Monday, February 4, 2013

Ho-Hum, Another Weekend

There's an expression you don't hear too often anymore...ho-hum.  I'm pretty sure if you check the dictionary for a definition you'll find the words 'January weekends' written beside it.

Wait, it's February, isn't it?
Why does it still feel like January?

On Saturday we trekked to Home Depot in an attempt to replace three of the approximately seven million CO detectors in our house that were dying slow and painfully annoying deaths.  Seven million may be a slight exaggeration, but not by much.  I know the law now requires smoke and CO detectors in all new construction, but I'm not sure if it specifies how many.  We have over a dozen in our house, and the three CO detectors upstairs all died last week.  It says right on the device you need to replace them every seven years so it was time.  When the previous homeowners installed the originals they put big giant nails in the wall to attach them.


We were hoping to find replacements with the same hole spacing on back as the ones we were replacing, but no such luck.  Do you know how many options there are for smoke and CO2 detectors?  It made my brain hurt.  Ho-hum.

Afterwards we spent an interminable amount of time in GNC while hubs looked at the eight thousand varieties of protein powder of some such nonsense.  I distracted myself by repeatedly taking my blood pressure in the free checker outside the store. Ho-hum.

It was still early afternoon so we decided as long as we were out we'd see a movie-Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (or Katniss Everdeen as I like to call her, but I digress). We didn't know anything about it before we went in, but we both really liked it a lot.  The film and both leading actors have been nominated for Oscars this year and I always like to see the nominated pics.  I don't think they'll win, but the movie was good.  Of the nominated films we've seen Life of Pi, Lincoln, Les Mis, Argo and Silver Linings Playbook.  I really liked them all, but my pick is Argo.  Not even a little bit ho-hum.

We had plans to meet friends for dinner on Saturday evening.  They live about a half hour from here, on top of another mountain which normally isn't a big deal, but of course it started to snow about an hour before we needed to leave.  We braved it and went anyway and we were fine.  They salt the roads to excess here (not complaining!) and they also spray something on the roads that leaves white lines and makes them less slick, so most of the time you can get out when it snows.  We went to a little Mexican place and had a wonderful meal and a great time catching up.  It was not ho-hum, although maybe reading about it is. Ha!

Sunday evening was dedicated to football watching. What a crazy game!  Did anyone else find the lights going out after half time a little depressing?  It felt like some sort of metaphor for America in 2013, but I won't go there today.

The game was pretty ho-hum prior to half time, but it definitely got interesting after. Yowza-that was a nail biter! I thought most of the commercials were just ho-hum, but I did love the Bud ad featuring the Clydesdales. They never fail to tug at my heartstrings and make me smile. My favorite ad was the one from Chrysler featuring Paul Harvey in a voice over about America's farmers.

Gosh I miss the quiet wisdom of Paul Harvey. Raise your hand if you think America could use a heaping helping of quiet wisdom right about now. We're more like resounding gongs and clanging cymbals which I find completely exhausting.

Back to the ho-hum...we stayed home to watch the game, sat on our comfy couch, ate fabulous chili we'd simmered all afternoon, and were happy to see the Ravens win, even if they did make us squirm in our seats until the final two minutes of the game.

What did you think of the halftime show? Ho-hum? I can think of a lot of words to describe it, but ho-hum would not be among them. I've been married close to 30 years, and I'm (almost) old enough to be Beyonce's mother, but that doesn't stop me from singing along to Single Ladies.

Also, I'd like a day with her personal trainer.
Just sayin'

So that was the weekend.
Like I said, ho--hum.

We do have  a couple of fun things on our February calendar and I'm glad. I don't know about you, but this time of year I need to have something to look forward to. I feel like I spent the biggest part of January on the couch, which couldn't be helped, but still...I'm not really a sit around kind of girl.

I'm thankful for the lovely ho-hum days of ordinary life.
Thankful too for a sprinkling of extraordinary when ho-hum just won't do.


  1. Kevin and I saw Silver Linings Playbook. We thought it was ok. Just ok.
    Of course LOVED Les Mis. They spray that stuff on our roads also before the snow. I hear more snow for tomorrow. If you ever want to meet for lunch at the mall or somewhere else let me know.

