Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catch a tiger by the tail

My husband is in London today. It's his first trip back since we moved. Tonite he's going to see his buds at the Indian restaurant we loved in the little village where we lived. I'm only
extremelyslightly jealous. Yesterday I got an email from someone new to England. A friend there suggested she visit my blog and she did and I wrote her back and spent some time thinking about how it felt to be new and all that was in front of us that we had no clue was in front of us. The combination of these two things has left me feeling a little bit homesick.

Hubs phoned yesterday after he got checked into his hotel and he did have a small rant about the iron being bungeed to the ironing board in his room and the outlet being in an inconvenient spot which is always the case with outlets in the UK. I used to have a six foot extension chord plugged into my bedroom wall so I could dry my hair in front of the bathroom mirror because there were no outlets in the bathroom itself. Gotta be careful with 220 volts and water in close proximity I guess.

Thinking about those little annoyances should help but for some reason the quirkiness is something that makes me miss it more. Its a funny thing because when you leave you imagine all the things you will not miss and for sure using an extension chord to dry my hair ranked right up there. Yet, I think about that and I smile. Go figure.

So how about I talk some more about my vacation? Aren't you so glad you stopped by here today? Really there is not too much more to tell because other than the wave runner outing we spent most of the week sitting in beach chairs, swimming in the ocean and then maybe mixing it up with a swim in the pool, reading stacks of books, and walking for miles. Oh, and eating a lot of seafood.

If you've never been to a beach in this area you might have a hard time imagining the shells. The beach is just a mass of shells and of course alot of them are broken but there is also no shortage of beautiful whole shells of every size shape and color. No we did not bring home any live starfish...that's a big no no.

My daughter said it felt like cheating because you could literally just look down at your feet and pick up something pretty all along the beach. You didn't really have to work too hard.

We were on vacation after all.

There is a public beach in Marco called Tigertail and we like to go there to collect shells and also because you can walk to the far end and its likely you will not see another soul. Its pretty amazing to think there are beaches that are not wall to wall people and noise but there are and this is one of those beaches.

Apparently you can walk around from the car park but we always take the 'short cut' which involves crossing some water along with several school of assorted fish. This little bit is also the teensiest bit squishy which I do not care for. At all. I try not to think about the critters under my feet. Shudder.

We saw this guy just as we were taking our first steps. I started referring to him as a squidray because he looked like a cross between a squid and a stingray. My girls are petite so coordination was required.

As soon as we got to the path we saw millions of little bitty crabs. eww. I love crabs but they must be cooked. And these little guys scattered as soon as we stepped onto the path but they made so much racket. I couldn't even get a picture because I was too busy trying not to step on one in my bare feet. ick.

When you get out to the beach it is worth all the trouble. It is one of the most peaceful places I've quiet and beautiful.

We did have a little bit of company...

I love to watch the pelicans...such funny creatures.

I started this post last night and things always look a little better in the light of day. The sun is shining, my pup was supposed to have a little surgical procedure today which was cancelled because the mysterious 'bump' is no longer a mysterious bump, hubs will enjoy seeing friends in our old stomping grounds...

and will especially enjoy his very spicy curry with a side of diced chilies because they will remember that's how he likes it...and as for me?

I think I have a few shells to clean and sort.


  1. I love Indian food, that's one BIG thing I miss about home, but I agree with the other 'little annoyances', I thought it was great when I moved to the US and found outlets in the bathroom :) When I go to my sister's I have to dry my hair in her hallway!
    Love the vacation pics :-) Come say hi.
    Hugs Denise

  2. I love the picture you took from the ground of the shells!!! And those beautiful birds! I must go there. Now.

    And, P.S., wouldn't it have been easier to mount a mirror close to an outlet rather than using the extension cord?

  3. Well, it would seem that mounting a mirror would be the logical thing but mounting stuff to the walls there is a whole 'nother issue : )

  4. Great pictures, love all the shells you found. I can see how you'd be a little jealous of the hubs England is pretty sweet! I hate how every hotel in Europe never has a plug in bathroom only for a razor. Even the nicest and newest hotel! It's like a outlet shortage. When I went to Barcelona with my 3 sisters between the hair dryers, straighteners, camera chargers we kept blowing the circuit! Have a wonderful Thursday! My Hubby is in NY so I'm just as jealous as you!

  5. Awesome pictures and beautiful shells. Sounds like you miss London a little, but love being back in the states, too. I am sure I would feel the same way..each a special place in your heart. Thanks for sharing....

  6. Great pictures, as usual. Isn't it funny how annoying things become fond memories with time? We're the same way about our time in Uganda.

  7. That beach sounds beautiful. It has been so long since I have been to the beach.

  8. I am sure you would like to be with him right now. I feel that way when my husband travels to places where we have friends or family.
    Love all the beach pictures, they are so beautiful. What a nice trip. Love the shells.

  9. Love all your pictures and I think Hubs should be uber romantic and fly you out to England just for a dinner date. :)

  10. I know exactly what you mean, about missing the little nuisances. I guess that´s what makes it home.
    Love the pictures. The beach really looks like a place to relax! Even my hubby would love it there (he´s afraid of crowds...).
    What will you do with the shells?

  11. We can never find shells that look that amazing! WOW, I could only imagine all the cool things you could create with all of them, perhaps line a picture frame with them and add your favorite vacation picture?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. *sigh* I so need a vacation, Joyce. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and I love to walk on the beach. *sigh* Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with, so I can at least feel like I am having one vicariously. *sigh* :-)

  13. Beautiful pictures! I've never been to a beach with white sand. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. I love the beach...except for all that sand! Great pictures! Amazing that you could see all that sea life without any work! :D
    Neat that hubs could go back to your old stomping ground and they would remember him. Then again, it's not easy to forget him! :D

  15. I have to wait another month before I can go to the beach. So glad I came here today, because now I feel like I'm already there.

  16. Love all the all the pictures..

    I have had so little time to catch up on my favorite blogs. Hope you will stop by...I have a great Disney giveaway...

  17. Looks like you got some great loot. I love beach pictures.

    How did I miss that y'all were Tennessee fans? The SEC is just the best ever. We'll be entertaining the Arkansas baseball team Tuesday night with a hamburger cookout. They'll be in town for the SEC baseball tournament.

  18. Love all the beach photos they're sooo beachy and wonderful.


  19. What fun! I love the pics. I could sit back and read all day about peoples experiences and travels. Hope you have a wonderful week! Also as soon as I get it posted you have an award to pick up over by me.
    until next time... nel