Monday, December 3, 2012

Froehliche Weinachten

 Weekends in December are extra full, or at least ours seem to be.

We spent Saturday and Sunday tweaking our holiday decor and by that I mean hubs hung garland across the railings and down the stairs, and wondered aloud why in the world we don't own the pre-lit variety?  I untangled the mass of cords that is my Snow Village, and seriously, that job made me sweat. It's a bit of a challenge to hang on to your Christmas spirit when dealing with light strands and extension cords in hard to reach places.

I still need to add some bits and pieces, like the trees and the skaters and such, but I got the basic houses up,  and that was enough for one weekend. Our main tree is still waiting for its topper, a job I just couldn't face after wrestling with cords for an hour, so that's on my list for one day this week. We always do our Christmas decorating in phases. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are happier that way.

I do love having a Christmas tree in the house. One of my favorite things to do in December is to get up early,  and while it's still dark outside sit in front of the lit Christmas tree. There is something about the quiet soft glow of the tree that begs for sitting still, thinking deeply, and praying earnestly.

Friday night hubs and I popped into town to see the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Conveniently there is a ginormous evergreen just beside the the lake and every year Santa drops by to do the honors.  Here's a shot of the tree in daylight....

and all lit up for Christmas...

My nighttime photography skills are unrivaled, don't you think?

Our little town holds their own version of a German Christmas Market every December and its lots of fun.

Hubs and I spent a couple of hours there on Saturday browsing the vendor stalls, sipping traditional Gluhwien, and eating brats topped with sauerkraut for a lakeside lunch.  I took this picture of the Stroopwafels for my Daughter1-they're her favorite-

And this one for Daughter2 because fudge is her love language. 

So are German Christmas Markets.
She and I have seen more than a few.

I love the sign by these decadent dipped apples.

Oh, and guess what?
Santa was there.

Pretty sure this was not a copycat.  Look at that face!

Afterwards we went to see the movie Lincoln.  We both really liked it and Daniel Day Lewis is completely believable in the title role.

Sunday afternoon we were invited to a fundraiser that hubs former boss and her family host every year. Monies raised benefit a food pantry on Long Island and this year the need is greater than ever.  The pantry is run thru a Catholic church there and the priest spoke to the party-goers describing the very difficult circumstances they face in Sandy's aftermath.  Many in their area are still without heat and power, and a large number of people are also without jobs.  The recovery is slow going and some of those jobs will be permanently lost.  He closed by saying that in the middle of something horrible he has witnessed so much good.  Help has come from ordinary people and nothing is too small not to be appreciated.

Our friends go all out when they host this party.  They invite several hundred people, have inflatables for the kids, a petting zoo, and oh yeah, guess who else was there?

I know.
I spoke to him and he is definitely not a copycat.   Look at that face!

Okay, my to-do list is as long as my arm so I need to get busy.  Just a reminder that I'm hosting a little 'thing' here during the month of December.  My daughter1 made the cutest little button ever,  which you'll find on my sidebar.  If you're participating in  The 12 Days of Christmas Kindness you'll want to add this cuteness to your sidebar too...just copy and paste the link you see under the button.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about go here for details.

Happy Monday!


  1. I love to sit in front of my lit tree early in the morning too. It's my favorite thing!

  2. we went to Hope on Sunday for a craft fair. It was nice. Enjoy this weather!!

  3. I have a Christmas village too and only put it up every 3rd Christmas season or so - because it takes up so much time (to put up and take down) and space. Where do you put your village, Joyce? Our outside lights and tree on the front porch got put up yesterday. Tonight we plan to put up the inside tree while watching Blake Shelton's Christmas special on TV!

    1. I've put mine on a sofa table in the hallway leading from kitchen to den. Some on the top shelf and some on the bottom. I also have some on my sewing machine table in my back stairs hall. That's where my garage door comes in so we use that entrance a lot. I have too much for one place. I love it once its up but it is so much work to get it set up. I won't think about taking it down for a while. I think last year I left it up into mid January.

  4. I wish I could enjoy some stroopwafels and a cuppa with you in the sun room today!

  5. He is a copycat. The real one was here at the same time. I lost some Christmas cheer helping with tree lights too. I am in phase trois of decorating today...setting out candles. Hy, its manageable enought to retore the cheer!.

  6. Happy Monday to you, too, Joyce! Loved seeing all your pictures...reminds me that Christmas is just around the bend! I, also, love to sit and enjoy the lights on our tree making a display on the ceiling. It is a good time to say some much needed prayers...and to give thanks for countless blessings.

  7. Hubby and I saw Lincoln over the weekend. Superb movie. Quite the contrast to the Bond movie we saw the next day.
    The market in your town sounds lovely!

  8. You all seem to have more fun things to attend in your area. Oh, the joys of "big town" living verses "small town" living. Oh, well, it is what it is and it's home so what can I say.

    Yes, I love getting up early and sitting in a dark room with only the tree lights. Starts a day out just right!

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Wow that is an amazing Santa! I love the German Christmas Markets....really miss those so much! I found the Stroopwafels...I found them at our BJ's Wholesale warehouse and did the happy dance! Happy Monday!

  10. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. You have me oooohing and ahhhhing and then sighing and then laughing... and yes, that IS the real deal Santa! And I know, because I KNOW him personally! ;) I missed your 12 Days of Christmas post but have read it now and I'm IN! Thanks, Joyce!

  11. I have never ever been to a German market! Sounds and looks like so much fun. :-)

  12. This will be my first year with a real tree!

  13. I'm so jealous that y'all have a Christmas market in town! That HAD to have been Santa...amazing!

  14. I have a friend who is in Germany this week on a business trip with her husband. She told me she was looking forward to going to a Christmas market and I told her that I actually knew what that was because I had read about them on your blog!

  15. I love the 12 days of Christmas kindness idea. And cute button!!

    David LOVES fudge. But he is quite picky about it and only likes one specific recipe. He is very fickle.

  16. What a busy weekend. Looks like fun at the German Christmas Market! Beautiful tree lighting too. I can't wait to see Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis is an excellent actor. I love sitting in the dark staring at the tree but I haven't done it in the morning, I will have to try that.

  17. We do the same thing, wake up when it's still dark & put the tree on- so pretty! My husband, daughter and I went to the german festival/market on saturday too! We've lived here forever and never knew about it! Thank goodness for someone sharing it on facebook! What a great day - we ate tons of food, shopped, there were some great vendors there and christmas music too! We will be going back next year. Oh and the carrousel was a nice touch - my daughter loved it.