Monday, May 16, 2011

Going to the zoo zoo zoo...

One of the challenges we had with our most recent move was that our girls were in university when we relocated. We moved to a town they'd never lived in and to which they have no ties other than us, the parents.

Not that we're not enough.

Perhaps you still have little ones at home who say they want to marry their Daddy or who promise they will live with you forever. We had those conversations in our house too, once upon a memory. Sadly, little girls cannot be expected to keep those sorts of promises.

Daughter2 has been home visiting which makes me happy. I think it makes her a little happy too but she's used to having her sister here when she's home and I know she misses her. Up until recently they've had similar breaks but all that has changed now that Daughter1 is working in the big city. When just one child is home for a visit without having sister there too she's pretty much at our mercy. teehee.

So what to do on a cool gray Saturday in May?

Daughter2 has always loved animals. For a short time she thought she'd like to be a vet but then of course there was all that pesky science. Besides, she was born to be a teacher and is definitely going to be everybody's favorite when she eventually finishes her degree and starts working. She is irresistible.

On Saturday we trekked over to The Bronx Zoo. Driving in the Bronx is nuts. You have to know where you're going before you get there or you will miss your exit and possibly end up in Connecticut. Fortunately hubs was driving so we ended up at the zoo.

Its funny because one minute you are smack in the middle of road signs and construction and overpasses and honking horns and changing lanes and pure craziness and then suddenly you're in a lovely wooded lush green space called The Bronx Zoo.

It's a really nice zoo and I think it worked in our favor that the sun wasn't shining because all the animals were out enjoying the cool Spring air. Sometimes if its too sunny they hide.

Parents can be fun.
Just sayin'


  1. I love the zoo. Great pictures. Beautiful Daughter. She will absolutely be an irresistible teacher. The children will adore her. Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Ah, yes, the cool, cloudy, weekend was a good time for the zoo! I'd love to go again. Our last trip was with our granddaughter, about 3 years ago--and it was HOT--because it was May, in Florida!

    I was playing "catch up" with your blog this morning. I hope your home projects will soon be finished! It does get "unnerving" after a while, doesn't it?

    We're heading into week two with our "do it yourself" project of the back porch...It looks like it may be a while longer.

    Have a great week! Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

  3. Yes we can be fun! I tell my girls that all the time. LOL

  4. I love the Zoo, too! I go to them everywhere I go. In fact in Berlin, when I go to see my friend, we always go to her Zoo.

  5. That's great. What a fun post.
    My boys would have a cow if we suggested going to the zoo. HA!
    Ahhh to have some girls around here...
    HAGD! Karen

  6. What fun and so glad you didn't get rainned out. Wish there was a Zoo around us but no we don't have such fun things up here.

  7. I love that you still take your daughter to the zoo. :)

  8. I love going to the zoo! And it's one of those places everybody in my family loves to go to, so win-win. :)

    I think I should tell my parents to take me to the zoo for my birthday. Yes, I think I shall.

  9. Yes, parents can be fun... especially since they pay for everything while having said fun. :)

    I think I would have to scrap some eyebrows off the ceiling if I suggested a family zoo trip. haha

    Yay for irrisitable daughters! :)

  10. She's lucky to have such great parents! :)

  11. Going to the zoo is always fum. Glad you had a good time and could spend some time with your daughter..

  12. I agree...parents like you ROCK! What a fun can never go wrong with a visit to the zoo, in my opinion!

  13. Looks like you had a wonderdful day at the zoo. Loved the pictures. What a great idea.

  14. I imagine that is hard for her. Luckily she has a great relationship with her parents. The zoo was a perfect choice. It looks lovely.

  15. Quite a contrast from your last weekend I'd say. :o) We like the zoo too and daughter says that there is a really nice one in Dodge City, so that will be on our list of "to dos" while we are there. Happy week!

  16. The zoo is never on my mind of places to visit, though I love it once I'm there. It's the getting there and the fact that I probably would have to drag a family member with me. I'm just not got it in me anymore to drag and pull and honk and beep my way there. You must be a fun mom.