  2. The "ho-hum" is sort of the fabric of our life and nothing that I complain about, but I agree that a little exciting (of the positive kind) is always good to have to look forward to.

  3. i TOTALLY want Beyonce's trainer! Ha!

    Ho-Hum is a total February phrase in my mind. But, really? I love the ho-hum weekends because I always appreciate them more than the ones that make the Friday afternoon - Monday morning seem like a mad dash.

    Hope this week is amazing for you!

  4. Maybe we could split the cost and go to Beyonce's Trainer together! ;)
    Today was shower day for the Dackels. I am now exhausted and ready for a nap!

  5. I thought the half time show was terrible! In fact we turned it off before it was over, her outfit was not fit for family tv! It's nice to have a quiet weekend. Enjoy it because you get busy fast and then you are overtired.

  6. I appreciate a 'ho-hum' Sunday most of the time. But like you I REALLY like the idea of something to look forward to in February for sure! Like something that involves suitcases and sunshine. Just sayin'

  7. I agree! I find this time of a year a struggle with the nights setting in earlier and it being so cold! I love having things to look forward to!

  8. Let's just say that if I attempted to move my hips like Beyonce did last night, I'd end up in the ER! :) She did put on quite the show. I really want to see Argo and Les Mis...SOON!

  9. Our weekend was ho-hum too. But I must say I enjoyed the resting time a lot.

  10. Those commercials were my favorites too. I thought the Dorito ones were funny. I mainly played Words With Friends with others not totally invested in the game!

    "Raise your hand if you think America could use a heaping helping of quiet wisdom right about now." My hand is WAY up.

  11. Well, shame on me, but while I was pulling for the Ravens, I was involved in my Downton Abbey marathon while the game was on. I have been playing catch up and now only have two more episodes to watch and I'll be completely caught up. Can I just say, I love it!

    Yes, ho-hum would be a great way to describe January, but February is looking much better. Thank goodness!

    Have a happy week!

  12. A little ho hum now and then helps us appreciate the sparkly days. ;-)

    I liked the AB commercial with the Clydesdale, the Jeep commercial, and the Paul Harvey voiceover commercial.

    I want to go see Argo in the theater before Oscar Night ... I don't know if we'll make it. The next couple of weeks look to be pretty busy at Chez Nana.

  13. I liked the Clydesdale commercial the best of all, but then I only saw the last few seconds of the commercial with Paul Harvey's voice.

    We didn't care for the half time show, so we turned it to another channel after the first couple of minutes.

  14. A ho-hum weekend here. I enjoyed the commercials-especially the Farmer and the one with the Clydesdale-lights out in the dome made the game more interesting!

  15. Not a ho-hum weekend here in Baltimore! Hey, I had to laugh at your references to CO2. Not to be all scientific on you or anything, but there's one little problem. C02 is carbon DIoxide, not Monoxide. I am pretty sure you want your home to have plenty of C02. If you have C0, you're in deep trouble. Paul Harvey's wisdom--yay! Commercial for farmers--good but I think 30 seconds too long.

    1. Ha-didn't even notice I did that. Yeah, we want air here : )

  16. My hubby replaced some old, rusty vent covers yesterday. Must be the time of year to wander through home Depot! I agree that it was great to see Destiny's Child. We have daughters the same ages, so perhaps we could identify with when THEY were listening to DC? That was one of my girls' first "favorite" groups. Beyonce looked & moved amazing...all 3 looked great!

  17. I feel ho-hum aout every weekend in the winter no matter what LOL- I look forward to green grass and flowers. Then it won't be ho-hum anymore :)

  18. I love weekends like you described. A whole bunch of stuff tossed into just a couple of days. I loved the Clydesdale commercial for Bud. The horses are magnificent and the story line touching. Go Ravens!

  19. So glad you have seen all those movies. We loved Silver Linings Playbook. I'm almost thinking of seeing it again.
    It's a hard year for me to pick a favorite. They are all so different and excellent. We just saw Lincoln last night!