Monday, March 23, 2009

Walking in Sunshine

Sunday afternoon my husband and I (and our dog, Dixie) decided to get outside and enjoy the unusually spectacular weather we’ve been having for the past week. My daughter and her boyfriend had taken a pretty walk when they were home a couple of weeks ago and we decided to take the same route. The walk begins with a stroll down a neighborhood street where one of my favourite houses sits.

I love the thatched roof cottages in this country. I think if you looked up the word 'charming' in the dictionary this is what you’d see. This cottage is one of the few in our little town with a thatched roof but some English villages are filled with them.

Once you get to the end of the street you cross a horse pasture.

We often say that our dog is part horse. When she runs you think a whole team is passing you by so we thought she’d be kind of curious about the horses in the field today. She was oblivious. I think I’ve mentioned before she’s more like a super model. She was much more interested in chasing a bumble bee she’d spotted than in making friends with a horse.

After crossing the field we arrived at the house now belonging to WEC. They have such beautiful gardens and property and we love to stroll thru here at different times of the year to see what’s blooming.

They have the biggest rhododendrons and azaleas I’ve ever seen. Most haven’t bloomed yet but this ginormous one was almost finished and was dropping the most fantastic sea of hot pink petals.

March is a month that teases here with occasional sunny skies and warmer temps. The weatherman says it’s going to turn cold again over the next few days but it was wonderful to have a solid week of springtime… to see daffodils exploding, primrose popping open and most especially all that glorious sunshine. You know what they say about April showers though so better get your brolly ready. That's umbrella in American speak : )


  1. brolly = umbrella, very interesting:)

    Lovely pictures of your walk!

  2. I always enjoy your posts, Joyce. The pictures you take are beautiful. I think you're doing a great job getting hubby in the pictures. :-)

    My husband took Austin to Ryle (pronounced 'Rill"), Wales. They had such a wonderful time and are planning to do it again. Several friends we have talked to would like to join him. They have 5 hour excursions which Shawn would prefer and will book in the future.

    Have a great rest of your Monday.

  3. I love seeing the scenery. It looks so quaint and cute. I can't imagine getting to see it every day.

  4. beautiful photos and post.
    enjoyed you blog a bunches...

  5. Beautiful homes! I love the gardens! Makes me want to get out in mine and start planting!!

  6. Oh how I miss the UK!!

    We lived there {in Croughton} for three years and had to move back to the States in Sept. We would love to move back.

    The thatched roof, the flowers, the green,.... sigh!!!


    found you from Kelly's Korner.

  7. Such beautiful scenery. That cottage with the thatched roof is so gorgeous. I could just move right in! I know you have mixed feelings about having to come back to the states and leave all that pretty countryside. Have a nice week. Spring is in full bloom here in NC. I love this time of the year!! Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Hello, Joyce. I came across your blog on Kelly's Korner and really enjoyed reading a few of your posts!

    I live in Northern Ireland and reading of Bulstrode brought me back to my youth (I'm 45 now - so that is a LONG way back!!) We had several missionaries from our church working for WEC at Bulstrode, and my family and I used to call to visit them en route to mainland Europe for holidays. Bulstrode is such a beautiful estate. Your photos of Windsor Castle are great - I was there last November and stayed in the Mercure Castle Hotel, just across the road from the castle.

    Have you been over to Northern Ireland yet? You must, must visit here before returning to US! While the weather cannot be guaranteed (!!), the scenery is beautiful.


  9. I LOVE that first house! Our is a boring stucco house, but I'm slowly trying to make it have more of that kind of character. Probably won't be doing a thatched roof, though; I think the neighborhood association might not allow that. ;-)

    And that horse is adorable & looks all fuzzy & soft! ♥