Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for all you Hodgepodgers-Vol 54

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge. I'm thankful you joined the party today and every all help make blogging fun. Here are my answers to this week's questions-

1. Let's start with something controversial...dressing or stuffing? What's it called in your house and what's included in your recipe? cornbread? oysters? sausage? chestnuts?

In our house we use both terms but I guess if we're getting technical it's dressing. My mom used to 'stuff' some in the turkey and make a tray to go beside but I've never 'stuffed' a turkey. I make a cornbread dressing and if I were to tweak it even a little bit my family would rise up in revolt. It is my favorite part of the meal.

2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

I try really hard not to compare. This has gotten easier with age although sometimes I have serious Martha Stewart envy. Not the person so much as the talent. She definitely has some serious skill. And a staff. Hmmm...maybe that's the part I really envy.

3. When was the last time you were in an airport?

Ha-if you read here regularly (and I'm sure you all do, ahem) then you know I kinda live at the airport. I was there last Sunday on a returning flight from my daughter's collegetown. I was back there again last night collecting daughter2 followed by a trip to the train station to collect daughter1 and her boyfriend. For all its many hassles transportation is still my friend.

4. What is the one dish that must absolutely be included in a turkey dinner?

See #1. That being said, if I make a turkey for a meal other than a holiday (which is pretty rare) then I might skip the dressing. In that case mashed potatoes would be my must have side with a roast turkey dinner.

5. What Christmas song do you dread hearing?

Santa Baby by Madonna or anyone else really...not a fan.

6. If someone approaches you and asks for money do you give it to them? Do you drop money in a 'tin cup' that belongs to a person on the street? Do you have a specific charity you support at the holidays and/or year round?

Yes. Just the other night a man asked me for money at the airport. We were on the tram together, headed to the parking lot, and there were five of us in the carraige. He was neatly dressed and politely explained that he needed $11 for a bus ticket to get to his daughter's home. She was supposed to pick him up at the airport but had vehicle issues. The woman beside me was nervous-her first time to the big city. The two gentlemen in the carraige with us remained frozen. I forked over $8 which was all I had. Was this a scam? Perhaps. Did he want the money to buy something besides a bus ticket? Perhaps. But I don't need to know that. I feel like I'm only responsible for how I give, not for what he does with it.

If I have it to drop in a hat/tin can I usually do. I don't pull out my wallet in a situation that feels like my personal safety might be at risk and hey, most of the time I don't carry cash so this particular gentleman was lucky I had a piddly $8.

We support World Vision, Samaritans Purse and Young Life on a regular basis...these organizations all work to bring hope to a hurting world.

7. Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory.

They're all favorites. The menu doesn't change much and we typically have some assortment of family members round the table so what's not to love? Some that stand out in particular are the Thanksgivings spent in England. As you know the Brits don't celebrate this holiday-ha-but one year I made Thanksgiving dinner for hubs whole office and that was alot of fun. They were most interested in the pumpkin pie and my sweet potato casserole. One dish was more savory than expected and one more sweet. This was discussed in great detail and with much enthusiasm.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Question #2 brought this song to mind-
'You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His'....don't forget it.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I would love your sweet potato casserole recipe! It sounds delish! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I think it's really neat that you got to introduce your husband's coworkers to an American Thanksgiving meal. I'm sure they've never forgotten the experience!

  3. Oh yes, I have Martha Stewart staff envy as well. Have a wonderful time around the table with your girls home. Your cornbread dressing sounds delicious! God bless, and thanks for your kind Hodgepodge hospitality! :)

  4. Your talent to weave words is a such a delight! And you are so dead on, no matter the topic~!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. ♥

  5. What great memories of times gone by. I don't care for that song either. It takes the meaning out of the holiday. I'm glad you gave him some mo ey, it's not your responsibility to see that he uses it as he told you. You saw a need and filled it. I don't carry a lot of cash either.

  6. I'm envious of Martha staff too! I agree I never take out my wallet to give, might have been a scam but might not have been ....I do believe in paying it forward.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your sweet family!

  7. I've never really gotten into corn bread dressing. We were in the south one year for Thanksgiving and I tried it. Well, guess I am just a Yankee girl.
    I think what makes Thanksgiving special are the people you share it with!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  8. Fun questions this week Joyce. Thanks. Enjoyed your answers too. I can't imagine traveling as much as you do, but I hope when I retire I can try it out for awhile.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  9. I LOVED answering the questions this week Joyce, thank you so much for posting them up!

    The song at the end has really lifted me up today. Isn't it funny how God speaks to you in ways you don't expect, just at the moment you need to hear His voice? This is one of those moments. I love the line "even before you took your first breath...". So powerful. Thank you

    Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    Pam x

  10. You and I think alike in terms of giving when asked. ;-)

    I laughed at your remark about envying Martha's staff! ha! What we couldn't do without a huge staff like she has!

    The stuffing is my favorite part, too ... can't have a turkey without stuffing! ;-)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Joyce!

  11. I'm so impressed that you made time to host this meme this week, with everything that's going on at your house! Thanks :) Enjoy your time with your family, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I do hope the stranger was actually going to visit his daughter. But I know that God blessed you for your kindness. No one will ever accuse me of a Martha Stewart clone. But my ideas are as good as hers.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks for hosting Hodgepodge each week - I look forward to it.

  14. My family won't tolerate a change in recipes either! Admittedly, I'm like that myself. LOL

    Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love and hugs to all!

  15. I always stuff our turkey but we now make some separate for our daughter who does not eat animals. We do make turkey more than once a year however we also make prime rib, never ham.
    Come to think of it when approached like that I do not give them money. I give to the ones who are on our freeway exits. We get that at the gas stations often and it's usually a scam.
    How awesome to make that dinner for the office.
    Beautiful song. Have a blessed day.

  16. very nice of you to give that man some money.. You never know what the money is for but you walk away feeling great.. I love mashed taters as My Mom and I call them.. I just won't have her's this year.. Boo.. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.. Thanks for hosting..

  17. Joyce, Although I've been remiss in commenting...I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your life...and thoughts with us. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!! LIOB...Robyn

  18. Oh my goodness, that song left me in a puddle of tears. I struggle with that very thing. Thanks for posting that.

  19. I loved your statement regarding giving to people on the street "I'm only responsible for how I give, not for what he does with it." I plan to adopt this sentiment, as I'm always wondering if I should or shouldn't help people who ask in case they are lying. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  20. Oh, I hate 'Santa Baby'. Blergh...

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  21. Joyce, Thank you so much for posting the Mercy Me song. I cried, in a good way. I needed to hear that song and it came at the right time. God really is there in a time of need. Check out my post about: Daddy's Little Girl to explain what I mean.
    Once again, THANK YOU!