Monday, July 9, 2012


So I guess I need to recap the weekend. It started last Wednesday, right? And it was hot. I promise I won't carry on about the weather because it is July and I do love me some sunshine but yowza. I decided I also love me some air conditioning.

And apparently I have my southern girl voice on today.

Wednesday morning I got up and made an angel food cake as the first step in my red, white and blueberry trifle. Once that had baked and cooled we loaded up the car and made the drive down to my mom's in South Jersey. I know I refer to South Jersey like it's a whole 'nother state and if you're not a local then you might not get it, but really, it's like a whole 'nother state.

My sister and her husband were visiting from South Carolina for the week so my mom had a full house. Late in the afternoon we headed over to my brother's for a 4th of July pool party and bbq. My younger sister and her family joined us there. Her little guy is six so she had pool duty.

My brother manned the grill and was cooking in more ways than one. Did I tell you it was hot?

That's my brother in the burnt orange shirt. The two guys pretending to be the chefs are hubs and my brother in law. We dined on the July 4th must-haves, burgers and hot dogs, and party guests brought lots of great sides and desserts.

My trifle was a hit and I'd definitely make this recipe again. The 'filling' is white chocolate pudding combined with Eagle Brand Milk. Raise your hand if you could drink Eagle Brand Milk right out of the can. Don't get excited ...I said could, not did.

We had front row seats to an awesome fireworks display. My brother lives along the river and it just so happens that this is where small town sends up its fireworks. I didn't bother taking pictures with my big camera because I haven't mastered the art of photographing pyrotechnics. Instead I enjoyed the show.

We spent the night at my mom's and the next day we all went over to my sister's house in Philly to celebrate my mom's birthday. She doesn't always have all four of her children together on her big day so that was special.

Here's my mom with her favorite grandson and a superhero.
He's her only grandson so nobody cares if I call him her favorite.

I hope I have my mom's skin when I turn 82.

Hubs and I got home in time for dinner on Friday evening and when I say in time for dinner I mean in time to go out for dinner. We opted for outdoor seating at an Italian restaurant on the boardwalk in our tinytown.

The view from our table was not too shabby.

The rest of our weekend was spent doing odd chores around the house and yard. I cleaned out my bathroom vanity which was long overdue and caught up on the laundry. Scintillating stuff I know. Hubs worked in the yard and we made a stop at our local farmers market too. We saw a movie on Saturday afternoon, To Rome With Love. I'm not normally a huge Woody Allen fan but this one we both loved. Course it's set in Rome and y'all know how I feel about that.

Hubs grilled a leg of lamb on Sunday evening and the temps cooled off a bit so after dinner we took a ride in the little red car. We stopped for ice cream and drove around the lake. The summer sky was lavender and made your heart sing.

I wasn't quick enough to capture the many shades of purple lighltly brushed across the sky or the way the mountains rested gently in the setting sun, but I snapped a picture anyway. I wanted to remember the warm air and the scent of summer with the top down and the lyrics to a favorite old song wafting out into the night.

It was the softer side of summer.
The one that makes you forget the scorching heat and dry lawns and mosquitos that bite the back of your bare legs.

It was that thing summer does so well.

She makes you long for something you can't identify. A feeling you remember from childhood you thought was lost. A warm July evening reminds you that it's been there all along, tucked quietly away inside your senses. All you need to conjure it up are the windows rolled down and the twinkle of a firefly. A summer song playing soft and low. Honeysuckle perfume and a watercolor sky.


  1. what a nice birthday celebration for your Mom to have everyone together!

  2. That sounds like the perfect long holiday "weekend." A little extended family time, celebration and good food and still time to have one on one puttering around the house time. Really just perfect!

    I hope I have your Mom's skin too! ;)

  3. Your nephew looks a little blue in that pool. Was the water cold? The party looks so great. There is so little of my family left now, and so we could have a reunion in my kitchen!

  4. That trifle sounds YUMMY! And it certainly looks gorgeous! I'm definitely going to have to try that the next time I need to take a side dish.

  5. lovely post---i love trifles, they are always a hit aren't they--this one looks beautiful--and that italian place sounds divine!

  6. Sounds like a perfect long weekend. I really miss having little ones to interact with. How fun to spend some time with your nephew.
    P.S. I love your perspective on life. :)

  7. I agree on the summer feeling thing, I get it too, and it transports you back to a beautiful time and pace. I must say I rather enjoy your southern girl voice, it suits you. Please ask your mom how she keeps her skin so young, I definitely did not think she was 82!

  8. What a fun time and a perfect "weekend". I love that your mom got to celebrate with her whole family....I got to do the same thing on Saturday for my birthday. It is very special when everyone gets together.
    Good for you for just enjoying the fireworks instead of trying to take pictures.

  9. Trifle looks so yummy. I wanted to try that but with my cooking skilly I was too scared to.

  10. Your 4th and mom's birthday looked great! How wonderful to have all 4 siblings together! And, yes, I'm impressed with your trifle. Very pretty! Nice job.

  11. You said it all with that last paragraph. I just love those summer evenings.

    Your mom looks great. I'm so happy that she had all her children together for her birthday. That is a true blessing.

  12. What a great long weekend! The trifle looks great and I'm not a fan of Angel Food Cake, but it looks wonderful for a summer dessert! And I agree, your Moms face is something we should all dream to have in our 80s, beautiful!

  13. Wow... I want to go back and live your weekend... I mean, mine was pretty great, but yours was amazing!

  14. Such a fun 4th and yes, your Mom's skin is gorgeous. I can't believe she is 82.

    Love the picture of the sunset, just beautiful!

    Looking forward to HP on Wednesday!

  15. what a great long weekend! loved the pics :)

  16. Sounds like your 4th was a blast. And that trifle? So appropriately colored and tasty looking! You had a jam packed few days!

  17. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  18. Sounds like a perfect 4th of July celebration.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom. What a great weekend you had.