Sunday, May 23, 2010

Define weekend

I'm gonna make a list of stuff because none of it is related which is a nice way of saying its random except some might say that word is a tad bit overused on this blog so I'm going for something different. Raise your hand if you love a blog post that begins with the world's longest run on sentence?

Anyhoo-hubs left for China at the crack of dawn today. I did not go with him. I wanted to go with him and I could bore you (even further) with the whole long story of why it didn't work out or just say I couldn't organize the right flights at the right time using any of my trillion frequent flyer points so here I sit, at home in the Garden State. Which is lovely but it is not Shanghai. I haven't given up on accompanying him on a China trip. Or any trip for that matter. And may I just state for the record here that we've had a few too many one day weekends since moving back stateside?

2. Yeah, the above was #1. Forgot I was making a list. Hubs is such a trooper. Since May 5th he has has gone from NJ to SC to FL to SC to NJ where he made like Superman and switched out vacation clothes for work clothes in the long term parking lot of Newark Airport before heading back into the terminal for yet another flight, this time to Italy. Then on to London last Wednesday and home on Friday. Now off to China this morning and the summer travel is just getting started. Are you keeping up? It exhausts me just to type this.

3. Somehow we do manage to squeeze a fair amount into these one day weekends. When he arrived home late Friday afternoon the guys were here re-sealing our driveway. He went out to 'supervise' glad he was home and I didn't need to get involved in any way shape or form. That is not my cup of tea.

4. Friday night we went out to dinner to a little Italian restaurant located on the boardwalk that runs along the shore of our town's lake. You are probably thinking, '...but didn't her hubs just spend a week in Italy eating Italian food every night?" Yes he did but a. you can never have too much Italian food and b. it was a gorgeous nite with ideal temps for al fresco dining and c. I did not just spend a week in Italy eating Italian food every night. I spent a week in NJ eating gourmet meals such as popcorn so he knew I needed a nice evening out. I had ravioli with shrimp and roasted garlic....yum! Hubs and I had a good catch up, sipped some wine and enjoyed the view.

5. Saturday we made a trip to the nursery and put a few plants outside...really just getting started and not in a big way as we need to do major landscaping to our back in the near future. Just need to find that pot of money. I don't want to go crazy putting things out there now only to remove them later. I'll concentrate on the deck pots this week. We also intend to knock the railing off the too small deck and put in a patio but in the meantime I need my flowers.

6. We went to the movies Saturday afternoon and saw Robin Hood. I liked it and thought Russell Crowe made a good Robin Hood. And I much preferred Cate Blanchett to Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio who played Lady Marian in the Kevin Costner version. There was sadly no arrow cam in this one but plenty of sword slinging and raining arrows and most importantly the beautiful English countryside which always makes me happy. The movie confirmed a couple of things I already knew which were a. I was right never to cross the English channel in a ferry or boat of any kind and b. I love England but am so glad I didn't live there in the 12th century.

7. We grilled out Saturday night because nothing says I'm home like a bbq. I made Ina Garten's tequila and lime chicken which hubby grilled and it was delicious. I used bone in chicken breasts because I think they are much more flavorful...I am not a huge fan of the boneless skinless chicken breast. I also made a green onion slaw and we grilled pineapple with honey, lime juice and black pepper and that was wonderful. I love grilled pineapple.

Don't you hate when a list ends on an odd number like 7?

Hey, I know something else I needed to tell you. Three lovely bloggers left me awards on their blogs last week. I'm pretty sure that makes numbers 8, 9, 10 on my list which is now no longer odd. Whew! Go say hi to these ladies...I read their blogs, 'met' two of them thru the weekly Random Dozen and I know one in real life which is not something I can say about many bloggers.

First up is the Sweet Blog Award from Lori whose blog is Mountain Woman at Heart...she quilts and rides motorcycles and is crafty too. One thing I've discovered thru blogging is that some people got in line twice when the creativity genes were handed out and some of us must have been in the ladies room and we missed them altogether. I love Lori's blog header because it looks like it was taken from the deck of my brother- in- law's cabin in the Smoky Mountains...beautiful!

Next is the Sunshine Award from Mary at Life in a Small Town. Mary is sorta new to blogging but you would never know it from her writing...she seems like an old pro. And Mary's small town and my hubs small town may be one and the same. wink wink.

And finally (I know!)...Nel left me an award on her blog yesterday. Her site is Fastenau Facts.

For this award I'm supposed to list ten things I love and I did that once before on my blog so I'm gonna link to that post. At this point you probably feel like you've been reading this post since the dawn of time but I'll leave the link anyway.

Thanks for the awards ladies...I'm not going to tag blogs because I think we are all in agreement that this might just be the longest post about nothing in the history of blogger. Just know that if I follow your blog I love it, you bring me sunshine, and I think you're sweet!


  1. It is so hard when they travel. I don't know how they do it. Congratulations on your awards.

  2. Congrats on the awards! Even though long, I loved reading this post.
    That Italian restaurant sounded so good. I wish we had them here. Your husband always amazes me. If mine were to travel so much, he would not step one foot out of the house, when he would be home. But I guess, that´s why he doesn´t travel... hm.
    Anyway hope you have a good week. And do eat something else, than popcorn! :)

  3. Joyce,

    WOW your hubby does travel a lot. Does he get to see any of the places he visits or is it strictly get in and out for business?

    It would be a shame just to fly into different countries but not really get a chance to see them.

    Congratulations on your beautiful blogging awards. Well deserved.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend, even if hubs had to leave early Sunday morning. Hope you enjoy your week at home by yourself. You and the dog will have to keep each other company. Sorry you could not work out things to go to China. Maybe you can go next time. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. My hunk and I ate Indian food and then went to see Robin Hood Saturday Evening; hope your date was as wonderful as mine! How can you stand for your sweetheart to be gone so much? I'd be miserable.

  6. US to Italy to London to China? That poor man must have some major jet lag going on for sure!
    Oh, and I totally agree about the italian can never have enough!

  7. Grilled pineapple is one of my favorite foods. And now it's all I can think of and I'll probably eat some for lunch with MY lime chicken we also did on the BBQ this weekend.

    Funny, huh?

  8. Hi Joyce, thank you so much for stopping by my Random Dozen! I love your blog, we are also putting in some plants and a few trees, we have been here a grass in the backyard yet, getting there, but I have plants and trees, lol..
    Have a great week! Barb

  9. Gosh, you make me laugh! And when hubs is home, just hearing about everything you did makes me tired.
    Glad you enjoyed your award! You definitely bring sunshine my way!