Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let them eat cake

So, who's still reading here? I promise to eventually stop talking about my birthday but if you've stuck with me for this long you probably want details, right? Hubs did good. Very good. Very very good. He kicked off the birthday celebration by taking me out to breakfast. We went to a little place we often go and after we ordered our waitress started moving all the condiments around on the table like a mad woman. I was thinking she was just a tad bit OCD about tabletop organization when she appeared once more, this time with a big box and envelope. She handed me the envelope and then put the box on the table. This was in the box...

Let's pause for a moment to truly appreciate the beauty of this moment.

Yes you need to see two pictures. How else are you to know the awesomeness of my favorite cake in the universe...chocolate cake with a raspberry filling which must include fresh raspberries and a chocolate ganache icing. The sides are then smothered in shaved chocolate. Of course I had a piece for breakfast. What is the point of showing me a chocolate cake at 9:30 am if you don't want me to taste it? Our sweet waitress sang Happy Birthday to me all by herself so we rewarded her with a slice. She didn't have a problem with the time either.

Back to the envelope...

Inside the envelope was a booklet hubs had put together. Besides our itinerary for the weekend he included a very special Robert Burns poem and his own list of 50 things he loves about me. It was funny and sweet and one of my favorite things about my birthday.

After breakfast it was time for some presents and I did in fact get some 'bling'. Well, bling for a blogger Ipad, which was very exciting. My girls got me the keyboard dock and a really adorable Dooney and Bourke case to carry it in.

I had to play with it a little bit and download all my music before we headed into the city but we eventually got out of the house and checked into our hotel. In Times Square. We stayed in the Marriott Marquis which is a place we've stayed many times and its an ideal location if you plan to see a show which coincidentally was also on our agenda. Here is the view we saw upon entering our room on the 20th floor Friday afternoon...

This is also the view at 4 in the morning because, hey, it's NY, the city that never sleeps. The weather was perfect so we walked a bit...guess what show we saw Friday night?

Turning 50 is definitely worthy of a champagne toast so we stopped in Sardis to do just that...

There were a lot of fun people who had the same idea and we made a few new friends. This is my new jeweler....

Well, he could be...we met him in Sardis and he is a jeweler and also an actor. He had some stories to tell that had us all laughing and hey, it never hurts to know a good jeweler in NYC if you know what I mean.

Way back in January we were in the city for New Years Eve and we stopped in the Mandarin Hotel on Columbus Circle. I said then that I definitely wanted to come back sometime because it is beautiful. And hubs remembered. So we did. We arrived a little bit early so we could sit in the lounge and enjoy spectacular views of the city...

He had reserved a table by the window overlooking Central Park...

And then there was the food. Oh my. I'm still talking about it. The restaurant is called Asiati and I may have to edit my post from Friday and add this starter to the list of 'best things I've ever eaten'. I loved it so much I kind of wanted to pick up my bowl and drink the last drop of broth. I refrained. I am fifty now you know.

For my main course I had butter poached lobster with white polenta, hon shimeji mushrooms and a kaffir emulsion. I have a picture but I felt the food photos were getting ridiculous so just imagine a perfectly cooked lobster sitting in a pool of the most delicious sauce and you've got the idea. Oh, what's one more picture at this point, right?

Our waiter as it happens was from Montenegro. Because hubs makes friends everywhere he goes the waiter and hostesses and whoever else was running the show let him get an up close and personal look at the wine case. And he had them all laughing so they said, 'Hey, let's take your picture opening up the 'frig'.' Why not? And fyi-If you need to inject a little bit of fun into your life, go to dinner with my hubs.

Now, even though I'd had chocolate cake for breakfast I had to have dessert because it was a 3 course deal. I debated between the chocolate cake and the sticky rice creme brulee but went with the creme brulee because I knew I still had 3/4 of a chocolate cake at home waiting for me. These things require thought people. Anyway, after they brought out hubs dessert, and my creme brulee they brought out this ....

Yay hubs...he really did think of everything. And this chocolate cake was part cake and part mousse and I was so full I could only have a couple of bites but it was rich and delicious. Three desserts. Can a birthday get any better? I think not.

