Monday, July 8, 2013

Somewhere in the Smoky Mountain Rain

It would require far more restraint than I possess today not to mention the weekend weather, particularly since we were driving in it.

For 27 hours.

We spent the long weekend in the Smokies visiting family, celebrating Independence Day, attending hubs 35th high school reunion, and inching our way through one downpour after another.

Normally when we go to Tennessee we fly, because it's a good 12 hours for us, and that's only if we get out of North Jersey in the dark of night as opposed to making our escape during rush hour.  This time though, we were taking our pup with us so we drove. Did I mention it was raining? All 750 miles there and all 750 miles back? And yes, I know 12 + 12 = 24 hours, but the trek home required an additional three due to the weather and the fact that we were tired and needed more breaks.

Here's the thing though-

The Smokies are beautiful in any kind of weather...

In fact one of my favorite things to do when we're there is sit on the deck and listen to the rain.

The 'smoke' danced across the treetops all weekend long, the wind acting as a paintbrush to change the landscape before our very eyes.

The Smokies are a place of peace and beauty and it is impossible not to exhale when you come face to face with their grandeur. 

We had some much needed time catching up with hubs brother and sister in law this trip, and  that went way too fast. My brother in law is a master griller so on Thursday he BBQ'd ribs and brats and burgers for the whole crew.  

FYI-ribs grilled in the rain taste just as good as ribs grilled in sunshine. 

Daughter2 had a short weekend break between her summer school terms, so she was able to join us too.  She enjoyed time with her grandparents, but especially some time with her aunt and uncle who she loves so much and who live so far away.   

We played games, ate too much, and of course talked non-stop.  
There was also lots of porch sittin'-


...and plenty of 'wildlife'-

Why yes, that is a copperhead on the road in front of our driveway.  Naturally hubs had to get out of the car and approach it because that's just what he does.  It might not have been a big one, but he was definitely feisty. He's hissing here. 

The snake, not the hubs.    

Even the deer have grown weary of the rain. This buck couldn't be bothered to get up as we approached.  

I don't blame him...all this rain makes me want to stay under the covers too.  

There's a place tucked away inside this magnificent mountain range that holds special meaning for our family. On Friday morning the rain held off long enough for us to hike up there together. The spot feels a little bit sacred so I don't think I'll post any pictures, but it was good to be there together. The mountains are a wonderful place to reflect on how big God is and to remember how much He loves us.

As we drove home yesterday we saw this-

After the rain there comes a rainbow.
A gentle reminder that God is good, and we are not forgotten.
He keeps His promises.  


  1. Glad you had a good weekend! The pictures of the mountains are gorgeous! I could've sat out on that porch...just sat and done nothing else!
    Glad you had some time with your BIL & SIL.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip and the pictures of the mountains (AND the wild life) were soo good. Glad your daughter was able to join you!

  3. That rainbow shot is just beautiful - the whole weekend sounds great - minus the driving in the rain :-)

  4. I love the Smokies and I love all your pictures. I agree, rain or shine, it's a beautiful place.

  5. Now I have Ronnie Milsap singing in my least it is a good song. I'm glad you had such a good weekend catching up with family in such a beautiful place.

  6. Oh, this makes me long for a trip to the Smokies. I haven't been in way too long.

    Bless your hearts, driving in rain for that long is just plum yucky! We've done that a few times over the years as well.

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. How beautiful! I just love the mountains...but I dont get to see them often :)

  8. Well, guess what? We drove through that rain in the Smokies too! I'm guessing we were in the same-ish area. Wouldn't that have been nuts to run in to each other? So close!

  9. Beautiful pictures. As much as we LOVE the beach, a visit to the Smokies is definitely on our list ... and seeing your pictures has made me want to move it up a notch or ten. ;-)

  10. Charlie and I are headed to the Smokies in about 3 hrs-for some much R & R! This summer has been nothing but rain here.

  11. Beautiful pictures! :) Never seen the Smoky Mountains. They look lovely :)

  12. Well if you had to drive, at least it was scenic. I need to plan a visit to that part of the country - your posts would do a travel agent proud.

  13. Beautiful post! The Smokies are lovely. I would love to go back one of these days. I have to tell you I had tears in my eyes as I got to the end. I can only imagine how beautiful your special place is. Glad you had a wonderful safe weekend, even if it was raining. :)
    until next time...nel

  14. You were driving for 27 hours!! Wow, you deserve a medal!! Lovely photos.

  15. Sorry about the rain and I'm glad you made it safely. Love the rainbow. The pictures are beautiful. I think that looks like the grill my husband is talking about getting! Love the deer, no thank you on the snake. Sounds like a wonderful time with family.