Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's A Small World After All

Saturday Night we attended a fundraiser for our area Young Life which included dinner along with a live and silent auction. The fundraiser was held at nearby Pinewood Film Studios which has played a part in the production of thousands of films, television programs and commercials including several of the Harry Potter movies, Slumdog Millionaire and all the James Bond pics. The sets were pretty quiet Saturday evening but it’s still kind of exciting driving onto the lot.

We attended the fundraiser with our good friends, B and L, and they are a perfect illustration of something we've discovered while living overseas and that is IS a small world after all.

B and L have a daughter who is the same age as our daughter2 and the girls are great friends. We live within minutes of each other here in England and we both arrived as the girls were entering grade 8. They graduated together from the International Highschool here 5 years later in June of last year. Funny thing though…when our daughters were born in the fall of 1990 we lived within minutes of each other and they were great friends then too. In New Jersey.

My husband and B work for the same company and when we moved to New Jersey in 1989 we became not only neighbors of B and L, but close friends too. In 1993 B and L moved to Asia and then a few years later back to NJ before moving to England. We had moved too, from NJ to Maryland, before coming to England. We stayed in touch in the intervening years with Christmas cards and two or three in person visits but it was certainly a wonderful ‘coincidence’ that we both ended up in the summer of 2003 on this side of the pond, together again.

Everything is better when shared with a friend...especially life in a foreign country.


  1. What a small world!!! It is amazing how God puts people in and out of our lives during a lifetime. People have such an impact on us in our lives. You look absolutely beautiful and your husband is so handsome with his bowtie on. I know you had a wonderful time at the Young Life party. Don't you just love YL?
    Take care and have an awesome week! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. How wonderful that you've been able to connect and reconnect with this family over the years. It sounds like they will always be close family friends!

    I bet the fundraiser was alot of fun. You all look great!