Monday, July 30, 2012

A Decathalon of Sorts

I like the idea of wrapping up my weekend thoughts by writing a post on Sunday night but that rarely happens. My brain is like a computer (Ha!), not because it's crammed full of knowledge, but because it goes into sleep mode on Sunday and doesn't really reboot until sometime after Monday morning's third cup of coffee.

For the record, it's still Sunday but I have so many swirly thoughts I feel like I will never be able to get to sleep if I don't write some of them down. Hubs is laughing now. Okay, I'm sure I can fall asleep but my brain won't feel rested tomorrow.

Hey, did y'all know the Olympics are happening right this very minute? Does anyone else feel a little glassy eyed from all the viewing? I have a few thoughts about the whole thing so here we go...

The Opening Ceremony. I loved it. I know there were mixed reviews, but in our house it was a complete hit. As soon as the show got started both my girls simultaneously texted to say they were about to cry. I think you know we lean toward sentimentality around here and hubs and I were feeling it too. Daniel Craig, Mr. Bean, and the Queen herself all made us feel a little bit homesick for life on a small island.

I love their way with words, their smart dry humor, and the obvious pride (understated of course) they feel for their history and landmarks. Top it off with a mound of glorious green countryside representing Glastonbury Tor, and my heart was swept right across the pond last Friday evening. Don't even get me started on the sweet clear voices of children singing. No matter where I am when I hear the hymn Jerusalem I get a lump in my throat.

I know there are some critics out there but let's face it, following the Beijing opening is kinda like drawing the short straw. Personally I'm glad England stayed true to herself. I have a big giant soft spot in my heart for the UK and the people who live there. I didn't get the giant creepy baby bit, but the NHS did start off as a dream and is now something of a nightmare so I'm thinking metaphor.

I'm a little disappointed in NBC's coverage of the games. Firstly-too many adverts. I know they paid an arm and a leg to get the broadcast rights, but ugh.

Also, I like live coverage. I like the excitement of watching competition as it happens, and since it's 2012 and not 1985, it's nearly impossible to keep people from hearing or seeing the results somewhere. You can't turn on your computer, car radio, or even your phone without hearing who won the gold. Leaving your house is even difficult because restaurants, malls, and shopping centers all have radio and television playing these days. It's ludicrous. If we're unable to watch live we can set our DVR or watch the replay in the evening programming or on NBC online, but let's see the events as they're happening please.

I am loving the games themselves. How can you not feel moved when you see a medal winner wipe a tear from their eye, standing atop a podium as their Anthem is played?

Imagine getting to the Olympics and missing out on Gold by 32/100 of a second. Is that even a number? I love the underwater camera and the way the swimmers seem to be genuinely happy for each other when records are broken. I actually like to swim and have decided I need a suit, cap, and abdominal muscles exactly like theirs.

Also, gymnasts have nerves of steel. Man-oh-man! So many missteps and kerplunks on the mat and that darned horse. I think the degree of difficulty is so incredibly high now we're bound to see more spills with every passing year. It's insane what these tiny girls can do on the mats and beam. They're literally airborn. I find myself holding my breath during the gymnastic events.

True story-when my brother was in high school or maybe Jr. high, he broke his arm on the horse. When I came home from school and asked how it happened he told me he'd been shot with an arrow in gym class. I believed him. I don't know why I'm sharing this little tale other than the fact that vaulting and archery are both Olympic events and that horse is scary hard.

In non-Olympic related news we did actually get out of the house for a bit on Saturday. The weather couldn't quite make up its mind but we managed a walk in a nearby park before the rains came.

The humidity was brutal but nature came with a canopy which made it not so bad. It's a good thing hubs has eyes like a hawk, otherwise I might walk right into something like this-

The hornets were at home in case you're wondering. The model boat operators were also out on Saturday which is always fun to see. These boats positively fly...

Until they don't and must then be rescued by an actual boat.

Going on the hunt always wears her out-

fyi-she didn't actually catch anything.

A new diner recently opened in tinytown and we ate lunch there before heading out to see The Dark Knight Rises.

The movie was so violent. I mean, all the more recent Batman movies have been violent, but this one is seriously dark and disturbing. Why oh why parents of children who are less than 13, would you bring your offspring to see this??? I just don't get it. I actually thought this one deserved an R rating but we're relaxing our standards, and not in a good way.

Here's something a little bit funny. We ran in CVS before the movie and I purchased exactly two small items. Here's my receipt beside a yard stick-

Whaaaaaat? That's three feet! I didn't even want or need a receipt and this one is longer than my arm. It's not just seems like all stores want you to take online surveys, rate their employee performance, join various reward programs, etc. and the result is a receipt the size of a yardstick.

I fear this post has become Olympic in length. It's the blog version of the decathlon since I'm pretty sure I hit ten different events. If you've made it to the end you deserve a gold medal.



