Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Role Reversal

So in hosting a weekly random meme I knew I'd experience a teensy bit of stress.
I thought the stress would come with creating the questions every week.
I was wrong.

I say I'm not very good with all things technical.
Secretly though, I thought I was doing pretty good.
This week I realized my first thought was correct.

My daughter1 made a button for my hodgepodge posts.
She made a couple actually and I chose my favorite and she sent me the button and code in an email with instructions just to copy and paste.
Easy peasy, right?

I tried for several hours to get that code to show up on my blog.
I could get the button to show but no code.
So I called her with an SOS and she said,
"Moooooom! You left half of it off the page."


While I had her on the phone I asked her to help me set up the McLinky.
And she said, 'Okay, let's iChat while we do that."


For some reason once I added the McLinky my post immediately published.
I didn't want it to publish until midnight.
Back to the phones.
"What are you doing mom?"

Why does she automatically assume its me?

Probably because it is usually me.

We discussed and discussed but it continued to publish.
She said, "I think I need to see your screen."

You're there and I'm here.
Many many states away.

"I'll send you a request to share your screen."

Um, okay?

Then she uttered the words that were to become her theme song for the rest of the afternoon. And maybe into the early evening.
And possibly the wee hours of the morning too.

"Just do what I say."

Wait a minute...
Wasn't it just yesterday I was saying those words to her?
Well, it sure feels like it was yesterday.

And daughter1 quickly discovered her theme song would need a second verse and it would need to sound like this-


I'm pretty sure those were also words I used to say.

Yes she needed to shout.
Because when I see buttons I'm like a 2 year old.
Must touch.

I like to think I'll remember everything she showed me yesterday but who am I kidding?
I'm sure I'll be back on the phone with her again next Tuesday.
And that conversation will be almost word for word like the one we had this Tuesday.
And she'll sigh.

Because when it comes to all things technology I'm the kid and my kid is the 'parent'.
And just like parents the world over, she'll wonder why she has to say something fifteen times before it sticks.
And just like parents the world over, I know she'll love me just the same.


  1. Even with all the tech problems, the HodgePodge was a resounding success. Looking forward to next week. Blessings, SusanD

  2. So funny ... thanks again for hosting the Wednesday Hodgepodge. ;-)

  3. Haha... Strangely I find comfort in this post. I completely understand your frustration. And we can only hope that my girls will be a lil' more tech savvy than their ol' mom. ;)

    Having someone take over your screen is a bit strange, yes?

    Loved your meme by the way. You're going to do great.

  4. I had fun with the Hodgepodge yesterday. I'm not brave (or smart) enough to figure out that techie stuff. Glad you had someone to help.

  5. LOL. Oh, I can totally relate! I'm sure she loved being "needed" by her Mom, no matter how frusrating. :)

  6. It was great. Look forward to many more.
    Loved meeting new bloggers.

  7. That is too funny. I hope my sons are patient with me when the roles reverse, cuz I'm sure they will.

  8. Isn't it amazing how this is just second nature to the "younger generation"? Just amazing.

  9. I think the hodgepodge was great, and I admire you for being willing to shoulder the load. As fun as it is, I'm sure it is a lot of stress too. Thanks for doing it. And thanks, Shannon, for her part. : ) Look at it this way: you're learning something new, you know she really does love helping you, and after labor and the last twenty-something years, she does owe you a little bit. : )

  10. you did a good job! its was fun and I am looking forward to next week. I wasn't able to see the button - again, I KNOW NOTHING about technical stuff or blogging for that matter. I was wondering~ you have followers and then you have Networked Blog followers? please explain.

  11. This is so funny! I can just imagine it. Too often my girls have shown me stuff I never knew existed!

  12. hahahahaha! It's so true! And you put it so well!

  13. You did great Joyce. I know my blogger was acting up too... has to be blogger. lol. My post was scheduled but posted early. And I never get your button where I could see it. The border is there with an x but no picture even when I am looking at yours, or others. Strange... I did see it on one other blog but that was it. It is cute. Your daughter did a wonderful job! Thank God for daughters!
    until next time... nel

  14. Oh Joyce, I'm right there with you on this post! My youngest son, Brad, is my "go to" person. My problem is, Jennifer has "dibs" on him these days. LOL
    I thought Wednesday Hodgepodge was a huge success--just look at the amount of participation--YOU ARE LOVED!
    I finally did see your button on one blog! It's cute. I copied and saved it, so at least I can put it on next week's post, even without the code if I must.
    You're doing great, in a couple of weeks, you won't think twice about the whole process.
    Before you start to get burned out, please ask for question suggestions. I'm sure everyone would be willing to chip in--and I loved the random thought at the end!
    Have a great day! Kathy

  15. Oh technology....
    I went to a store yesterday to check out some new laptops, only to realize when I walked in I actually don't know enough to actually ask a question and sound slightly intelligent. I did like one that was a pretty blue...or there was the chocolate colored one. ;) At least we can blog, right?

  16. Oh, I love this look at life. Makes for such great blog fodder. But it makes up family existence, too, and that's the important part.

  17. That is so funny! I've been there, so I completely understand ;)


  18. Joyce, Super job and I know the feeling about asking our children for help. In my case, first I have my pride hurt that I can't figure it out by myself (after all I am an adult!), then it's the feeling that I don't understand the directions because they are not in any english I understand. I love your blog.

  19. Success is an interative process. Therefore, you are right on track...

  20. Too cute! Funny how like turns upside down sometimes ;-)

    P.S. Thanks for the Meme fun this week :-D

  21. I think you did a great job and you are braver then I would be! I just didn't use the button but I hope you have it soon.

  22. Just one problem...


    I am totally out of luck...

  23. Joyce, there is a blog award for you over on my blog if you'd like to come over and claim it! Have a great evening, Kathy

  24. hahah! that sounds EXACTLY like me and my parents when it comes to computers :) and any other modern technology, really.

  25. Ichat?
    And was she actually seeing your computer screen? Huh? What? Or was she logged into your account?

    Congrats on your meme! Sounds like a fun one!

  26. Oh goodness. I wouldn't know how to do any of that. Thankfully my husband is an IT guy so I don't have to ask the kids.

  27. Sounds just like me and my daughter. She is my "go to" person for anything I do not understand about my computer. What a great post and sounds like you have a super great daughter!

    Blessings to you!

  28. Funny post.
    Kids are so "techy".
    It's totally NOT FAIR!!

  29. Yikes with the bajillion comments! Way to go, Jo!