Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well that was annoying.
Blogger was out of commission for a couple of days which made me realize-

a) I spend a lot of time on Blogger and
b) I'm thankful I've had my blog periodically bound into books.
I would have been so sad had it disappeared altogether.

Blogging is a habit and like most habits when you take a break, planned or otherwise, it takes some time to get back into the old rhythm. Since I spent the month of April in the A-Z challenge and the month of May in a whirling dervish I feel like it has been forever since I sat down and wrote about the everyday nothingness for which this blog is famous.

Famous may not be the appropriate adjective but you know what I mean.

Also, did I tell you we had quite the hectic weekend and I'm just now coming up for air?
Well I am.

And do you want to know what is really making me tired at the moment? Home improvement.

They're still here working on the patio and the firepit and the last minute add on project of putting stone around the foundation after we realized there was no siding behind the deck they ripped off when this whole thing started. One project leads to another and another and I'm beginning to think we might never be finished.

I'm so tired of people in and around the house.
I'm tired of the sand and gravel and rock in the driveway and I'm tired of looking out my kitchen window at the underground sprinkler housing laying on top of the dirt. Dirt that is waiting to be seeded and landscaped when all the construction is completed.
If its completed.

I have decided I am not one of those people who would ever want to buy an old fixer upper. I'm not cut out for all the mess and the schedules and the workers who say they will be here but aren't or who are here until 9 PM. Contractors who need to be called during the day but when you do you always get their voice mail so they have to call you back but when they do it is naturally during the five minutes you ran the dog outside so they get your voice mail. I'm tired of having to remember to pull my car out of the drive first thing in the morning so I'm not blocked in by trucks and I'm tired of the third degree from my hubs three or ten times a day asking questions I don't know the answer to (and don't particularly want to know the answer to) and I really just want it all to be done already. We've had workers here for over two months. It's time for life to get back to normal around here.

I don't know what normal is at this point in our lives but I do know this is most definitely not it.

Does all this sound like whining?
Are blogging and whining the same thing?

Oh, I know the finished product is going to be so lovely. It's just that I am more than ready to be sitting in a comfy chair with a glass of wine by the brand new firepit. Speaking of the firepit...guess what hubs big big worry is there?

He is concerned the firepit is not large enough.

Large enough for what I ask him?
You burn stuff.
I reassure him it is plenty large enough for friends and family to sit around and enjoy. Then his eyes wander to the woods behind the house and he sees a few trees felled by recent storms and the wheels start turning.

He is not thinking kindling.
He is thinking whole trees.

In addition to all the construction commotion daughter2 came home with us for a couple of weeks before she begins her summer job in SC and she requires my undivided attention.

Or possibly I require her undivided attention.

Something like that.

So far she has slept a lot. Whoohoo! And of course we've also shopped a lot. Her definition of shopping anyway, which is this- she tries on three trillion items that are size miniature and every single solitary thing looks adorable. I help her whittle it all down to the best of the best and then I pay.

Me paying is the best part.

Yesterday she had her hair highlighted which is a treat and works much like the shopping. The me paying part anyway.
I don't mind.

Having daughters is a little bit like I imagined it would be when I was a little girl. I love talking to them and dressing them up and playing with their hair.

Today hubs had rearranged his schedule so he could work from home and be available to discuss landscaping with the landscaper. Guess who did not make it out to our house today?


Daughter2 and I decided to make ourselves scarce so went out to lunch and then to an afternoon movie. We did not want to be around for the 'follow up' phone call.

I don't want a fire until all the junk is out of the yard because the aesthetic is not perfect. I think when we christen the firepit everything needs to be just right. We haven't put our furniture out yet either. And there are no plants in pretty pots but hubs is bound and determined to sit on that patio so tonite he is grilling steaks.We will sit on our camp chairs because they're easy to pull out and put away and we'll listen to music and sip a glass of wine and I'll close my eyes and imagine it as it will be in another week.

Or two.
Hey, I'm nothing if not an optimist.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I can totally picture dad scavenging the woods for big logs to burn. Feel like I'm there... Wish I was :) xoxox

  2. Ashley is doing the same thing/sleeping/shopping. Where does your daughter get her hair done? it looks great and what movie did you go and see? I just saw Something Borrowed the other day.

