Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Benjamin Disraeli Slept Here

If you’re not up on your British history like I wasn’t up on my British history you might very well be asking yourself who in the world is Benjamin Disraeli? Living in the UK has been enormously educational for me and while I couldn’t have answered that question a few years ago I can now. Disraeli was twice the Prime Minister of England serving during the reign of Queen Victoria. She is Britain’s longest reigning Monarch and during her 63 year reign several men held the title of Prime Minister, but Disraeli is said to have been her favourite.

Now, what does all this history have to do with today’s post? Well, in spite of some iffy looking skies this morning we braved it for a hike around Hughenden Manor in the nearby town of High Wycombe.

Hughenden Manor was at one time (1848-1881) the home of former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. Much of his furniture, pictures, and books remain here in what was his private retreat away from London and Parliament. He lived at Hughenden until he died and the manor is now in the hands of The National Trust.

The property around the manor is lovely. There is a church, St. Michael’s and All Angels, at the bottom of the road leading up to the house.

All around it are fields dotted with the sweetest little lambs and mama sheep you’ve ever seen.

We especially like to hike here in the springtime because the daffodils around the grounds are absolutely spectacular. I’ve noticed I use the word spectacular a lot when I’m talking about the English countryside but y’all…the English’s spectacular!

We started our hike at the church and went uphill (why do these hikes always begin with a hill climb?) towards the house and then into the woods. The hike ended with a walk thru the daffodils, across a stone bridge and a run to the car as the skies decided to let loose at that moment.

There is one other part of the hiking I love and that's the talking. I can do both at the same time although sometimes not very well. It's rarely the exact same combination of ladies each time we walk and I think I meet someone new on every single hike. And these hikers are troopers. I think we saw a little bit of every form of weather today except snow (thank goodness!) But we would never let a little rain-wind-sun-wind-clouds-wind-rain keep us from enjoying the spectacular English countryside.


  1. Yes, the English countryside is SPECTACULAR. I was there many years ago and I thought the same thing. I always love your pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Those sheep were so precious! Have a great day. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. I don't get out to enough places to walk as I would like to. I'm home with the kids homeschooling so it limits me. The blessings I receive for doing this are countless. I guess I pretty much know the Lymm dam like the back of my hand by now because I'm there everyday.

    Great pictures and love the bit of history you shared about Disraeli. I had never heard of him.

  3. I was sitting here feeling all jealous that you have such a nice group of ladies to hike with. And then I realized that there's nothing stopping me from organizing my own group to enjoy the SPECTACULAR Georgia countryside. ;)

    Beautiful pictures. Charlie keeps trying to convince me that we need a hedge like the one you pictured. Of course there's the problem of maintenance... Suffice it to say that we will only ever enjoy groomed hedges on OTHER people's property.

    Thanks for sharing this so I could live vicariously thru you.

  4. I really want to go to England after reading all of your posts! It's so beautiful.

  5. Great pictures. It makes me want to visit England too! Glad to have found your blog...

  6. Joyce, I love it when you share your little part of the world. You have such a knack of narrating your beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  7. Hi Joyce, it's nice to "meet" you! :) Thanks for the comment, I will look forward to reading you blog! We live in Cardiff, Wales as you probably already know. We have been here almost 5 years (not consecutive though!). And have 3 little girls.