Tuesday, July 31, 2012

101 in 1001

Ever since I saw daughter1's blog post last week with her 101 in 1001 list, I've been mulling over a list of my own. I really love the idea of living intentionally and I'll also admit that I'm a bit of a list junkie. I'm especially a fan of the notes app on my ipad and the notion that I have a never ending supply of legal pads at my fingertips.

Making my list was something of a challenge. I think if you're under 30 it might be less of a brain strain but at almost 52 I know myself well. I know what is possible, but also what is likely. If I had an unlimited bank account to go with my list then no problem, but since I don't I tried to include only those things that fall within the realm of do-able.

I hopped around to a few blog lists and noticed some bloggers have categorized their goals according to genre-home improvement, personal development, spiritual, physical, etc. Mine is more of what might kindly be referred to as 'free flowing'. If you decide to make a list of your own let me know so I can cheer you on, and more importantly, cross off #101.

In no particular order, here's my 101 in 1001~

Start date-8/1/2012
End date-4/28/2015

1. transfer our videos to DVD
2. host an English tea
3. get my hearing checked (completed 11/12/12)
4. crochet something
5. pay for a soldier's meal or coffee (does a beer count? If so, completed 12/18/13)
6. find a small table for the upstairs hall
7. read through the Bible chronologically (completed December 31, 2013-best.thing.ever.)
8. figure out Dish network on my ipad
9. make a trip back to London
10. learn to fly fish
11. volunteer to pack boxes in a packing center for Operation Christmas Child
12. visit Boston (9/27/12-9/30/12)
13. get piano tuned(10/23/12)
14. frame something for the hall bathroom (completed, 2/28/13)
15. Lose 10 pounds (completed, 1/15)
16. buy and complete Rosetta stone-French
17. take a cooking class
18. visit the Statue of Liberty with hubs
19. re-label my blog posts
20. send 36 handwritten notes
21. buy pretty monogrammed or engraved stationery (completed, 9/18/13)
22. see Niagara Falls
23. take an organized NYC walk
24. drink 8 glasses of water a day for at least one week
25. Read 6 non-fiction books (completed, 1/15/15)
26. volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry (monthly beginning 1/14/12)
27. get all loose photos in albums, scrapbooks, or photo boxes
28. go out west
29. perform random acts of kindness every day the week of my birthday
30. complete 3 scrapbooks
31. host a wine and cheese evening
32. paint the laundry room (autumn, 2012)
33. frame something for the back bath
34. take the Banff train
35. redo the driveway pillars (10/26/12)
36. make Christmas ornaments for the whole family (completed Christmas, 2013)
37. see a Vol game in Neyland Stadium
38. plan a birthday surprise for hubs
39. read 10 pieces of classic literature
40. have my everyday makeup professionally done
41. figure out wall over the sofa table (completed, August 2013)
42. settle on where we will retire and narrow down housing wants/needs (completed, February 2015)
43 sort out the side hill (10/26/12)
44. send at least 2 random care packages to the girls every year
45. plan a 30th anniversary trip (Portugal, 6/14)
46 see Cirque du Soleil
47. Memorize 30 verses (completed, March 2015)
48. publish something
49. sip Prosecco in Italy
50. read all the Harry Potter books
51. travel to a state I've never visited
52. make a playlist of my 100 favorite songs
53. rent canoes at Waywayanda (10/6/12)
54. attend a sorority reunion (7/26-28/13)
55. dine at Anthony Bourdain's Les Halle's
56. make homemade rolls like my grandma did for a holiday meal
57. pray weekly with my hubs
58. write a letter to someone I admire
59. take a golf lesson
60. visit the NY Botanical Gardens
61. move my blog to my own domain (first, find out what that means) (1/19/13)
62. drink frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity
63. stay in a B & B
64. see all the films on 'Roger Ebert's 102 movies you must see' list (as of Aug 1-26/102)
65. make Thai dishes learned in my UK cooking class
67. spend a girls only weekend with my sisters, daughters, and niece
68. replace dining room chandelier
69. add to my Portmerion Christmas dish collection
70. vote in the Presidential election and all eligible primaries and races (done)
71. be disciplined in my quiet time (I got there in 2013, but feel this will always remain a goal)
72. visit a state park I haven't seen (2/2013-Ft. DeSoto Park, Tampa FL)
73. walk across the Brooklyn Bridge-eat pizza at Grimaldi's under the bridge (walked bridge, 5/14)
74. take a piano lesson
75. organize and sync all my contacts, update all address books
76. attend a professional Ballet
77. visit The Cloisters
78. open, sort, repack or give away all the boxes in the basement (completed, April 2015)
79. read 2 works of Shakespeare
80. memorize the US Presidents in order
81. make an Indian curry dinner with hubs
82. give our will info to my sister in law and the kids
83. try at least one new recipe every month
84. visit Hyde Park, NY
85. notice good parenting and then anonymously buy that family dinner
86. go thru saved magazines and clip recipes-file
87. submit a travel piece to a magazine
88. compile emergency preparedness supplies
89. create a flaming dessert
90. send a care package to a soldier I don't know
91. spa day at Crystal Springs followed by dinner at Latour
92. participate in the A-Z blog challenge (04/13)
93. exercise at least 4 days/week
94. eat in a top 10 NYC restaurant
95. visit a French speaking country after completing Rosetta Stone
96. paint the back bedroom (completed, 5/1/13)
97. write our sponsored children once a month
98. find a piece of furniture for family room corner
99. scan family Christmas photo cards/letters into photo books for us/ the girls (completed, Christmas 2013 done in binder format)
100. Blog about 50 or more items on my list
101. Inspire someone to make a list of their own (8/1/12-Sherrie at Food for Thought)


