Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

I don't know why I picked that title other than the fact that I started out calling this post Hair which made me think of the musical and the music hence the shout out to The 5th Dimension.

Where was I going with this again? Oh yeah...I finally broke down and got my highlights done today and yes of course that is blog material. It is the first time I've had them done since I moved.

I know.

I put if off as long as I could because thinking about training a new stylist from scratch causes me to break out in hives. Actually I had a haircut about 3 weeks ago and I've been trying to recover ever since. Despite my very lengthy, in-depth, and precise instructions that day it did not go well. Why do they always want me to be more trendy??? Oh, you can totally do trendy they always say and I remind them that when it comes to my hair I know what I know.

Anyway, I went to stylist number 2 today...different salon because I think we all know I couldn't go back to the original salon and see a different stylist, right? I mean could I? I've never been completely clear on the etiquette with that so I just played it safe and went to a salon waaay on the other side of town. And I even let new guy put in highlights but of course that was after I'd given him some instruction which included, but was not limited to-

Do not make my hair any shade of orange.
Do not make my hair any shade of purple.
Do not make my hair skunk-like.
Please, oh please, make it look sun-kissed.

Doesn't that sound delightful? Sun -kissed. Ahhh. My stylist in England used that term and I've adopted it. In the UK we took our sun where we could get it. Anyway, my girl in England was just too adorable. She came to the house to cut our hair and she'd sit and talk and look at our family photos, and ooh and ahh over the girls prom dresses, and she was always taking fabulous trips and she was upbeat and smiley and oh we do miss our hairdresser. And its not just because we loved the way she cut our hair. We bonded. Do you all feel like you need to bond with your hairdresser on some level or is that just me? Moving on...

To those of you who love all that trendiness and maybe you have purple, orange or blonde-on top-and black-underneath kind of hair I mean no offense. I know there are women who can totally pull it off. London is nothing if not trendy so believe me I've seen trendy. But I imagine if you do fall into that category then you are probably, ahem, younger than me. Something happens to your skin tone once 40 whizzes past. Or maybe it was 45? hmm...something also happens to your memory. It's not just me is it? No, I know it's not because there were two other women having their hair done beside me and we discussed this very topic.

All this to say, stylist 2 just might be my new best friend. And I'd post a picture except hubs has been in Mexico on business all week and he took the camera. And although I have indeed written an entire novella on my hair dilemma I feel like taking a picture of myself and my new highlights and then posting it on the world wide web might suggest to people that I've spent a little too much time alone this week. I gotta draw the line somewhere.


  1. My hairdresser is the sweetest & is so much fun! I always enjoy getting my hair done because we laugh and talk the whole time....non-stop.

    A couple of years ago she pulled my card to look at the color we did the time before and we got so tickled because on the color it said "same.....same.....same......same.....same." Hummmm. I'm like you, not one for any bold, crazy colors. I want the natural look. :)

    This last time I did tell her I wanted a change as far as the cut.
    I got it layered a bit and I feel like it looks a lot better.

    I can't wait to see your pictures. Glad you found someone you like.
    And, how cool was your hair person in London?!!! I bet she misses you too.

  2. Glad your hair turned out good!!! Yea, us women do have to bond with our hairdressers. I agree. Hair is such a sensitive issue with women. I sent you an email. Have fun! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. I'm going to be depressed if you have already found someone you like. It took me no less than 6 years to find someone I truly felt comfortable with. I hate going to someone for a wile and then having to "break up" with them. It is so awful to bump into them somewhere.

    I am keeping an eye out for that commercial. How exciting for them to be on TV. I hope you get the chance to see it. Will you? We DVR a lot of shows and if I see it on one of the ones we've recorded I'll video for you.

  4. That was a thorough post on hair. ;)

    I'm getting a cut today from my BFF hairdresser. I actually change styles a lot. But I only do because she suggests it and I totally trust her. Might be in a purple mood today....

  5. How funny you mentioned that something happens to your skin tone when you hit that early 40's age. I noticed that mine started to shed like my cats when I hit 45. No matter what I do I can't keep it from falling out. I have tried breakage formulas for hair and nope, it just sheds even worse. And if you hairspray it hoping to keep those hairs at least sticking to one another, nope, they find a way out.

    I can't wait to see your hair and pictures. I kept scrolling down thinking it would be at the bottom, but nope! Not here! Sigh!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Glad it all worked out. Trying to break in a new stylist is a real pain. A few years ago, the girl I had been driving 20 miles to use quit working. I just loved the way she cut my hair. Even though I do love the girls who is cutting it now, it just isn't quite the same.

  7. I am so glad you found a hairdresser that works well for you, so quickly. When we lived down south, I went through four before I finally just accepted the inevitable, no will do exactly what I want. I know what you mean by sunkissed. I think the new way is striped...ewwwww...