On with the show...we had tickets to see Promises Promises. Kristen Chenowith plays the female lead and she is without a doubt, absolutely, positively adorable. We were on the third row and I'm pretty sure she smiled at us. Sean Hayes (Jack of Will and Grace fame) played the male lead and nearly stole the show. It was fabulous!

But wait. The night's not over yet. After walking all over Manhattan in four inch heels my feet were screaming, but I was not going to let that stop me from having just a little bit more fun. You only turn 50 once you know. So, it was back to the Marriott to ride the fast wobbly glass elevator up to the 48th floor lounge known as The View. The lounge revolves so if you sit for an hour you get a 360 degree view of the city. New York is such an amazing place.

And my hubs is a keeper. I'm going to post Saturdays fun in a separate post because you know this is the birthday that never ends. In the meantime though, I must just mention one of the very best parts of my weekend-Daughter1 wrote a post for my birthday and you can read it here. If she isn't the sweetest thing on the planet then I don't know who is!


  1. Wow, what a phenomenal birthday! I can't wait to hear what the next day brought. Happy 50th! Now, could you have your hubs talk to my hubs for 50th in March?!?! :)

  2. Wow, what a celebration. I had a sneaky feeling that he would take you to NYC. Why not? What a great way to celebrate!!! I can't wait to hear about Saturday. By the way, you looked beautiful and hubs was very handsome too. I think you had an amazing birthday celebration! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. What a fantastic birthday! I'm definitely not tired of it. A little jealous, perhaps, but not tired! And I think the best part is, you don't look fifty!

  4. You are truly blessed! What a great way to celebrate your birthday. I know NY is great, but the thought that went behind everything... Priceless. Simply the best. So sweet of your girl. ;)

  5. OMG Joyce, that is one fabulous birthday celebration. I never have or never will be treated like that for a birthday. You have one special man who loves you deeply. I love Sean Hayes, that must have been awesome. Love all the beautiful pictures of the food and the views. I think my jaw is still on the floor!!!

  6. Oh my good golly, what a great way to celebrate your 50th!! WOW!

  7. Glad you had a fabulous weekend!!!

  8. Your.
    What a fabulous birthday!

  9. What an absolutely fab time you had this weekend!! Since I have yet to go to NYC ever I will just have to live vicariously through this wonderful birthday weekend trip!!!

    I heart Kristin Chenowith, so I'm superjealous that you got to see her show. But I'm okay with it since it was your birthday weekend and all.

    Also jealous about the iPad, but again, your birthday, so all is forgiven :)

  10. What a sweetie your hubs is! I knew he'd have something spectacular planned! All that and an iPad! Amazing! I'm going to make sure my husband sees this post! ;)

  11. Wow what a wonderful birthday, your Hubs is a keeper!

  12. I think you win for the best birthday weekend ever...really...

  13. I wouldn't mind going back and having a 50th birthday again, if I could spend it like that! Sounds Heavenly!!!

  14. I am so glad you enjoyed/ are still enjoying your birthday! You deserve every minute of it. I am insanely jelous that you got to eat at the Madarin! My mouth is watering looking at all that yummy food and I definitely would have chosen that rice cream brulee thing too. AND you guys just looks stunning standing in Times Square all glammed up! Love you!

  15. What a great time! My favorite would be the list of 50 things he loves too. Although I know you'll love your iPad, I love mine!! I will just have to have my hubs read this for "the perfect birthday" ideas. I have the same number birthday coming up. Soon.

  16. Wow!!! Sounds like an awesome day! Loved all the happy pictures of you!
    Three cheers for hubs!! :)

  17. Timmy did a good job! I will be consulting your husband before making any birthday plans for my lovely wife. :)

  18. Your hubs has certainly set the bar for a lot of our husbands. What a thoughtful, generous, and romantic man he must be. He is a "keeper!" We are all sighing with envy, but are equally happy that he has provided you with a celebration to remember always.

  19. I have to agree with Expats Again...husbands everywhere are probably seething with what he did! But, hey, every woman loves it! You two look great! And I love the picture of Central Park! Happy Birthday!

  20. Wow girl, Happy Birthday!!! I have sevearl thoughts:

    1. that cake looks divine!
    2. you look amazing!
    3. it all looks like a fun time!!!