Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paraphrasing Forrest Gump

Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.
Except actually it's not because first of all, is there any such thing as a rotten piece of chocolate?
I think sometimes life is like a box of chocolates and sometimes life is like a bowl of olive pits.
Today was more of the pit variety.

We had hoped to do a couple of fun things this weekend but Daughter2 ended up with the stomach bug starting Thursday night so she laid on the couch and I waited on her hand and foot and pretended she was six and not twenty.
While daughter2 was down for the count hubs and I finally got the Christmas decorations put away.
Hmmm...I wonder if she planned it that way?

Today was the big airport run aka not my favorite day.
You get so used to having kids in the house again that you kind of forget they don't really live here anymore.
I know it seems like that is something you couldn't possibly forget but honestly, they just slip right on back into the household routine and it's like they never left.

Except they did.

And they do.

Normally hubs and I make the back to school airport run as a team and once we get back home we'll go see a movie or have dinner out or make plans for something fun in the future.
As luck would have it hubs was also heading out of town today so I said my goodbyes to both of them on the curb at Newark Airport and came home to an empty house.

Well, not quite an empty house.

She looks excited to see me, no?

Since I was already feeling a little bit blue I decided to get online and deal with the UK tax return.
I'm a big believer in not spoiling a perfectly good mood with tax mumbo jumbo so today seemed like the perfect day to cross that off my list.
Yes I said UK.
No we do not live in the UK a-ny-more.
Yes we have been back living and working in the US for approximately eighteen months and no my hubs does not work in the UK anymore either.
But the tax man?


The tax man just laughs at that.

In a funny turn of events this little activity really did make me feel better.
While I hate slogging thru the forms it makes me happy to know that its done so yay me!

Hey, I've got an empty empty nest here...
if I don't cheer for myself who will?


  1. returns... ug I am not looking forward to that part of my life. here in SC we are bunkering down and bracing ourselves for a big winter storm! Miss you!!

  2. Awww...I'm sorry that your nest is empty tonight--no fun! Hopefully, your daughter took that "bug" with her when she left, since you don't have anyone to wait on you! (except the dog :)

  3. Always hated when everyone departed and I was alone again. Now, I sort of like it!

  4. So sorry you had a rotten day. Glad you got your taxes done and you feel better about it.

  5. Your puppy was sad too :( Sorry you are alone in the house, but you got some stuff done and now you can relax and enjoy some quiet??? I'm trying here...

  6. I say ENJOY the house to yourself for a few days! :)

  7. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting the tax issues dealt with. Both of them leaving at once is tough. I hope you can find something better than taxes to help you find some fun in the time alone.

  8. Sorry she wasn't feeling well. I'm sure she didn't plan it that way not being able to help with the Christmas decorations. Sorry you house is empty now but way to go on the taxes.

  9. Glad you're girl is feeling better, but sad for you that she had to head back out again.

    UK taxes 18 months later? Whaaaat? I was fully expecting to have that task this year since it's only been 9 months that we are back and clearly my hubs worked the first part of last year there, but still? Hmmm? It'll be interesting to see if we owe or will get anything back with the combined taxes. It's confusing.

    Dixie looks very happy that you're back. So happy that she just lays there comfortably knowing full well that you know how much she appreciates you. hehehe :)

  10. I understand completely about finishing up something that you really dread just so you can feel so good once it is done. :o) I'm that same way about things.

    Yes, I remember those days before the kids were married and would waltz in and out of the house and I'd go through adjusting to their being gone again and again. But, I did find that it got easier each time they left.

    A happy week to you!

  11. My oldest leaves again next week! Love the pic of your dog.

  12. I'd say come and hang out with us but the world's busiest airport is going to be the world's most unproductive place tomorrow.

  13. ((((hugs)))))

    Yeah for you on the taxes being done!

  14. Foreign tax returns. Sounds like the perfect cure for the miss-the-fam blues. I would have come home and done something like that. Or eaten a half a box of chocolates. or both.

  15. I hated the first morning in two weeks when I woke up with no one to say good morning to. ugh. (And... hate to break it to you... we were still dealing with taxes more than four years after we moved back to the US from Singapore.) (Fun.)

  16. Foreign nightmare! I'm so glad someone else has to do our German taxes...mostly cause we can't read it but it's a freaking nightmare! Hope you enjoy the peace and quiet!

  17. I'm going to have to remember that "cross something unpleasant off the list" tactic next time I'm having a blue day. Brilliant!

  18. Oh, NO! I can just feel what it's going to be like when I take kids to the airport.
    Did you know about the continued taxation, or was that a surprise? I'm cringing at what we'll be hit with when we leave Canada. I know there's an exit tax. The get you coming and going.

  19. Yeah, that's not on the top of my list either, the airport run (s). Ugh Especially to come home alone afterwards.
    Mr. 19 (who has not yet returned to school) and the Hubby will both be out of town on Thursday. So I arranged a Ladies night out to occupy my time for the evening. Not looking forward to coming home to an empy house after that but at least the dog will be here. :)
    Ugh taxes.
    I just got the "get a head start on your FAFSA" email also. Really?! Ugh.

  20. Ally (my schnauzer) was so glad when the 2 college boys left. She started camping out in our bathroom...she's getting a more skiddish in her old age. Hate that Daughter2 ended her vacation with the bug, but perfect timing on her part!