Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Random You've Been Waiting for

I love a clever title. I can spend a lot of time thinking up blog post titles. Can you get paid for that? The weekly random dozen over at 2nd cup of coffee has waiting as its theme this week. Everyone's invited to join in the fun...just post your answers on your own blog and go here to link up with lots of awesome bloggers-

1. How good are you at delaying gratification?

Are we talking chocolate or are we talking buying a new car? It matters.

2. Maybe a marshmallow wouldn't be too difficult a temptation for you. What food (or anything else) would be most tempting?

I think I may have mentioned I like chocolate. Shoes are also tempting. And pottery. I’m a broken record here….chocolate, shoes, and pottery…that’s me in a nutshell.

3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being saintly) how patient are you?

I’m a very patient person. I have other issues but lack of patience isn’t one of them. And I'm not putting a number here. I was told there would be no math.

4. Have you ever waited for something in life only to be disappointed upon realization of the goal/object/etc.?

This question sounds deep and weighty and I feel like something should come to mind but I got nothin’.

5. Are you a person who takes shortcuts?

Driving-yes. Life in general-no. I think my compulsion to follow the rules has been discussed in an earlier random.

6. Which line is hardest to wait in?

The Department of Motor Vehicles, anytown USA. I speak from experience on this one folks.

7. Did you wait to discover the gender of your unborn child until its birth?

Yes…both times.

8. Are you more patient with children or the elderly?

I like to think I treat both groups with patience. If I have to choose I’ll say children since I’ve spent the bulk of my professional life working with children, often children with particular needs who do things slowly, differently, or not at all.

9. Did you ever sneak a peek at a present?

No…I would absolutely hate that. Who does that?

10. What is the longest you've ever waited for anything?

My dad to return from overseas duty...one whole year which felt like ten to a 7 year old child.

I also waited a good long time for my second child to make an appearance. She definitely took her sweet time getting here. Totally worth it though.

11. Who has more patience, you or your significant other?

Hooray for easy….that would be me. Husband would not disagree.

12. Which of the following songs about waiting is your pick for the best? (OK, you may substitute another, if you like.)

A) Anticipation by Carly Simon

B) The Waiting by Tom Petty

C) Right Here Waiting for You by Richard Marx

D) Wait for Me by Rebecca St. James

I’m a Tom Petty fan but I’m going out of the box on this one and will say, 'Wouldn’t it Be Nice' by The Beach Boys... Go ahead and sing along…you know you want to.


  1. Hey Joyce, I so enjoyed reading your answers. You have a great sense of humor that shines through in your writing. Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Ah, chocolate. I was hoping no one would mention that today.

    Now I need to go get some.

    Have a great day, Joyce!

  3. I'm sitting here wishing I was as witty as you.......fun post. And love your answers!


  4. I have to admit, I love a good title too! Your answer to #3 cracked me up, and of course I had the same answer to #6 and totally agree, and yep, now I'm singing a Beach Boys song in my head.

  5. Hope you have an awesome day.

  6. Wow! You waited to find out the genders! You are definitely a patient person.

    I have never really gotten into the typical female shoe obsession.

    But I heart chocolate!

  7. You are a women after my own heart.....chocolate and shoes! Enough said!

  8. Loved your answers. And yes you title was really clever. You win! :)

  9. Very creative coming up with your own song!

    I can't imagine waiting to see your Dad for a whole year. How hard that must have been!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your answers, especially the chocolate comment. That must be a given for all ladies, I think. ;)

  11. I agree, fun answers today. I like your song choice! The Beach Boys Rule anyday of the week.

  12. I loved your answers, especially #1 and #3.

  13. Enjoyed your answers. Susan is right, I bet you do have a good sense of humor. I am so glad I joined up with Random Dozen. It is fun getting to know a little bit more about others.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    until next time... nel

  14. I love pottery too!

    #6....oh so true!!! and then you added anytown, usa....even more true!!

  15. Hi Joyce! Loved reading your randomness! AND as for #9, that would be ME! LOL BUT only the one time that I can remember! Not bed for 58 years, hm? I love the surprise!
    AND we had the same answer for #6. AND after you wait in line at the DMV, the people who work there tend to be not very nice! At least that is how it is here at our local DMV!
    I am just amazed at how many people are chocolate lovers because I'm not but put a luscious steak in front of me and I'm done for!
    Hope your day is going great!

  16. Yay! Beach Boys! Great song! Great memories!

    I had to post quick this morning and then leave for several hours...so thanks for being worth the WAIT!

  17. Loved your title, and #1 cracked me up. So did some others.

    And I don't dare click on the YouTube - just reading the name of that song as it going over and over and over in my mind!

  18. Well you're a barrel of laughs to read! This was fun!

    I particularly liked #1, 2, 4, and 11.

    Now you have to go back and check to see which ones they are. Sorry.

    Okay, here you go:

    1. chocolate or a new car? It matters. Amen.
    2. you in a nutshell...well said.
    4. deep and weighty, I got nuthin. Been there.
    11. Hooray for easy...and husband would not disagree. That's a good thing to point out.

    Nice to meet you!

  19. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today. So, a site is supposed to load in under four seconds? After reading your comment, I tried to check mine... more like 7-8 seconds. Do you know how to speed it up?

    By the way, I just found this meme through a couple other bloggers today. I LOVE it! Might have to try it out at some point.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  20. A fun way to get to know you better!