Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Navy recruiters will never come looking for me

This is it. Promise. Saturday morning after a wonderful breakfast (you can relax- I did not photograph my meal) at an outdoor cafe we headed over to Chelsea Market. The market is housed in an old Nabisco Factory in the city's meatpacking district and is full of cute shops, mostly food related. Have you noticed a theme here of late?

After leaving the market we went up a nearby flight of stairs into High Line Park. This is a cute little park built on some old elevated rail lines that used to run thru this part of the city. An unexpected plot of green amidst a sea of warehouses, butchers, and brick.

Not much to look at from the street...

but really pretty from above.

We talked about what to do next and I asked hubs if he wanted to go see the Intrepid. It bills itself as an air, sea, and space museum and that's pretty much his love language. See? Not every minute of my birthday weekend had to be about me.

Your ticket allows you entry to the Intrepid (an aircraft carrier for those of you whose love language is say, shoes or handbags) a Concorde jet and a submarine from the Vietnam era. Which brings me to my post title...why the Navy won't come a-knocking-

  • Have you seen those bunk beds? They're stacked four deep with about 6 inches of headroom. If I were in the Navy I'd have a permanent knot on the top of my head. I thought I might have to ask for a paper bag to breathe into just thinking about sleeping on that very bottom bunk. Shudder.
  • There are an awful lot of hatches to hoist yourself thru on board a submarine. This is not easily accomplished in cute wedges.
  • Also not easily managed in cute wedges? Maneuvering oneself between decks via a steep ladder sitting perpendicular to the floor. deck. whatever.
  • I obviously am not 'on board' with the lingo.
  • And I'm pretty sure asking questions like, "Has anyone actually ever freaked out on here and bolted while under way" is frowned upon.
  • We haven't even begun to discuss all that motion.
All I have to say after standing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and clambering thru a submarine is God bless the men and women who serve. And while I did actually enjoy seeing the Intrepid, when it comes to New York this is more my speed...

Times Square on Saturday morning.

I know you are wondering if this was the end of our day in the city. Almost. We needed one more meal. Of course we did. Our car was parked at the Marriott (or possibly in Connecticut because really, who knows where they actually park your car) and we walked down a street known as Little Brazil in order to get there. Guess what sort of food we had for lunch? Brazillian. Fab.u.lous. I might have had one more dessert but in my defense it wasn't chocolate cake, it was coconut pudding. I have a hard time passing up coconut anything.

Thus concludes my birthday weekend recap.
You are so welcome.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. And how nice of you to include some fun stuff for hubby during "your" weekend! : )

  2. My husband Rich is a retired Navy Air Traffic Controller and the stories he tells it is a wonder than anyone ever joined the Navy (and that he lasted 20 years).

    I want to take him to New York, it is my most favorite place, next to Iowa of course, but he has never been!!! Can you imagine all the cool places I can take him...a newbie!!

    Joyce, I am so happy for you and he is most definitely a keeper!!

  3. You go on such neat adventures, Joyce! I must admit I am more than a little envious. *sigh* And I'm trying really hard not to be seeing as how that is not so pleasing to God and all. :-)
    Anywayyy....I could not be in the Navy either for claustraphobic reasons. Oh my! LOL

  4. The Navy would be my last choice to join. I love the ocean but am totally claustrophobic. I would never make it on any of their vessels.

  5. Is High Line park new? I think I remember Martha tweeting about it recently.

    I hope you can carve time out of your schedule to be my tour guide when I come up there (not that I know when that will be, but if you keep posting about the city, it may be next weekend).

  6. Can I come to your birthday party next year?

  7. You guys had the best trip! You got to do such a great variety of things. NYC is such a fun place and it is so neat that you are so close. I can't imagine going there any time I took a notion just to go to the park, shop or go to a play. That would be so much fun!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Thanks for sharing your amazing NYC adventure with us! Love the writing and the pics. You make me want to get back there pronto!

  9. The shopping sounds like fun. I could never be in a submarine and yes the people who are should be blessed for what they do. What a perfect birthday weekend.