  3. Construction is never fun. We did that years ago with our first home. I like new houses the best! Glad you have time with daughter2 to hang with. Blogger made me realize that sitting here all day is crazy. I have to change the habit and also get my books made.
    I've worked on them but haven't ordered them yet.

  4. It's gonna be worth the "bother" when it's all done, but I understand your frustration now. Actually I think you''ve been quite patient. Can't wait to see photos of the finished project...BTW, how did you go about getting your Blog bound? I think I'd like to do the same.

  5. Construction is a hassle. When I worked out in the field, my spouse called me every day about a problem with the crew. I sympathize with you, yeah sure the end will be worth it, by why oh why does it have to be such problem?
    Oh sorry, we were discussing your project.

  6. Daughter2´s hair look fantastic! I love the color. Now that both my daughters are working and earning money my "paying" days are almost over. It´s so good for them to realize how much real life does cost. That´s not to say that I don´t miss those shopping days...

  7. The hubster and I recently decided that we would have the backyard porch/deck built next summer - I can see him "worried" that his grill won't be big enough - lol!

    I visited my daughter1 last weekend for MD and we got to do the shopping thing. Both my girls are a hoot!!! :) I can't wait to see pics of your finished project. Have a great weekend!

  8. That patio will bring hours of enjoyment when it's all "said and done" but I so understand what you are saying. Hubby and I swore off of projects after our last one. Just so stressful!

    And, I know all about the "paying part" with these girls too. It doesn't end when they marry either. :o)

    Happy weekend!

  9. Oh, I hate "people" in and around my house. (Other than that I love to have company...wanna visit?)
    I have one of those daughters who looks adorable in everything. Now that she's married I have a hard time saying no to my brain when I'm shopping with her. And I confess, I just sent her a gift card. :) I just had to. Those daughters just do something to us moms, huh?

  10. I want to get my blog bound, too. Any recommendations?

  11. We have a fire pit and my hubby is always burning things! Crazy!

    Okay I know I have a lot of time on my hands and on blogger too much...I was totally lost for two days....forced to clean my house!

    What movie did you see? anything good? It's a rainy weekend here I want to head to the movies too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. That WAS annoying! And my Thursday post is still not back.

    I feel your pain on construction issues. I'm not one to enjoy it either, although the end results are usually great. My problem is that I have to wait on Hubs because HE can do all this stuff. Which is why our brand new steam shower is still sitting there in the shipping crate...where it's been for two years. That's right. Two years.

    HEY! Shopping with your daughters is the same as shopping with my daughters! LOL Cha-ching!

  13. We did some remodeling at our previous house, and it really wasn't too awful. Of course, our contractor was fantastic, dependable, and reasonable. Good dependable contractors are few and far between.

    Count me among those who missed being able to keep up with my blogging friends. :-( I'm so glad it's back ... and that the missing Thursday posts are finally showing up, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Wish I was there to shop with you. I need help shopping. I need a dress. A nice cocktail dress. I have no good stores close by, so it is off to the city to shop next week.

  15. Bless your heart. I could never buy a fixer upper either (say that fast 3 times). My husband--dear to me though he is--tires of projects quickly. Our house was built in 79 and there's a lot I would like to do to improve it, but I lack the expertise and the strength. What I need is a brand new house!

  16. Oh my I totally get all of this! From start to finish.
    Right down to knowing exactly how those wheels turn...
    And that's how we shop also...always me paying. Isn't that how everyone does it? :)

  17. I thought I would need an intervention when Blogger went down, but ya know, it was quite good timing because I had an art show, science fair, and musical to prep for all this past week. So, I had to admit it was sort of a God thing I got some housework done--I mean started.

    Put some "during" pictures up of the construction zone. Can't wait to see the "afters". Glad you had the good sense to escape from the wrath of hubs when the "ruh-roh" hit the fan.

  18. Your daughter is gorgeous!

    I hear you on the blogging thing - it made me realise just how much time I spend on it! In a small small way, though, it was kind of nice not to feel guilty about replying to comments, because actually couldn't even get on! It felt a bit like a mini-vacation. Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that! :)

  19. You're making me feel better about all of the projects that need to be done around here. Maybe I'll be happier just leaving them alone.

    Your husband's aspirations for the fire pit are making me giggle!

  20. I'm more than a little concerned about what your hubs is planning on burning in your fire pit. I guess as long as he doesn't start blowing up stuff you'll be okay!