Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

The weather last weekend was absolutely gorgeous so hubs and I decided to get out and enjoy it. We donned hiking boots and warm coats and we loaded up the dog and some water and some snacks and headed to one of our favorite State Parks-Waywayanda. Who else likes saying that word?

It was a perfect day.

We walked.
We talked.
We sat.
We looked.
We listened.
We thought.

And we both agreed that we need to be outdoors more.

Do you know what else I wanted to do?
I wanted to sing.

There is something about being in the middle of creation that just fills my heart up to overflowing and makes me want to burst into song. I don't (usually) but I did add some music to a few of our photos which makes me very happy.

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music-David Crowder Band: Everything Glorious


  1. Oh boy, you had me going right along with you on your walk. I love being outdoors like that, and I felt I was there with you.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I appreciate your visit and taking time to leave me a comment. It's always a pleasure to have your company.

  2. Beautiful Joyce! I am glad you enjoyed the nice weather before you know it we will be inside for good.

  3. What great pictures it looks like ti was a beautiful walk !! Who sings that song you had on your smilebox thing? Thanks for sharing !!

  4. What a gorgeous walk....I worry about the bears...are they up there too?
    Have a great day!

  5. Joyce,

    What a great photo album! I love the photo of you in front of the waterfall. It is stunning. I also love your coat, and the one photo of hubs' silhouette on the rock. It looked like the perfect day for the 3 of you to enjoy God's glorious creation.


  6. Felt like I was there with you. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Enjoyed the music and pictures. Hubs poking the big stick in the water is such a boy thing, made me laugh.

  8. I feel the same way, Joyce, when I'm out in God's beautiful creation!

  9. that sounds and looks like a purrrrfect day! :)

  10. It does look like a perfect day and the area is so beautiful. Your picture are so pretty and you should sing in the woods!

  11. WOW! This post blows me away.
    The music is perfect for your lovely photos.

  12. Great pictures and a great song. Loved it.

  13. We had beautiful weather as well! It was great to sit in the sun, drink some tea, visit with friends, and enjoy life. Your photos are wonderful.

  14. That was one big stick the hubs found! On the way to school this morning, I realized I need to get up to the mountains this weekend before the leaves are all gone!

  15. Walking outside makes me want to sing, too! I love that feeling of happiness at just being alive, as cliched as that sounds.

  16. Not being able to sing is my deficiency that is most upsetting to me. It would be wonderful to express vocally what's in your heart and not make dogs cover their ears.

  17. Georgeous! And I love that song!

  18. What a beautiful place! I loved your photos, and the song, too :)