Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Out of the Box

We were so in the box yesterday...the corporate box that is. My husband's company has a suite at Giants Stadium and we were lucky enough to get to go to a game on Sunday. Of course the Giants were playing in Tampa Bay so we were there to see the Jets in action. You'll want to pay attention was retro day so the Jets were calling themselves the Titans since that was their name for a couple of years back in the sixties. And yesterday the 'NY Titans' were playing the Titans as in Tennessee Titans except the Tennessee Titans were calling themselves the Oilers because they were the Houston Oilers once upon a time. Whew! I think I understand now why the Brits find American football confusing.

It drizzled rain most of the day so I was especially happy to be in the box. I'm an Eagles fan but we rooted for the Jets since they were the home team. And also because we were surrounded by Jets fans and it might have gotten ugly. Here are some of the boys warming up. I'm pretty sure Jillian would be calling them sissies and telling them to work it...
And she'd be giving this one an earful about his bent knees...

Hey I look just like the Titans aka Jets when I do that cross abdominal move in Level 2.

Can someone please explain the hair to me??? I think every team in the NFL now has a player with very long hair hanging out of their helmet. I mean forget grabbing the face mask and risking a penalty...any girl could tell you to go for a handful of the hair if you want to inflict some real pain.

As the Titans ran onto the field there may have been a little booing...hey, it's New York people. Well, actually it's New Jersey but the New York teams play on this side of the bridge. When the Jets ran onto the field there was a whole lot of wild cheering and also some very cool effects involving fire.

It wasn't just the players in retro uniforms yesterday...the refs were wearing the old AFL jerseys too...they are orange and white striped instead of the more modern black and white. Of course back in 1963 not many people had colored tv in their homes so I guess they would have looked black and white. Wow. Remember when we didn't have colored tv? And I might sound like I know what I'm talking about throwing around words like AFL but actually the box was filled with guys who knew a lot of football trivia. I'm just educating the masses here. This ref looks like he's all set to lead the Hokey Pokey.

Another thing I learned at the game yesterday? No daughter of mine will be wearing a Jets cheerleading uniform in my lifetime. That's all I'm saying about that.

Although I do give these girls credit for being plucky...they danced their hearts out with big smiles on their faces for the entire game in the icky drizzling rain all while wearing not alot. And I hugely admired their ability to jump for 20 consecutive minutes...Something tells me these girls wouldn't even break a sweat in the 30 day shred.

What else? Oh I haven't mentioned the food. The food is the best part of the corporate seating if you ask me. They had cheesesteaks y'all. I grew up in the land of the cheesesteak (that's Philadelphia in case you didn't know) and a cheesesteak is not something the Brits do well so its been a long time since I've had a good one. Actually there was a whole wonderful buffet of great things to eat and then at halftime they brought in a big tray of Mrs. Fields cookies. I sent my husband over to knock one or two kids out of the way so we'd be sure to get one before they were all gone. Hey, professional football brings out a little bit of the aggressive in all of us right?

Long story short (sort of)...the Jets won. Or the Titans depending on which era's team names we're talking. It was a good game too and the Jets are now 3-0 which apparently they haven't been in a number of seasons. As we were leaving the stadium we heard one die hard Jets fan proclaim, "Yes!!! We are going to the Superbowl this year for sure!" There is nothing in the world quite like the optimism of American sports fans. Ya gotta love it.


  1. Joyce,

    There is nothing quite like attending a live sporting event. Just being there gets you involved in the whole process. I loved my first football game live but don't care for it at all on TV.

    So glad you all stayed warm, dry and had lots of great food as you watched the game.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. What a fun day you had! Box!
    I've only been to one pro football game and it was a playoff game several years ago in Dallas.
    The Cowboys played Green Bay. It was tons of fun!
    I'm glad you had such a good day.
    The Super Bowl would be tons of fun.
    Have a great week!

  3. Naw don't care for sports even though my kids do.. But glad you like them and get to enjoy ...

  4. That is just toooooo cool. Just so....well, so American. I love hearing all about your world now that you are back in the states. Must admit though, it doesnt sound anywhere near as exciting as a 5 day game of cricket! hahahhaha

  5. Okay, now you've answered a question I've had about those retro ref uniforms. I've seen them on other games and wondered why I didn't remember refs wearing red unis. It's the old black and white TV thing. Why didn't I think of that?