Friday, February 8, 2013

F Words

I've got field trips, falling snow, and Friday Fragments.

Technically there is no snow falling yet, but the weathermen and news teams and snow crews are having a field day talking about it.  In what year did news stations begin assigning people to 'snow crews'?  I understand the need to let viewers in on the forecast so they can plan ahead, but we've gone overboard again.  Is it really necessary to send teams out into various communities in frigid temperatures, three days ahead of time,  to stand on the side of a busy road while no snow falls just to tell us snow is coming?

Everything is an event now which means nothing is really an event.  At least if it is we won't know it, because we've all learned to block the ticker tape running at the top and bottom of our television screens day and night screaming alert alert alert.  I will resist going into a media rant tangent here. You're welcome.

I did my duty and hit the grocery store yesterday.  I went right after my dental appointment, but before I took the dog to the vet.  It was that sort of day.  Let me ask you this... am I the only one who can't seem to get out of the vet's office for less than $300? God definitely knew what he was doing when He made dogs cute.

While I'm being random...I host a weekly meme (The Wednesday Hodgepodge), which really is a whole lot of fun (if you're not playing along you definitely should), and the past two weeks a couple of bloggers have linked up, but not played along. In fact, they didn't even mention the Hodgepodge in their post or link back to my blog in any way. Isn't that bad bloggy etiquette?  Kinda like free advertising for them on my blog? What would their mothers say?

She'd say delete, that's what.
Quick topic change.
Hey, it's're here for the fragments, aren't you?
I had a lovely day on Wednesday touring a glass factory with twenty friends.  Are you familiar with Peggy Karr glass?

Her fused glass pieces are carried mostly in high end gift shops across the country, and I had no idea it was made not far from here.  The factory is in an industrial area I pass now and then, and I like to know there is something so creative happening behind the brick.  

One of the designers acted as tour guide and it was so interesting to see how the glass is cut, enameled, fired, and of course sold.  

At the end of the tour we met the artist herself, and she was lovely.  I didn't snap her photo because I was standing right in front of her, and it felt awkward.  Even for me. ahem.

There's an outlet store on the premises too, featuring seconds and retired designs. I think everyone bought something, and we capped off the trip with lunch at a local Irish pub.  In my book, any day where I get to look at pottery and have a long, leisurely lunch out is a good day.

As I've been collecting my fragments snow has started falling. We're expecting something close to a foot and a half with high winds so it's likely I'll mention it a time or a hundred before the weekend is over.  I'm on Twitter (Daleyjoy) and Instagram (Daleyshots), and I'm pretty sure those sites were made for days like today.

Hubs is working from home today, and he likes to set himself up at the kitchen island. I get it, but it does add some challenges to my day. There cannot be any noise while he's on a conference call. (He has two this morning).  And I can't walk by his computer in my pjs because he's on video chat. I'm also in charge of making sure the dog doesn't bark and the doorbell doesn't ring. Those last two go hand in hand.

On the bright side, I can't vacuum either.
I love that there's always a bright side.

Mommy's Idea

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  1. I love those heart plates. I also noticed a couple of those Non-Playing Hodgepodgers. Glad you deleted them. I was trying to do my good neighbor thing and visit ones I hadn't seen on the list before.

    How do you keep the doorbell from not ringing? Hang out at the door the whole day?

    1. I don't : ) I just try to keep the dog nearby so I can hush her. She is pretty much always nearby anyway.

  2. Ahh - that's really bad bloggy etiquette. :( People do whatever they can sometimes to get traffic headed their way - I dont get that.

  3. I can't believe they even go so far as to name these land-based storms. Hurricanes, ok? But a front moving across the country? Sheesh!

    Having said that, I wouldn't mind a good snow here ... ok, not 2-3 feet like some of the forecasters are saying that you all are in for ... maybe 6-8 inches??

