today’s questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. Are you too hard on yourself or not hard enough? Elaborate. 

Both, depending on what area of my life we're talking about. 

2. What's the role of gratitude in your life? 

It's really important. I'm definitely a glass half full kind of thinker. If I'm around negative people/talk I'm the one pointing out the bright side. Sometimes we have to work to cultivate a feeling of gratitude, but it's a good habit to adopt. Gratitude is what keeps me optimistic in a world that feels anything but, and honestly there is always something to be grateful for. 

3. Where do you get your news these days? How much attention are you giving it currently? 

Ugh. Is it just me or does hearing the word 'news' make your stomach churn too? I want to know what's going on in the world, I just don't want everyone's opinion about it shouted from the rooftops lol. We rarely sit down and watch the news from start to finish (does it ever end in the era of 24/7 programming???), but we will watch in bits and pieces. If something big is happening in the world we watch a little more. I read news online too, but again in small doses. If we don't listen to any news how do we know what and how to pray? 

Currently I'm paying attention to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, to the almost unbelievable anti-semitic rhetoric being spewed from college campuses around the country, to the unadulterated evil on would be easy to look away and bury our heads in the sand, but I don't think we can or should  look away. 

I pray every day for the children and babies especially, ripped from their homes and their families. It's a very strange world we're living in where the calls for 'cease fire' are louder than those calling 'release the hostages'.

4. Do you like potatoes? Last time you prepared potatoes in some way? Which of the following is your favorite...baked potato, mashed potato, french fried potato, sweet potato, hash brown potatoes, roasted potatoes, or potato salad? 

I like potatoes, all of the above really, but I try not to eat them often. My favorite is a baked potato with just butter and salt and we do have those when we grill steaks. 

5. Are you a veteran? Are there any veterans in your family? Will you do anything special to honor them on Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day this year? 

I'm not a veteran, but do have veterans in my family. My dad was a career Marine and my son-in-law just wrapped up his Army commitment in June. I have great affection and respect for our military service members, and also for their families who sacrifice much in their own way. 

Our neighborhood is having a small Veteran's Day event this weekend, and we plan to attend. We went last year and it was really lovely. A bonus was discovering many of my neighbors have served their country. 

I am praying for the safety of all our soldiers in harms way. We absolutely take their service for granted, and their families contributions too. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I wrote a post way back in 2012 about my dad, the Marine. I'm linking it again here if you're interested-

Portrait Of A Marine

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  1. I, too, am praying for the situation in Israel/Palestine. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine what it must be like at this time. As always, thank you for the questions. I accidentally posted my link twice.

  2. I lean towards an optimistic view most of the time as well, and try to remember how very much I have to be grateful for. Although it's hard to stay optimistic when I look at what's going on in the news! I agree with you about wanting to know what's going on but really not needing it constantly colored by opinions. Just tell me the NEWS. Thanks for the thought-provoking questions this week!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your father and such a great reminder to be thankful for our service men and women who are veterans and who are still in active service. Thank you for the reminder and thank you to your father for his service.

  4. Oh Joyce!! What an amazing dad you had. I am at school and this brought tears to my eyes. No one knows the sacrifice the service men and women have given for our country.

  5. My answer on the news leans heavily toward yours. Oye and ugh and yes we stay abreast so we can pray. We and our church pray for Israel and all those who need Christ. Thank you to your son in law and his service and congratulations on his completion of that service. I'll pop over to read about your dear father.

  6. We used to got the Vet's day parade here but haven't in a while. I always liked it because it had this gigantic showing of old guys on motorcycles and it was such a different kind of parade that began with the rumble of the engines. Loved it.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad, he was truly a part of the Greatest Generation.

  8. Love your answer on gratitude. What is going on in Israel and Gaza is so sad and the protesting at the colleges is just wrong. Yes, baked potatoes go well with steak. That sounds like a nice event your neighborhood is having for the Veterans. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  9. I try to be optimistic too and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. I miss the days where news was the facts and just the facts. I love potatoes and while I try to limit my consumption of them I fail miserably at it.

  10. Hi Joyce, I was not able to join in this week, but wanted to stop by. I agree with you regarding question #3... it all makes me so confused. I keep reminding myself and family, God is in Control.. keep your heart and eyes on HIM. We cannot do life without HIM!!
    Love, Carla

  11. I agree with you on #3. Enjoy your weekend event!

  12. Your comments regarding gratitude are spot on. You are so right: there is always SOMETHING for which to be grateful.

  13. Hello there, hope all is going well over in your part of the world, here are my answers to these hodgepodge questions.

    For the most part I am too hard on myself and too soft on others, I do try to let people know their words and actions are appreciated by me, unless they are being a dickhead then not so much.

    The news I hear usually first thing of a morning on the radio or I get it from my daughter who gets it off the telly first thing in the morning.

    I love spuds or potatoes of you prefer, I like them baked, mashed done in a potato bake or chipped.

    No veterans in my family

    Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work and to play, also to look at the stars.
    BY: Henry Van Dyke

  14. I loved the tribute to your dad, Joyce. Great photos and memories. Thank you for another fun Hodgepodge! I always love my visits with you here!

  15. Yes watching the news is hard at the moment but I do think it's important to know what is going on. Lovely tribute to your Dad.