Friday, March 6, 2009

You want to do what???

I’ve been busy today finishing up some last minute shopping, having the car washed, putting the finishing touches on the guest room and also doing a little cooking and baking. I made a big batch of snickerdoodles at 7 am this morning and I just finished putting together my breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning that needs to be refrigerated overnite. I do love British Airways and they’ve taken me to some of my favourite places in the world, but let’s just say their breakfast leaves a little something to be desired. It will be nice for my daughters to have something yummy ready for them when they arrive in the morning. It will also be nice for the boyfriend who is coming with daughter1. My girls both have stomachs the size of a pea and although I haven’t met the boyfriend I’m fairly certain 20 year old boys are always hungry and never turn down a meal, right? Plus, I figure I might as well impress him with my culinary skills right off the bat : )

Anyway, I wasn’t planning to blog today but a funny little incident just happened and I need to write it down. My doorbell rang and when I answered it there was an elderly gentleman standing on my front step. He looked friendly and was wearing a carpenter’s apron over his coat. And this is what he said to me,

‘Hello, I’m here because sometimes I come around and show people my bits.’

I'm pretty sure I decided it would be wise to take a step back at this point and I guess the look on my face must have registered with him as confusion. Confusion as opposed to my actual thought which was- where is my mobile phone, where is my neighbour and where is my big barking dog when I need her??? an attempt to clarify he said,

'I'm a wood turner.'

All-righty…does he know that’s not really making me feel better? Then he produced a wooden bowl filled with what I think were hand carved wooden doorknobs and...well...'bits' of carved stuff. Turns out he had accurately described his purpose after all. To be honest though I was now so thrown by the craziness that had just sprinted thru my overly tired brain that I said I didn’t think I’d be needing any bits today but thank you and have a lovely day. I think George Bernard Shaw said it best,

‘England and America…two countries separated by a common language’.

Oh my goodness I love it here. I really do. Have a great weekend! Joyce


  1. It's not every day that you get such an offer!

  2. That was too funny!! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. What a cute story! I know you are so excited to welcome your daughters and the boyfriend in the morning. Your breakfast casserole sounds delish! I love those! And snickerdoodles are my favorite. You will be a busy lady for the next week, but won't it be so much fun?
    Love & blessings from NC!

  4. What a great story. Who wouldn't be confused by that encounter? Have a great week with the girls!

  5. Hi Joyce,

    Thanks for visiting! I loved the post. You are much kinder than me. I think I probably would have laughed out loud at his offer to show me his bits. Have a wonderful time with your girls. Nice to meet another friend.


  6. That is too funny! I have many British friends and they use that word often. As a matter of fact...I'll tell the kids to pick up their bits! : ) I love your earlier post...looks like you are enjoying yourself.

    Have a great visit! I know you are excited!

  7. OMG. I'm not exactly sure what I would've said to the Gentleman, but it probably would've not been understood through the laughter!
    Great post!!!

  8. That is too funny!
    I'd love to have seen your face. ;)