Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day without the Labor

What a fabulous weekend!
The weathermen could not have been more wrong and we have had the most gorgeous weather I can remember in a long time.
Crystal clear blue skies with a light breeze and nothing but sunshine.
We spent as much time outdoors as we could manage which was actually quite a lot.
And okay, there was a little bit of labor but it came in the form of yard work which isn't like the normal 9-5 7-7 kind of day my hubs usually works.

Sunday afternoon we decided to take a picnic into Central Park.
We took the pup too because she has been to Central Park before and remembers it as a great place to chase birds and squirrels.
She wears a gentle lead when we walk in the park because it keeps her from pulling your arm out of the socket when she spies a squirrel/bird/sandwich wrapper/trash bag...I think you get the idea...

Walking around the park with Dixie is like walking with a celebrity.


No less than three people had their picture taken with her.

That's my hubs with his arm around a woman he met about ten minutes prior.
The woman and her husband saw Dixie attempt to go for a swim in the fountain and she came over and asked if she could have a picture.
They are from Serbia and the husband has been in the US for about 10 years but she's only been here a few months and speaks very little English.
I think I've mentioned here before that people meet my hubs and proceed to tell him their life story.
Even people who need a translator to help with the telling.

We spent some time hanging out near the Boat House which if you saw 27 Dresses you might recognize as the wedding locale.
This is the spot people come to sail their model boats which is really fun to watch and its also the place you can rent rowboats.
When you see that happening on television they always just walk right up and hop in a boat.

Yeah, that's not quite how it happens in real life.
The queue must have been a day long.

We walked for miles enjoying the spectacular weather and scenery and of course all the people watching.
Because, seriously, is there any place better for people watching than NYC?

I rest my case.

Today was a repeat of yesterday in regards to the weather so we hung out at the Lake in our little town and watched our local water ski team perform.
They range in age from 3 (yes you read that right) to adult and they're good.
There was a little ballet...

and some pyramids...

some jumps...

there were a few adrenaline junkies who did flips and skiied barefoot...

there was some water ski envy...

So wishing he was out there too.
He loves to ski and he's really good at it.
Plus he may have just a little bit of that adrenaline thing happening.
Case in point, he has a chunk missing from the bottom of his water ski where he may have come a little too close to a sailboat one time.
I don't think I'll mention the night skiing or some of the other craziness for which I'm sure he'll thank me.

Anyone else ever get the Sunday night blues?
On a Monday night?
The weather has taken a turn for the cooler, schools will be back in session tomorrow and it seems summer is officially coming to an end.

I think this evening we'll grill the last of the summer corn and slice some of the remaining sweet tomatoes. We'll soak up the last rays of weekend sun and will do our best to make it last just a little bit longer...

"Summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." Henry James


  1. I agree Joyce, it has been a wonderful summer and I so hate to see it come to an end. We are grilling out steaks tonight (although we grill out year round). Loved all your pictures. What a fun weekend you all had. I love the fact that you guys can just pop into NYC whenever you want to go for a visit. That is so neat. Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous too. I am so ready for fall. The summer heat and humidity were miserable. I am sad too, that the great weekend has come to a close, although I was just home working around the house. I love "nesting" sometimes. I sure got a lot done. Take care and have a great week. A little bird told me that one of your babies has a birthday this week. What fun! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Amazing that you were able to just pick up and go to Central Park! Sounds like it was a beautiful day for it, too.
    The end of your post made me a little sad...even though we've been in school for a month already!

  3. I must say that sounds like the most perfect weekend. (we did nothing) I am jealous, I have never been to central park and it is a place I want to visit. Hopefully in the fall when the leave change their color. I have seen 27 Dresses about a million times and how awesome to see the spot. So glad that you had such a nice time. The water skiing looks like it was pretty awesome too!

  4. I have the same invisible sign that your husband wears that reads "Tell me your life story". Tonight at On the Border the waitress told me about getting an IUD.

    I wish I were making this up.

  5. Oh, how I would love to just be able to drive in to the city and spend the day at Central Park! AND we were just talking yesterday about REALLY going to NYC during the holidays this year! We've been talking about doing so for some time but this just may be the year!
    Yes, it seems like the summer has flown by and now has come to an abrupt end with cooler weather, esp. nights, here already!
    So enjoyed reading this post!! Happy Tuesday!

  6. People watching is another favorite pastime of NYC, a dream...I have been twice (wayyyy to long ago) and it was amazing....loved your Labor Day weekend! We waterskied and wake-boarded this past weekend at a lake where we spend time when we was great to get one last day of summer on the water...

  7. Those water skiers are amazing! We were trying to teach our kids how to knee board this weekend and they are all 8 or older. I can't imagine putting a 3 year old on skis.

    thanks for the Central Park tour. I've never been there. It looks beautiful.

  8. I love to people watch! Airports are my favorite even though I'm not a huge fan of flying.
    We also had perfect weather for the weekend. Which makes it that much harder to say goodbye to the Summer season. Oh well.

  9. I'm ready for some Radical in my life too, Joyce. I loved your introduction this morning. :)

  10. Consider your case rested. People are funny. :) Sounds like a great day. Thanks for the walk through Central Park, via these great pix. I hope to visit the park in person again soon!