Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the seasons they go round and round...

Tomorrow is the first official day of fall which happens to be the season I love best. I ran across a photo recently that's one of my all time favorites-

This picture was our Christmas card in 1991 and I've never forgotten that tree even though it was four houses and twenty years ago.

That's our dog Abbey...she's never been forgotten either.
She was abandoned as a puppy and we took her in back in 1986. To be honest German Shepherds used to scare me a little so that was not a breed I'd ever have picked but she needed a home and we had one. She had a lot of Collie in her too so there was definitely a hint of Lassie under all that fur.

She won me over and I couldn't help but love her back. We were living in the NJ countryside in 1991 (not the NJ countryside we're in now, but some nearby) and she was a most excellent watch dog. And I know this will shock you but the girls and I were home alone quite a bit in those days since hubs regularly traveled for work. Any criminal types would have had to go thru her to get to us so we knew we were safe.

I've also never forgotten the little girl outfits.
They came from Lands End and were so stinkin' cute I could hardly stand it.

Speaking of stinkin' cute...those faces!
Oh my.

If you look really closely you'll see that I have the grip of steel on Daughter2. She could get away quick when she put her mind to it which, I'll be honest, was pretty darn often. She has had laser like focus since the day of her birth, not unlike one of her parents who shall remain nameless but is not me. She is thirteen months old here.

Where oh where did my chubby cheeked baby go?

To college.
That's where.

Daughter1 looks happy, doesn't she? She's three years old in this picture and just recovering from a wicked and scary case of mononucleosis. Did you even know a three year old could get mono? I didn't.

Motherhood: learn as you go.

Shall we discuss my hairband or my matching top and pants outfit or how about my very large hair? How about we don't?

Instead let's talk about the tree.
Can a tree show off because this one did.
She wore her red dress and danced in the golden light of a sun kissed autumn day.

And when she danced life slowed a little.
It slowed so we could see light changing in the afternoon sky.
We tucked hands in pockets.
We smelled the damp dark earth settling down for a nap.
We sipped warm cider and snuggled close.
What is it about fall that plucks the chord of memory so?


  1. Are you sure you arent wearing a one piece jumper? :) Time sure does fly!

  2. i didn't know tomorrow (i guess it's really today since it's 12:02am) is the first day of fall! I love fall as well. Love your poem about the tree. :)

  3. Time goes so fast. They grow, we grow and before we blink, they are grown. I'm so glad you have found memories to look back on. Love the "Watch dog" as well.

  4. Time...its amazing and Fall is just one of those ways that reminds us that over time things change and can be more beautiful. I'm a Fall lover too!!!

  5. Love the picture! Where does the time go? One minute our little ones are chubby-cheeked toddlers, the next they're grown.

  6. What a pretty picture! It really puts me in the fall mood :)

    I didn't know that 3 year olds could get mono! Brad caught it as a teen. It really is wicked and scary!

    Thanks for sharing your fall memories with us.

  7. Time goes so fast - looking at that pictures reminds me of one I have in an album somewhere.

  8. I love your photo... My older daughter had that same outfit... I loved it, she sees it in pictures now and makes fun of it, but I loved it. I too love fall!!

  9. Such a sweet photo! Time marches on quickly, doesn't it! And about German Shepherds: so many people are afraid of them, but they are such sweet and loyal dogs. Mine is nearly 11 years old, definitely part of the family, and always near to protect, just doin' his job. :-)

  10. Surprised you didn't mention Daddy's mustache? And those outfits are too stinking cute :)

  11. awesome photo big hair and all!! I love the girls outfits and their sweet smiles! Have a wonderful last day of summer!

  12. Aren't fall pictures the best? The colors, the memories...nice. Lands End used to have some of the cutest kids clothes. And look at it this weren't wearing stirrup pants. :) Remember those?

  13. We have so few family portraits around here because both Rich and I are camera shy. You're making me regret it because this is such a perfect preservation of a wonderful time.

  14. Aww...this really warmed my heart, Joyce! The way you write about your girls just shouts L-O-V-E! What a cute photo that I'm sure will continued to be cherished for many years to come! Fall is in the air...YIPEE!!!

  15. What a beautiful memory. And I love that haircut, you're totally rockin' it!

  16. That is a great photo and I can see how it evokes a lot of memories. Stinkin' cute girlies is right, and their outfits, too. I don't think your hair is all that big. I mean, it hasn't been artificially swollen with air and product ,has it? Mine does that naturally if I don't rein it in. I am afraid of Shepherds but mostly because the ones I knew were so protective of their families that not even us friends could get close. Your dog looks sweeter than most Sheps in my experience.

  17. Joyce- you have such a poetic tone to your writing. I always enjoy my visits here and I always find myself reminiscing as well!

  18. And, look! Hubs still had red hair in that picture! I love your description of fall!

  19. Sweet picture...why does time have to move so fast?

  20. Makes me want to go through my photo albums, but I know if I start - I will never stop and my list is a long one for today.
    Hope your first day of Autumn brings back bountiful memories.
    What a great keepsake....for your daughters.

  21. Oh, you brought back lots of memories, BIG hair, oh, my goodness, I had a plenty! Always enjoy your entries and admire your writing ability and always being able to come up with such great entries. Blessings for a great week!

  22. Oh my! I love the photo. And I think I put those same Lands' End outfits on my boys! Haha. Sweet memories. :)