  1. You know, a few years ago, I decided that whenever I saw men and women in uniform I would go over and thank them for their service to our country. I've expanded it to the retired military as well. I am one busy girl on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and other days too, as I know the Vets in our community.

  2. You get an A for effort, for making the whole list. I like so many of the ideas on your list, but I'm afraid it would take me the rest of the year to complete the list. How about the 101 in 1001 shortened version? Like 10.1 in 100.1? That would be 10%, a lot more manageable.....lol

  3. what a great list, Joyce! I would love to come to your English tea. I will be 50 next month. I think I will make a list of 50 things.

  4. Your second paragraph came out of my head exactly!

    I'm working on my list!

  5. I'm with you on ALL of the food goals. But wondering how big hubs bday surprise will be once he sees this list. :)

  6. I recommend bananas foster for the flaming dessert.

  7. I was already inspired by your daughter's 101 list before I read yours, but since you and I are closer in age, I think our lists are more similar. In fact, I can tell you which ones were already on my mental list: 7.11, 13,15,18,20,226,27, 78, 30, 45, 51, 52, 72, 76, 83, 88, 94, and 97. Now I'm pretty sure my list won't be complete by 8/1, but there are still 3.5 hrs left in the day, so who knows? Near the top of my list is to volunteer THIS year at a packing center near us. I was inspired last year when I went to drop my box off in the 11th hour of the final day of the week! I coulc just feel the love when I walked into the ginormous, well-organized "operation." :)

  8. I love your list mom- all of it! Here are a few of my favorites: 1 (you know how much I love watching those), 9, 16, 41 (floor to ceiling bookshelves?) 44, 48, 50, 57, 61, 67, 95 (can I go with you?), 97. Excited to check things off with you!

  9. Wow! I'm so impressed and I'll sure look forward to hearing about some of them through your blog. It hurts my brain just trying to think of 101 things and if I'm ever going to, I'd better get started quick! I'm sure not getting any younger. :o)

    Happy rest of the week!

  10. I love this idea. If you end up going out West come see me and I'll give you a piano lesson :) Your daughter needs to do a button so we all can cheer each other on and have a visual reminder of the list.

  11. Joyce, #11: My daughter volunteered at the big packing warehouse in Charlotte last December. She said it was amazing! #24: Water - so simple, so important! I need to improve on it too. #36 Last Christmas I had craft supplies ready when our extended family came & everyone decorated their own ornament. Then I hung them from our table chandelier. A Pinterest idea! #58 - Love the idea of sending off a good letter to someone you admire! Good luck with your list.

  12. Wow! Some of these, in fact, many of these, ignited a spark of motivation for me. I'm going to keep coming back here to your list and start on making my own. I so enjoyed reading this!

  13. #34 would definitely be on my list!

    We want to do an Alaskan cruise, and I'd love to take a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska, then get to Jasper or Banff and take the Mountaineer back to Vancouver. Then drive back home with stops at sights along the way (Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier NP, Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, etc.).

  14. Heavens to BETSY you are going to be a busy girl!!!!
    I should be more intentional.

  15. I love your list. I'm going to try to do some of those because I'm to lazy to make my own.
    Your #1 is a project I've been wanting to do for many years now!

  16. So, you gonna do another one? Mine's not over until 2016.