Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A To Do List

I've decided to do a better job at making lists each week so life doesn't just happen. I mean life does just happen but I want to be intentional about accomplishing something each day and I do better with a list.


1. Get rid of the Christmas Chex Mix-and by get rid of I don't mean eat what's left. I mean toss it. The combination of sweet and salty is perfection but enough is enough. If you've never made this version click here for the recipe. You may not want it this week but there will come a day...trust me. I use red and green m & ms for the Christmas version but you could use pastels and call it Easter Chex Mix. Not that I'll be doing that of course.

2. Along these same lines-empty the frig already. Seriously. Before someone gets hurt. Trying to find the mustard is like playing a game of Eye Spy. There is just way too much in there.

2. Sticking with my theme here-get reacquainted with Jillian today. She might not even remember my name its been so long. I remember her though. 'nuff said.

3. There's more-wake daughter2 who has promised to work out with me at the very hotly debated and intensely negotiated time of 9 am. Why so early mom? Why so late daughter2?

4. And speaking of daughters-take the ornaments off the Christmas trees and put away the decorations around the house while I have elves here to help me. Why is putting it away so much less fun than setting it all up? And why doesn't it all go back into the containers and boxes the same way it came out? Am I the only one who ends up with miscellaneous items that seemingly have no storage container? I mean it all came out of these boxes didn't it?

5. Take daughters to lunch at French cafe in town. While at lunch discuss important stuff like

'you're graduating and there are a milliontrillion things to do this term to be ready to face the world in May'


'eat right, talk to God every day, study hard, get enough sleep'


'why oh why did Jake keep Michelle on The Bachelor...didn't he see Fatal Attraction'?

And while we're on the subject of The Bachelor dear daughters, do I need to remind you that you cannot possibly know in the span of one obviously alcohol enhanced hour spent with millions viewing that you have met the love of your life? I thought not. But I might say it anyway because I'm a mother and that's just how I roll. And dear daughters will roll their eyes and say, M-ooooo-m!, in that way only a nearly grown up child can because that's just how they roll.

6. Finally, remember that my children are not back in the nest to stay...they're home for a break that is rapidly coming to a close. Think about that.

Wait...scratch that last one. Definitely don't think about that. Which may be even harder than an hour spent with Jillian.


  1. What a well-written list. Love it! I'm trying to talk myself into doing #4 as well. The Bachelor... I need to catch up on my DVR. It's the show I watch... and wish I could have that time back at the end of the season. ;)

    We are always in 'mom-mode', aren't we? Our kids gotta love us. ;)

  2. Bachelor? Oh, we do need to get together....

  3. Okay...I am exhausted after reading your list. I pray you have a beautiful day!
    Blessings, andrea

  4. I haven't watched TrainWreck...oops, I mean The Bachelor, in forever! Maybe that's a good thing, if Fatal Attraction is any indication. ;)

    Other than the pep-talk with the daughters, this is very similar to my "to-do" list today...but I hope I can pare down the decorations so that they all fit in their places for next year. (I also have a bridge in Arizona to sell, but that's tomorrow's to-do list)...

    Good luck with being intentional! I'm hoping that I can adopt that attitude this year, too.

  5. Great list. I spent some time avoiding any room in my house that had issues, but I'm about to end up barricaded in the bathroom, so I think I better start dealing with decorations and clutter. Tomorrow.

  6. Great post! I am not familiar with this Jillian. I don't think I want to know her.
    Good luck with the workout, fridge and Chex mix. Sorry you have to say goodbye to your girls. :(

  7. I agree with you that I thought with the help of Jillian and Ed's advice about Michelle, he would have picked someone else to stay and send Michelle packing. It looks like it will be a great season, but it asks the question just why would women want to do something like this?

    Enjoy your day and here is hoping you accomplish all you set out to do.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. That could probably be my list, except we never have any Chex-Mix left to toss. I even spooned up and ate all of the crumbs.

    My MIL makes it for us every year. She's 98, and she calls it TV Snacks. She thought she was making enough for the boys to each have some to take home. Wrong!!

    I am finishing my undecorating today. Trying to get through before my sister and SIL get here. We are headed to Destin tomorrow for a few days.

    Happy New Year!

  9. You've got a very well-rounded list...work mixed with fun time with the girls!

    I haven't watched The Bachelor in years. It doesn't sound like I'm missing anything. It's no wonder that I don't watch any tv!

    Awwww Jillian! I bought her DVD and have yet to try it. As soon as my ankles heals, I'll give it a try. I hear it's a killer!

  10. Joyce,

    Your list is a great one. I'm just bought "The Shred" on Amazon and look forward, or maybe not, to receiving it soon. I might incorporate a couple of other things, too, but I have no idea what torture Jillian is going to put me through.

    The crowded fridge. Girl, please. You know the size of my refrigerator, right? Or did I not post about that? I over-posted about my dryer, but may even come up with one more in the future. You probably had a normal-sized refrigerator when you lived here, but mine is at least half the size of one you typically would have. You get used to it. But having said that, my mustard is way in the back and probably frozen!

    Enjoy those beautiful girls. Daughter1 has some big changes ahead. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for her.