Monday, November 9, 2009

Cold medicine and blogging go together like chalk and cheese

In other words...I remembered a few things this weekend and I've taken a cold pill so look out...

1. Mexican food is as good as I remember. Hubs and I went out for Mexican food on Friday night and it was delicious. Really good Mexican food would for sure make our list of the top 3 things we missed most about home while we were living abroad. If we were actually keeping a list which of course we weren't because mostly we loved everything about our years in England. Well, obviously everything except the fact that there wasn't any good Mexican food. Oh, and the crazy driving. And parking. And trying to open a bank account. Or get a repair done. Where was I going with this again?

Oh can get every kind of wonderful ethnic food in the city of London...actually all around the UK...except great Mexican. Oh, there were a couple of Mexican restaurants around and every now and then we'd get such a craving for it that we'd convince ourselves those restaurants were not too bad. So we'd trek in to one place that made pretty good salsa and pay our four pounds fifty for a coffee cup serving of chips just to satisfy the craving. We were always bitterly disappointed and would ask ourselves why why why do we keep going back?? I guess because we're the hopeful type. Anyway, Friday night we went to a place we'd heard about thru the grapevine and it was totally yummy. I feel better just knowing its there.

2. I like Bocce ball. Seriously. I haven't played since I was a kid but we spent the night at a friends house on Saturday and we just had the best time playing on their Bocce court.
They have an official court which I told my husband we could do in our back yard but he pretty much nixed it because a. you need a lot more space than we would want to devote to an official court and b. our friend explained they had equipment brought in and big rocks moved and then a tennis court type material laid on top and blah blah blah...I decided I want a few more pieces of furniture and we need to buy daughter2 a car and it's almost Christmas and really winter is coming any day now and I will most likely not be outside playing Bocce ball when there is a foot of snow on the ground so...impractical. But fun. Have I mentioned on here before that I'm slightly competitive?

3. Old friends are comfy. Like I said we spent the weekend with some old friends...actually the Mrs. was hubs boss way back when. There were a few other folks there too and we just talked and laughed and warmed our feet by the outdoor firepit in between the bocce games and the fabulous homemade meatballs. We stayed in their adorable little guest cottage which used to be a doll's house but they raised the ceiling and have converted it into the most fantastic space for guests.

I told my husband we could do this in place of the Bocce court. I mean we for sure get a whole lot of houseguests and how fun would it be to have a place to send them for them to relax in their own little cottage?

4. My girlies will be home two weeks from tomorrow to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. And if you want to get all technical that isn't something I only remembered this weekend....I just like saying it. chalk and cheese. And do you know what else I just remembered? I have now worked that expression into two blog posts...just wondering what that says about the content here?


  1. What a cutie-patootie lil' guest house!

  2. The worst Mexican food I ever had was in a restaurant in Spain. Silly me, I thought that speaking the same language would translate into tasty enchiladas.

    Not so much.

  3. That guest house is so cute!!! I wouldn't ever want to leave. I know you are so excited to have your girls home for Thanksgiving. I am really excited to have my girls home too. I am just getting a little panicky when I think of all I have to do to finish getting ready. Plus, I am going out of town this weekend. It will all come together, I'm sure! Hope you feel better. Glad you had a wonderful weekend with friends. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Sounds like your friend's house has a little something for everybody! Love, love, love the guest cottage. Adorable!

    We were in the mood for Mexican food just last night but there's not alot of Mexican food places in Maui. Lucky for us, one just opened up 2 months ago so we gave it a try. Not too bad. The chips and salsa were delish!

  5. That guest house, well, it could come to live at my place any time it wants! Chalk and cheese - never heard that expression before but I don't think I'll ever forget it now☺

  6. Just warning you--if you use the expression chalk and cheese one more time you may have to make it the title of your blog. : )

  7. My breath actually caught for a moment at the mention of "homemade meatballs". Hmmm...who is always hungry? And I'm looking your friends up and going to move my stuff in to that little cottage for days away from my munchkins! ; )

  8. Love the guest cottage and I would totally want one too. I would like a putting green also but I'm afraid it would be like when we put the sport court in and then Mr. 17 decided to quiet playing basketball. ugh
    My kids come home in a week too. Yay!

    And what exactly does chalk and cheese mean?

    P.S. love your blogs new fall look.

  9. chalk and cheese is an expression similar to saying something is like oil and water...I've never heard it used here, only in the UK

  10. Thanks for defining "chalk and cheese". Had not heard that one before but I like it. Hope the cold pills are working! See you soon!