Monday, January 31, 2011

Caution: Hard Hat Area

Let's's Monday...what shall we talk about?
How 'bout we shift gears and discuss something besides all the snow?

How 'bout we discuss all the ice?

Does this look like a problem to you?

Did you know ice is frozen water?

Just call me Mr. Wizard.

Someday it will warm up enough to melt all of this ice.

And we really need that someday to arrive gradually.
If ice in a gutter melts too quickly it may very well decide to run right down the inside walls of a house.

We need to avoid the rapid melt.
We are hoping for a gradual melt.

The weather forecast is calling for snow on Tuesday and ice pellets on Wednesday.

I don't think we're in danger of a rapid melt.

Hubs took the painting pole that extends and swatted some of these bad boys down this weekend.

It required a great deal of finesse not to be speared by the falling ice.

Which is why I watched from inside the safety of the house.

In other fun this weekend the steps re-iced and this required chipping and salting and shoveling and hauling and perhaps a teensy bit of swearing.

Is anyone else just a little bit tired of the very exhausting 2011 winter weather?

She's not.

She loves to run and prance and stick her face in the deep snow.

And trust's deep.

You know, sometimes you have to work to find the joy in winter.

I think I may have found a little here.


  1. This post is exactly why we continue to live in CA! As much as I want to move and experience life somewhere else, that four letter word (snow!) keeps us here.

    Hope it warms up soon!

  2. I know the icicles present a hazard to the inside of the walls and to the person on the ground (re: husband) knocking them down, but aren't they beautiful? Years ago we went to Chautauga, NY in the winter. We usually would go in the summer to the lake & Art Institution there. In the winter, astounding icicles form on all of those lovely Victorian homes. Ecceedingly long icicles that take your breath away. We took a ride through the village in a horse drawn sleigh and I felt like I was in a Currier and Ives postcard.

    Nevertheless, you can't sacrifice safety for beauty.

  3. We seem to be doing the same things on the weekends! My husband tried to get all the ice down also. I saw alot of my neighbors on their roofs this weekend trying to get off the snow. I hear more is coming!

  4. Bbrrrrr! Come thaw out and hang out with me! Seriously! In the meantime, I'll start looking for properties for sale by Lake Lanier for you. ; )

  5. Everytime our forecasters predict winter weather over here in The Mitten, it just skirts us and dumps on you! I guess we are getting THE BIG ONE this week though. 10-15 inches. Maybe you will be spared.

  6. I'm glad you found some joy. Can I borrow some?

  7. icicles are causing issue here too! Looks like the sun came out a bit for you love the snow angel picture! Bracing for the next big storm I'm heading to BJ's warehouse store to stock up on essentials! Stay warm!

  8. Wow, that is impressive! Give me snow anyday--it is so much easier to deal with than ice! Hope you're thawed out by now.

  9. Wow, you all have had the weather this winter ... it's been an odd winter with way more than the usual amounts of snow everywhere, but you all have had to bear the brunt of it all, haven't you? Are those icicles from melting snow that freezes up? I'd heard about all the snow you all got ... hadn't heard about ice. Hope it all melts ... slowly but surely.

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  10. that is such a perfect sonw angel! how did you do it so gracefully?? hehe

  11. Picture me raising my hand to declare this, "Me, I'm sick of the winter weather!" Oh yeah. In Michigan, it had snowed almost every day in January. At least it felt like it. Now this big weather system is coming in and the timing couldn't be any worse.

    Shawn and I are trying to fly into Newark for just a couple of days for a funeral. Our friend, Skip, passed away yesterday morning after battling cancer. I don't know if we'll be able to make with our weather for tomorrow and Wednesday, not to mention what Jersey is supposed to be getting. And as I know full well, if it's the Lord's will for us to be there, it'll happen.

    I'll be writing about Skip and his wife on my blog ... maybe even today. :)

  12. After seeing all of your snow and ice photos, I can see why you are envious of our southern weather! The snow really is beautiful though--and those icicles are really something! Now, I feel very guilty for complaining about the weather here...Stay warm :)

  13. Those icicles look amazing. I have mentioned that I'm fascinated by them, haven't I? I had not idea they could run down the inside walls if they melt too quickly. Hmmmm...learn something new every day!

  14. Awww... Such a cute snow angel. The icicles 'do' look a bit scary. Your pup's snow-face is too cute. I'm afraid Jasmine wouldn't know what to do with her girlie-dainty paws. ha. Feel free to send some of that this way... or hang with us. At times, it was over 70 this past week. My girls would love to see some snow. ;) Lord help us when summer comes around!

  15. Oh, good grief, Hubby needs a hard hat while knocking down the icicles. Looks like they could be deadly if they hit you. Ugh!

    Love the snow angel. Did you make that? :o)

    Looks like doggie is thoroughly enjoying the snow.

    Blessings for a great week and no more snow!

  16. That snow is very deep and I can't believe the icicles!! Sorry about the bad winter your having.