Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet, Short, Little Weekend

So it's July. 

Besides the weather, bloggers also like to mention every chance they get  how fast the days and years seem to be flying on by. Maybe writing about daily life makes you acutely aware of rainy days and the passing of time. Or maybe time really does speed up when you hit a certain age?  Whatever.  June. It's done.  

I love June.

Daughter1 made a train trek north on Friday evening to catch up at home. It was a 'summertime and the livin' is easy' kind of weekend. 

We had a bridal shower to attend on Saturday afternoon so we left hubs home with his own list of yard and garden chores while we celebrated this girl-

Oh wait, that was 1993, also known as last week.
Here they are-

Told you time was whizzing by.
And that I should pay more attention to the light when I snap photos.

We came home and sat outside for the remainder of the day.  Hubs found a lighter that had belonged to his dad decades ago, and impressed us with his mad skills.  Do they still make fancy lighters?

The temperature was so lovely (shoutout to the weather!) and hubs grilled steaks while we listened to music and talked about life. We also gave Daughter1 her birthday present, which of course was followed by angel food cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream. In Daughter1's book, if you don't have that, it's not a real birthday celebration.

Somebody in our group spent hours trying to capture the ever elusive chipmunk that resides in our rock wall with all his friends and cousins

Hubs made a most excellent fire...

...which lasted well into the night, and reminded me of why I married an Eagle Scout. Not the only reason of course, but definitely something I put in the pro column. 

Sunday meant a trip back to the train station, and someone insisted she get to go too...

...because parents aren't the only ones who dislike goodbyes when time does its thing, and brings a sweet short weekend to a close.


  1. Good morning! Glad you had this time together! Seems about perfect to me! (btw ~ time REALLY is flying!) Enjoy your day!

  2. When Hubs figures out how to slow down time then he will really be everyone's hero! So glad you had a short but sweet weekend with your wonderful girl.

  3. looks like the perfect weekend, Joyce! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  4. Where DID June go? I agree... time flies. I had a wonderful June, celebrating BOTH my daughters birthdays, Father's Day - and going to the CMA Fest in Nashville. So, it was action packed for sure. July will be too. Sometimes I think summer goes by so quickly because we cram so much into it!

  5. Oh you are so right about that 'someone' who also doesn't like good-byes. Tucker is the same way. He always accompanies us to and from the airport. And he's just a sad little boy when it's a 'from' trip. So glad y'all had such a lovely weekend!

  6. Well, age or whatever, I cannot believe this year is half over. My goodness!

    What a special weekend and thanks for sharing it with us. I love to read about Mothers and daughters enjoying each other.

    Happy week!

  7. Funny you mentioned it, but I, too, wrote about the weather and time passing today :) It must be my age!!!

    Your weekend sounds like it was a good one, except for the 'goodbye' part! I always hate that...

  8. I am not quite ready to admit we're in a new month...they seem to go too quickly. :/

    What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! I love your backyard area, it looks like the perfect space to relax with the ones you love. :)

  9. Times does fly! I am glad you had a lovely weekend. Sounds wonderfully relaxing :)

  10. Loved your post. I am one who mentions time flying - all the time! LOL But it DOES! What a wonderful time you all had! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I had no idea your hubs was an Eagle Scout! The things you don't know about people!!!
    Happy Birthday to Daughter1! The picture of her & the friend is so precious!

  12. I love your posts, this sounded like a super nice weekend. And yes, time is flying by now, which never happened when I was a kid....

  13. Glad Daughter1 got to visit with you. A very Happy Birthday to her. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Goodbye June!