  4. hehe. I can just picture you sneaking around the kitchen island in your pjs whisper-shouting at Dixie to stop barking (and scratching). Also, I will definitely want to visit that studio when I'm up there next! enjoy the snow xo

  5. Chris is working out of the house today, too, Joyce and has a conference call in about 30 mins. Good thing is his office is in the basement, so I don't have to tip-toe around. That's a win for me! I agree...that wasn't very nice of those bloggers to do that. Follow the rules, people! Sure wish we'd get a little snow down our way, but I'm not holding out any hope. Stay warm and safe!

  6. What fun Fragments today Joyce. You will be getting the snow storm that we had a few days ago. I hope it is as beautiful a falling snow for you as it was for us in the Midwest. Since we are not normally up here this time of year, I have loved seeing the snow fall and experiencing what would have totally shut down life in the south for weeks. Seriously! Even the mention of freezing rain closes schools and highways. Not here, life goes on. Hope you find a cozy spot out of the line of the video where you and doggie can enjoy the day.

  7. Lol....Your life is like mine. Kevin is on a conference call now. No vacuuming, keep Tucker quiet! I think I will just sit and watch TV on a low volume setting. I would say that is bad blogger etiquette. I hope you deleted them. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Peggy Carr glass. Was the Irish Pub in Denville?

  8. Great post you fragmented my thoughts. Yes you should delete the links of drive-by bloggers that don't follow the rules they are scumbags trying to take advantage of your traffic. Media rants - I've posted those before. I could rant a bit about the increase sending in the pet industry but my opinion would be lost in the sea of cat and dog pictures on the internet (some of which I enjoy myself).

  9. Wow, you described some of my 'work at home' moments to the tee! I especially 'love' getting the 'look' when the pup decides he has something to say. Like I somehow told him to bark. Alas, the kitchen/dinning room table office set up is no longer here at the Castle. Yay!

    Fun field trip!

  10. keeping the dog from barking...not easy!!! not vacuuming...yippee!!!

    praying for y'all getting the snow. I realize the east is more "prepared" for snow than the South, but looks like they are talking a lot of snow! hope you get to enjoy it!

    I am on instagram too (sarawbowyer)!

  11. I agree with you. The mention of rain here and suddenly these news men/women are perched somewhere waiting and waiting and waiting. It's so silly. It is seldom as big as they predicted and they look like fools. I know that the snow is really hitting the Northeast pretty hard.
    Stay warm and safe. Sorry about those people who linked up. They just want the click for their advertising money. That looks like a fun field trip. Speaking of Instagram I often forget about it. I think I may go take a picture of our pouring rain :)

  12. I have a Peggy Karr platter with red hot chili peppers on it. I have no idea where or when I got it though. Have fun not vacuuming!

  13. Shhh. This is a very quiet comment so as not to disturb working husband. Please forgive any ambient noise that came through the computer as my neighbor is playing really loud and annoying music. I can't believe that Americans are now naming snowstorms. I think that I read this front is called Nemo. Nemo? What?

  14. Love that beautiful glassware. So bright and pretty. I really enjoy seeing how things are made. Fenton Glass factory is just a few hours from us. We went 4-5 years ago and I loved it. Also, Longaberger is just a couple hours away. Been there twice and I so want to go back.

    Hope the weather doesn't get too bad. Stay warm!

  15. I am hopeful that all their predictions are wrong. Our dog is expensive, too! And cute! Stay warm.

  16. I have you on instagram and am waiting for those snow pics. Or did I miss them?
    I would love to tour that glassware factory. Looks so interesting!

  17. So, did you manage to keep people away from the door? lol Completely understand why the two - dog barking and door bell ringing- go hand in hand.

    Thanks for commenting on the shepherd's huts and gypsy caravans. Sounded like a Midsomer Murders episode I once watched. Yikes.

