Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A pre-party Random

I'm joining in the weekly random over at Lid's today. You're invited too! Just answer the questions on your own blog and link them up over at 2nd cup of Coffee. Also, I'm having a little giveaway on my blog on Thursday in honor of my one year blogaversary. If you mention it in a comment your name will be dropped into the official hat making you eligible for a prize. I wrote about it here if you'd like to join in the fun. Now on to this week's questions-

1. I was thinking about how Jon Bon Jovi never seems to age much. His hair is smaller nowadays, but he still manages to look like a boy somehow. And then that made me think of the story of Dorian Gray. Question: If you physically lock in one age for yourself, which would you choose and why?

I don’t know if I can pick a particular year but I believe it was about age 42 when things started going awry. So definitely pre-42. If we’re talking strictly physical appearance then I’d probably want to be in my 20’s again. Why? It’s pretty simple…my perfectly flat stomach. However, if we're talking anything other than physical appearance then I would not want to be in my 20s again. I like my age and with age comes a certain amount of wisdom.

2. What is the best dish that you cook or bake (your piece de resistance?)?

Hmmm…I like to cook and I like to bake. I make a good Italian Cream Cake. Lemon bars. Enchiladas courtesy of my mama. (My mom is an excellent cook and most of my cooking skill came from her)

3. When you feel blue, what is one strategy you use to help yourself back to normal?

Pray, take a walk, bake, do something nice for somebody else, call my mom or my sister, play carefully chosen music, eat peanut m & m’s.

4. When was the last time you danced in public?

November 13, 2009. How’s that for specific? We went back to our university for my husband’s fraternity’s '55th anniversary-on-campus' celebration. We danced a lot....in fact it was so much fun that for a minute I forgot I wasn’t 22.

5. Do you consider yourself a realist or dreamer?

A dreamer.

6. As a parent, what is one thing that you have done well?

I have prayed for my children every day of their lives. I’ve spent a lot of time with my girls…we’re close. We talk. I try to listen. I try to remember what it was like to be 12...16...21. Mostly though I’ve prayed a lot and I think that has been everything.

7. Which is your favorite character on the Andy Griffith show?

We're huge Andy Griffith fans in our house. I love Barney but I'm going to say Opie, especially the very early episodes. I married him. Well I married his clone. Except 'my Opie' still has all his hair unlike the grown up Ron Howard.

8. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

I would give myself a pretty high mark here, maybe an 8. I taught in the city of Richmond Virginia and on MLK day every year all the faculty in the city schools attended a huge event centered on his life and legacy so I’ve been pretty well educated.

9. Have you never been mellow? Have you never tried … to find a comfort from in side you? (Sorry, Jorge was singing that song just now, and it just seemed to be perfect timing as I was creating this week’s questions.) REAL question: What is your #1 driving pet peeve?

That was my first 8-track cassette tape. Loved Olivia! And I know some of you have no idea what I’m talking about but I know Linda will get it.

My driving pet peeve? People driving slow in the fast lane (passing lane). AAAHHH. This makes me bonkers. I know I talk a lot about the challenges of driving in the UK but I will say this…you never see this happen there. People get in the fast lane to pass and then get back in the slower lanes. They do not drive slowly in the fast lane. And if you drive in the fast lane other than for passing you will very likely get a ticket.

10. Which color best represents your mood today? Care to elaborate?

Oooohh…very Barbara Walters-ish. Yellow. I’m mostly always yellow. Yellow makes me think of sunshine and happiness. In general I'm a pretty happy person.

11. If your spouse were an animal, which would he/she be?

Again with the Barbara Walters line of questioning…I’ll say a lion? I found this description of a lion personality here:

'Lions tend to be aggressive go-getters. They are not afraid of taking risks and are visionary in nature. They are fast-paced and are task-oriented. Words like pioneer, direct, confident, and bold describe the Lion. The most important thing to a Lion is being in an environment that achieves results.'

That about sums him up. Except he also has a bit of the otter personality in him too. From the same site-

'Otters love to be around people. They are a party just waiting to happen. Words that best describe an Otter would be fun, spontaneous, enthusiastic, fast-paced, and people-oriented. An Otter wants to be in an environment where they are appreciated and liked by others.'

