Saturday, January 22, 2011

Manic Monday

I am a little late posting my weekend update because for some reason I scheduled an appt. to have blood drawn first thing this morning leaving just enough time to come home and gulp some coffee before heading to the dentist. Why did I do this?

Hubs also had to have blood drawn this morning so we went to the lab together. The receptionist thought that was cute. And fyi-this is all just routine stuff but who knew there would be so much 'routine stuff' once you hit the big 5-0? I remember when 'routine stuff' was my doctor telling me I could stand to gain a pound or two. Sadly that is no longer the kind of 'routine stuff'' my doctor tells me.

We had a quiet weekend but sometimes a quiet weekend is necessary. Especially when one of you has been on the other side of the world all week and upon coming home feels like a newborn baby with their days and nights mixed up. Plus, it's cold here so it's not like you really want to leave the house anyway. The thermometer said -7 en route to the doctor's office.

We did get a few miscellaneous errands taken care of on Saturday which consisted of a trip to the billiards shop to get a pool cue repair kit (who even knew such a thing existed?) finally putting away my Snow Village, and returning a couple of tops I'd received for Christmas that didn't fit. Yes, we are still dealing with Christmas here. I think we're done now.

Since we were at the mall we had lunch at Johnny Rockets and I'm wondering if anyone else has trouble choosing a grilled chicken sandwich over a big juicy burger when you're in a place like this for lunch? In the end the thought of having my cholesterol checked on Monday won out and I ordered chicken. You did come here today to find out what I ate for lunch on Saturday didn't you?

After lunch we went to see the movie Country Strong. The music was good although the story line wasn't quite what I was expecting. Neither were the ticket prices...two tickets for the bargain price of 22$. At first I thought the cashier misunderstood me and was charging me for three tickets. Nope. Two tickets. 11$ each. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Ridicunkulous yes? With practically everyone now owning their own big screen HD tvs and the the quick theatre to DVD release dates on top of cheap snacks at home, will people continue going to the theatre? A small drink was $4.25. I tried not to think about how many ounces I could buy for that amount anywhere but in a movie theatre.

We had a little time to kill between running errands at the mall and the movie start time so we were just kind of hanging around the lobby when we spied a Pac Man game in the arcade. I have not played Pac Man in over 20 years. Do people still play Pac Man? I mean people besides those for whom the game conjures up 'wasting time in college when you should have been studying' type memories? Pac Man is not sophisticated or violent nor does it contain a super cool soundtrack with life like graphics. Its still fun though...and a little bit addicting too. Question for you-why is it I can remember the Pac man game pattern but I cannot remember why I walked into the kitchen this morning? I think this post has now come full circle and we're back to the joys of being 50.

In other news, hubs has a two day meeting in the city this week and he has asked me to tag along. In case you're wondering, he didn't have to ask me twice. I am always up for a night or two in the city and a change of scenery on a cold January day sounds pretty nice right about now. Of course it would be nicer if the change of scenery involved a fruity umbrella laden drink and my toes in the sand somewhere warm and tropical but hey, I think I'll take what I can get.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend, actually.
    Yay for tagging along into The City!
    I'm tagging along to San Diego at the end of the week. Temps should be in the 70's.
    Sorry. :)

  2. Anytime I can share the day with L is a good day. (Particularly this time of year.)

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. Enjoy your trip and your week!

  3. I am going for my colonoscopy at 3:20 today speaking of turning 50. GOOD TIMES!
    And YES, this stuff they have you drink is the worst tasting stuff on the planet.

  4. You make being kidless sound like a great next stage. I used to not be able to imagine what I'd do without them, but reading your blog makes me see it's going to be okay.

  5. I use to love to play PACMAN!! LOL I loved Country Strong! Right now I am in the middle of watching The Fighter - something I never thought I would like but I am enjoying it. Its a bootleg copy!

  6. Oh what I have to look forward to now that I'm 50. Sigh.
    Hubby and I debated about seeing Country Strong seeing as we actually went to a country music concert in December. But neither of us are country music fans, so we decided to not push our luck.
    We loved Secretariat. I had to remind myself to not get anxious about the races...I knew he would win!
    I get to go with Hubby to The Big City next month. He didn't invite me. I invite myself. :) I am so desperate for a chance of scenery.

  7. Sounds like you had a nice weekend ... just enough accomplished to make it a productive one.

    Movies are $10 here ... and between DH's poor hearing and the cost (we won't even mention the cost of popcorn & a soda, ok?), we do not go to the movies. I hadn't been in 10-15 years before DD invited me to join her and T#2 to go see Tangled. And it'll probably be another 10-15 before I go again (unless DD comes up with another invite ... I try to never say "no" to her and/or the Ts ha!).

    I'll be turning the BIG 6 - 0 in just a little while ... given what turning 50 brought me (colonoscopy, several age-related health issues, etc.), I can't say that I'm looking forward to turning 60. Besides, 50 didn't feel old ... but 60, now that's OLD. ha!

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! Yes, I have trouble picking a salad over juicy burgers at places like that. I'm proud of you for choosing the salad because I usually don't have that willpower. A trip to the city with Hubs sounds wonderful! Have fun!

  9. Have fun in the big city... Maybe you'll run into my hubs there, eh? ;)

  10. A trip to the city! How marvelous!
    I have NEVER been told I couuld gain a pound or two! ha!

  11. Ah, a night or two in the city. Sounds like fun!

  12. Oh, my goodness, your mention of PacMan brought back a boatload of memories and I can hear it in my mind now. Loved the comment about remembering why you went to the refrigerator. How funny!

    And, Drs. good grief, every Jan. Hubby and I start over on all our yearly exams and it takes a half year to get them all done. And, we're healthy! But, it's off to the Opthalmologist, the Dermatologist, the GYN and so it goes. Preventative medicine I guess.

    Enjoy your getaway and I'll look forward to hearing about your fun. Oh, so glad to know that you have indulged in the Blog Books as well. Blessings!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend to me! I love those too bad we were shoveling for a good part of it!

  14. Can't wait to hear about your couple of days in NYC! Movie prices have gotten unreal...we usually wait until it comes out on DVD..can't beat the RedBox!

  15. With movie prices like that, wouldn't you hate to be a teenaged boy trying to take a girl on a date?

    Your posts about bloodwork and cholesterol checks are beginning to sound a lot like mine...LOL Guess it's a 50's thing!!!

  16. You know my take on movie prices as I just spoke about this last week myself. It is crazy. Yet, we continue to go. I remember reading an article once that talked about how the movie theaters make the bulk of their profit on food as they themselves pay so much for the movies. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    It does sound like you had a lovely weekend and who could blame you for not venturing out too much. We stayed cocooned for the most part too.

    Enjoy the city!

  17. Of course I come over to hear about the food! I love to hear what people are eating. That was a hard choice to make. I say Ridicunkulous often, I got it from "I Love You Man" a movie I enjoy watching. Busy day for you today. I would go to City if I got asked. Have a great time.

  18. I'm ready for toes in the sand. Did I mention I'm going to Mexico in a few weeks?