Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Super Day in the Wednesday Hodgepodge-Vol 11

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge...everyone is welcome to play along!
Be sure to link your post at the bottom of mine so friends and neighbors can come visit.

1. Will you watch the Super Bowl? If so, who will you cheer for? If you are not from the USA what is the 'big deal' sporting event in your own country?

Yes we'll watch the Super Bowl and in fact hubs and I are hosting a little Super Bowl party. We were hoping our home town boys, aka The NY Jets, would be playing but sadly they were beaten by the Pittsburgh Steelers which is why I will be rooting for the Green Bay Packers. I have zero ties to either team but I am looking forward to having friends in the house and making it a fun evening.

2. Is ignorance bliss?

Sometimes. Is it healthy? In general, no. I like to see life through my rose colored glasses but reality has a way of forcing itself in from time to time. I'm sure that's a good thing.

3. Which of the seven dwarfs are you? (and just in case your Disney is a little bit rusty, here they are-Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy).

Happy of course.

4. When you are riding in the car with another couple how do you organize seating? (Men up front? Women up front? Couples sit together?) And thanks to Lori at Mountain Woman at Heart for the question. Everyone go say hi to Lori.

My answer depends on the couple. If its a couple we know well then sometimes the guys ride up front and the girls ride in the back. If we're dressed up for an event or we're going somewhere special we definitely ride as couples because hubs enjoys admiring my legs and the scent of my perfume. That's not tmi, is it?

5. What is beauty?

How to answer this question without sounding like a cliche...hmmm...cliches are cliches for a reason ya know!

I think beauty is radiated from within. At a glance someone can appear to be 'beautiful' but as you get to know that person, if you find they lack inner beauty, you will begin to see them as less than beautiful. The opposite is also true-I've known women who don't meet the world's definition of classically beautiful yet they radiated such inner beauty that if I had to describe them I would say they are beautiful.

6. If someone asks you to bring an appetizer or a dessert to a party in their home, which would you choose?

Normally I'd choose an appetizer.

7. What is your crowd pleasing go-to appetizer?

Either a warm artichoke dip, my fruited cheese ball, or this pesto dip which is so super easy and delicious...

Spread one 8 0z package of cream cheese in the bottom of a dish (I always use a pretty quiche/tart dish so something about that size). Top the cream cheese with a small jar of pesto. Top that with a jar of drained and chopped sun dried tomatoes. Finally top that with a handful of toasted pine nuts. Serve with crackers.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I'm in The Big Apple today and I'm wondering if you have ever been curious as to why New York City is sometimes referred to as The Big Apple? Well wonder no more...

Here's what the trusty internet tells me-Back in the early 1920's, "apple" was used in reference to the race courses in and around the city. Apple referred to the prizes awarded for the big races and a writer by the name of John Fitzgerald referred to the city's races as 'Around the Big Apple". He supposedly got the term from jockeys and trainers in New Orleans who hoped to race on NYC tracks, which they referred to as The Big Apple.

Okay, now why were the prizes referred to as apples? That my friends will have to be a random for another day.


  1. Ahhh...your warm artichoke dip sounds divine!!!! Sounds like the perfect thing to serve at your Super Bowl party!

    Thanks, as always, for hosting this meme!

  2. wow!...sounds like fun...Super Bowl party.
    "why I will be rooting for the Green Bay Packers"..we are sooo alike!

    Fruited cheese ball? sounds great

    We have a BIG CHICKEN in kidding, hahahah!

  3. Joining in today!

    Almost made it to the Big Apple after Christmas but the weather canceled our plans....

    Totally agree with your assessment of beauty!


  4. Actually, I did always wonder why NY is called "The Big Apple", thanks for clearing that up! LOL
    As for me...I'm very attached to my "rose colored glasses"--but you are so right, reality always creeps in.
    Hope you have a "Happy" day in "The Big Apple", I'll be "Grumpily" sitting in the dr's office in Savannah. LOL

  5. I'll have to try that appetizer sometime. Sounds yummy!

  6. Wow, you all post and link up really early. It's only 7:48 and I'm #17! haha

    I agree with you on #4 and love your #5. Great questions and answers this week. It was fun.

    Have fun at your Super Bowl party.

  7. Great HP today...I agree with the beauty and seating arrangements in car same for us. Have fun in the city!Stay warm!

  8. First time lurker here, I came over from Just Breathe Today for this one. Great questions.

  9. Missed doing hodgepodge Wednesday. Have fun in the Big Apple. I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go there.

  10. Oh, your answers were so enjoyable! This is just too much fun and it's always so interesting to read everyone's varied answers. I love your answers to #4 and #5. Thanks for taking the time to host us each Wed. An interesting question sometime might be what time folks get up and what time they go to bed and their daily routine.
    A beautiful day to you!

  11. I might be Dopey and I always bring dessert!

    We never get to ride with other adults. And since kids can only sit in the backset, me and my husband always get to sit in the front.
    Score! ;)

  12. Thanks for the info on the Big Apple--I had wondered about that.

  13. I need to make that pesto dip now... :)

    Also, have fun with your SB party! Jealous!

  14. Love your answer about beauty.

  15. That dip sounds good. Maybe for our Superbowl I'll try it.

  16. That fact in Nr. 8 was really interesting. I never knew that.
    The dip sounds delicious!
    Your explanation to Nr. 5 was right on!

  17. I so agree with you on number 5!!!

    I just realized I totally skipped over question 7 in my post. Ooops, but I don't really have a great appetizer except my salsa's.

  18. Okay, but why did Gwyneth Paltrow name her daughter Apple- that's what I wonder. :)

  19. I would have figured you as the Happy Dwarf. : ) Your answer to #4 cracked me up. : ) Enjoy your time in the Big Apple!

  20. Thanks, Joyce, for the recipe. It has all of the ingredients my husband loves. I so wish I was in the U.S. for the Super Bowl. Germans don't admit to knowing American football. My husband returns to the states to renew his Green Card (he's Australian) and will watch the game with my two sons...both who played football. I will be here in Munich, alas.

    Just an observation, but when asked what is beauty, it seems like most of us commented on a person (usually in reference to a female). Wonder why we don't think of beauty with regards to our men? Just an observation of how we perceive a word's connotations.

  21. I think I was half asleep when I worked on my answers, I gave two dwarfs names and did not pick either appetizer or dessert. lol.
    Oh well... Enjoyed your answers. Hope you are having a good time in the Big Apple, and thanks for that tidbit of info.
    until next time...

  22. Your pesto dip sounds delicious. Nice tidbit about NYC. Hope you're having a fabulous time there. Blessings, SusanD

  23. Interesting info about NYC --> Big Apple. I learned something new today. ha!

    Thanks so much for the Wednesday Hodgepodge. I look forward to Wednesday every week! I posted mine earlier this morning ... and forgot to link up/comment until just now! Oooops!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  24. Since our Bears lost I will be cheering for Green Bay also. So glad you are Happy! Your dip sounds yummy. Hope you have a fun party.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  25. The first thing that came to mind when I read your answer to the beauty question was the movie Shallow Hal. Did you ever see that? SO GOOD! I think everyone should see it; it was awesome!

  26. Holy cow at the linky's! You go, girl.

    And props for rooting for the Packers. I was born in Dallas and am genetically predisposed to hate the Steelers.

  27. Really? You're Happy? Good to know. Now I know who to go to for some cheering up when I need it!