He is task oriented when he needs to be but he is a total people person too and somehow finds a balance between the two. He’s a good guy. If you were having a party and none of the guests knew each other my husband would have them all bonded as if they were life long friends before the night ended.

12. What activity takes up the bulk of your time on an average day?

Probably all things meal related...planning meals, shopping for meals, cooking meals, cleaning up after meals. I can drive my family crazy by asking them first thing in the morning what we should have for dinner? But someone has to always be thinking about that right?


  1. Sounds like our husbands are very similar, and I totally agree with your answer to #1. With age comes wisdom. I wouldn't want to give that up.

  2. You always have such thought provoking answers. I sometimes have trouble with questions like these and can't think of anything to say. Then I read answers like yours, and I think, yea, me too.

  3. Love your answers...I think I want my body at 22 but my mind at 40!

  4. Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your life.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. I think we may be twins separated at birth. Or at least sisters. :-) Could totally relate to your answers except #11. My hubs is very much a people person, but pretty laid back.

    Maybe you could share that enchilada recipe? I've just been craving Mexican and cannot get authentic here unless I make it myself.

  6. Those are some of my favorite dishes. I'd love recipes if you'd like to share them.

    I'm glad to know it's not just me whose life can seem to revolve around making/planning/shopping meals.

  7. You pet peeve on the road it one of mine too. Drives me nuts!
    And I so agree with you on prayer. It´s the one thing we can do for our daughters, any and all the time!

  8. Oh I would get in trouble in the UK. I like to get in the left lane (passing) on the interstate and tend to just hang out there. I don't go slow, though. But it drives my husband nuts.

  9. Great answers to some great questions! And on another note, we can't wait to see the Chicken's traveling companion!

  10. You must define slow for #9. I mean techically if I am doing the speed "limit" then I am driving fast otherwise you are breaking the law. They give people tickets for speeding (not enough in my opinion) so by me being in that fast lane I am keeping you from getting a ticket, No need to thank me. :)

  11. My husband LOVES peanut M & M's. He is always eating them. I pray daily for my children, too. I hope I am as close to my kids as you are to yours.

  12. Ohhh, I'm 42! I hope it's not downhill from here. I must be a dreamer.

    Italian Cream Cake...Pioneer Woman has a recipe for that. I need to give that one a try sometime.

    I love you married Opie's clone. I'd say your husband has faired better than Ron Howard, but still cute that you compared them.

    Meal stuff...I think about it a lot too.

  13. Enjoyed your answers. Olivia... Oh my gosh I loved her. Loved it when she was in the Grease remake also. But her song "I Honestly Love You" I think I had several of her albums, probably still do in the closet...lol.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I really enjoy your answers to the Random Dozen. We both are the same with the drivers. Doesn't that just get to you? And you know my hubby is a lion out in the world; lol. He's just a puppy at home. :)

    I think I'm going to join in again as it's such fun to get to know other bloggers.


  15. Nice Answers, I am totally with you on your driving pet peeve.

  16. I'm noticing a little bit of a cooking theme in this post. ;) I'd love to get your salmon recipe. hmama02@gmail.com Thanks!

    Loved your dance answer. Very sweet.

  17. My dad must have had the same pet peeve for driving because my first time behind the wheel he said "Amy if you don't remember anything else remember drive in the left lane and pass in the right." ha ha

    Great answers


  18. I feel like my life revolves around meals, too!

  19. You've convicted me on the daily praying for my children. Often my prayers are "Lord, please don't let the teachers call me" instead of "Lord, help my children grow and mature."

  20. Hello JOyce! nice to "meet" you. yes...I teach in an Inclusion Kindergarten here in my daughters' district and the one in which we live. Most of my special ed career, before they were born, was as a Master teacher in an inner city special ed PreK where I closely worked with abused and language delayed prek children. now the bulk of our special needs students are here in suburbia and are either autistic or M.R. with some physical disabilities. It's a great job for me as I am home every day by 1 pm!!
    loved your answers to the random dozen!!

  21. Good answers for #6 and your #7 is funny.

  22. I love what you wrote about how you raised your daughters.

    Italian cream cake sounds wonderful. And lemon bars? I can never pass those by!