  1. I'm watching gymnastics right now, and that high beam scares me to death. I actually did gymnastics when I was young, I loved the horse and the uneven bars, bit I totally stunk up the floor exercises and that stupid high beam. Btw, I recently did a survey online from a shoe store I shopped at, and couldn't believe some of the questions they asked about their employees. I felt like a total spy, so I told them the employees' service was super (it actually was pretty good). I'm waiting for my gold medal

  2. I read the whole thing! And Hubby got to hear some, too! :) That receipt is ridiculous. I totally love the opening ceremonies. I was on the floor laughing when Mr. Bean was on. My son was constantly tweeting his thoughts on the whole thing and that had me laughing as well.

  3. I had to laugh at the CVS receipts. They do seem to be sooo long today and they always want you to do a survey! This weekend we took a drive to Duke Farms - you should check it out sometime.

  4. Gymnastics are my favorite and I cringe with every move. The receipt-hate to have seen it if you purchased 10 items!

  5. I LOVED the opening ceremonies. I suspect those who aren't British wouldn't get many of the elements, but I don't think it really mattered, overall. It was mad, bonkers, but so wonderfully British, and I was proud to be a citizen!

    Oh, yes, Jerusalem... always makes me tear up.

  6. I'm with you on the whole lot of topics in your blog. Olympics...yea!! Love the pictures of your puppy, such a cute dog and her personality seems to be caught in each picture.

    BTW - I ABSOLUTELY think that anyone (musical or not) can be taught to play the piano. Music in general has a very technical/logical side to it, not a lot of musical talent needed.

  7. I know what you mean about Jerusalem! I cry every time I hear it or attempt to sing it!
    Felt so sad for the little American girl, Jordyn. She lost her bid to compete for Best All Around Gymnst by like 2 tenths of a point. Here she is, working since she was three years old, and with one shaky step int he balance beam it is all over. Check out to get live coverage in the mornings of events. I saw all the women's gymnastics yesterday like that.

  8. I loved the opening ceremony I thought it was over the top excellent! Watched from start to finish and have been catching all sorts of events on the four different channels. I've avoided knowing the results as much as possible.

    Your walk looks peaceful despite the humidity! We did major yard work Saturday...with the rains of lately I'm thankful not everything is dead in our yard.

    CVS receipts are ridiculous....

    Happy Monday!

  9. I liked the opening ceremonies too....I liked that they showed their pride in their country and their humor. I also would like to see more live coverage.

  10. I have been holding my breath too while watching the gymnastics. And, the swimming leaves me totally exhausted. And, I agree that the mila-second difference just doesnt seem fair between victory and disappointment.
    How's the new diner? IS it where the old diner was? We used to frequent the old one, and of course the Jefferson one.
    Humidity has been unbearable here, even for this summer lover! I could use a break from it to get outside for more than 10 minutes without melting.
    Looking forward to Hodgepodge...

  11. want me to send you some okra? I'll be glad to...everyone needs some summer okra, girl!

  12. I'm loving the Olympics too. And you're right, I tear up frequently - and not always connected to my own country. :)

    So glad someone else gets annoyed with little things like the receipts. I used to just throw them away and didn't pay attention, but in the days of debit cards, I keep the receipts to make sure I get everything recorded. So annoying when they are 3 ft. long and could have been 3 inches.

  13. I've yet to have a chance to sit down and watch any of this year's Olympics, but I agree--the events should be shown live, as they are happening.

    What's up with those receipts? K-mart must use a boatload of receipt paper in a day-- and then they email you a copy, too!

  14. "Don't even get me started on the sweet clear voices of children singing. No matter where I am when I hear the hymn Jerusalem I get a lump in my throat."

    I know exactly what you mean! It's one of the most requested songs in my church. Absolutely beautiful! I love the Olympics but I don't get to watch them this year, might be able to find them on YouTube.

  15. i probably shouldn't admit it but i have not watched any of the olympics------that is too funny about the receipt---but did they offer you a bag--i have been finding that store are trying more and more to not give me a bag for certain items---it may be a cost cutting thing :)

  16. Ah...receipts. Add the extra paper trail of coupons and advertisements we get with the receipt from the grocery store, it's no wonder my purse looks like the shred bin!

    I loved the Opening Ceremony but have to admit we didn't quite get all the references. Who doesn't love children singing?!

  17. Your brother sounds like a hoot. Shot in the arm with an arrow. Pshhh! And your dog's tongue is as long as the receipt! Heehee.

  18. I can understand that you have a special interest in the Olmpics being in London. Extra fun for you as you watch. There were GREAT parts of the Opening Ceremony but what bothers me is that the queen never cracked so much as the tiniest of a smile. How could she NOT smile being in that setting? The whole royalty "thang" is lost on me.

  19. *Olympics
    I hate typos but for some reason couldn't correct it in my original post. :-)

  20. Your brother's antics sound like something my boys would do (if they had a kid sister). :-) BOYS!

  21. I'm not going to get started on the fact that children should not be at those movies and how we are relaxing our standards but I agree with you and it is very sad!
    I am loving the Olympics. Loved the opening ceremony.
    I have to keep telling my dad to turn the tv off because they are talking about medals for things we haven't watched yet. Since I do enjoy the evening show I don't want to hear any reports until I watch them taped delayed live!