  18. I hate those 'drive by' people!! Just delete their links and good riddance.

    Ok, funny thing. The news people were freaking out over a snow storm that was supposed to be hitting DC when we lived there. My cousin was visiting, we are both from the upper Midwest. We chuckled at the sight of snow plows sitting on the side of the road, drivers looking to the sky. My cousin says "it's the men who stare at snowflakes" So now each and every snow plow we ever encounter are the "men who stare at snowflakes" hahahaha

    I think it would be a great conversation piece to have you wander by in your jammies ;-)

  19. Well, you had your work cut out for you while Hubs was working it but I bet you handled it like a soldier. :o)

    Shame on someone for not playing fair!

    Love, love the glass and getting it at discounted prices is all the greater.

    Happy snowy weekend!

  20. I love that you always see the positive- please send me some of that down here. I need to be more like that. I am really good at it with everyone except the husband. He's just so dang annoying. I hope all is well up there if the snow has arrived. While I envy y'all getting the big storm, I do hope it doesn't cause damage and discomfort. Keep us post AND, if you do get it, please share some pix as we are still not getting any winter and I'm so disappointed. What a great field trip! I doubt I would have gotten out of there without spending that $300. LOL It used to cost me at least $250 at the vet and my pup is only 10 lbs. I use a holistic vet now and she comes to my house. She's been here twice so far and I've spent...are you sitting down?...$130. That's it. And she's so good and Tucker LOVES her. Win-win! Hope your girls are well!

  21. I blame the 24/7 weather channels that have caused us to go CRAZY about weather reporting just to fill up their 24/7 time slots.

  22. I love picturing you creeping around in your pj's trying to keep the dog quiet. I hope the worst of the storm misses you.

  23. prayers for safety, warmth and fun in the snow

  24. Your field trip sounds like a lot of fun! If you came to visit me we could go to the SPAM museum. Or not. ;) Yours sounds more interesting and better things to buy in the gift shop.
    My hubby's uncle wrote a book called "How the News Makes Us Dumb." His premise was basically the same as yours: too much news really adds up to no news. My son looked at going to school for journalism at the university Uncle was a professor at. Uncle suggested Son mumble his last name when talking to people in the journalism department. :)
    Hope you don't get too buried in snow. We're supposed to get some this weekend as well and how bad all depends on how fast that storm moves through your area.

  25. I hope you made it through your hubby's conference calls without any barking dogs or wardrobe malfunctions caught on screen! I also hope you're all safe and sound and not buried in too much snow...been watching the news this morning and Wow!

  26. I hated when my hubby would work from home and it was whisper time...
    I know the snow is there now...glad you have your bread and milk! I think it's rude to link up and not play by the rules and visit a few others also. I almost got mine done to link..this work and blog thing is challenging me plus I've been dealing with sinus issues all week to...woo is me! lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Great F word post (title cracked me up). It drives me insane how they carry on about the weather. You have to tell me the secret of how you possibly keep the dog from barking. That would never work in my house, lol! Have a great weekend :)

  28. That trip too the glass factory looks so interesting and fun. What did you buy? I love all the bright colors and wouldn't have been able to resist :-)

  29. Cheer up, our vet bill was over $900 for our dog's dental cleaning and one tooth extraction and another $160 today for some medicine and our cat's checkup!

  30. Stopping by to make sure you're not buried under snow!!
    I'm not a big fan of video chat because I AM a big fan of staying in my pj's way too long in the winter...Sounds like you've got it all under control regarding NEMO. Stay warm!

  31. I kind of like it when I know a big snow storm is coming. It's reassuring to have everything stocked and ready to go and know you can hang out in your pj's for a couple of days.

    Well, it's all fun until the power goes out I guess. THAT is a total buzz kill.

  32. I would love to visit a glass factory! how interesting!
    stay warm!!

  33. I thought of you when I heard about the snow forecast. I hope all is well!

    That's one tall order you have when hubby works from home--in the kitchen, no less :)

  34. I miss those SF&N day trips! Looks like it was a fun one, and I know you were with some great people! And, I'm glad the snow was not as bad as predicted. For once! ha