Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hanging Out in the Hodgepodge

If it's Wednesday, it must be Hodgepodge...welcome newcomers and old timers alike! Be sure to add your link before you run off and see what the neighbors are saying.

Here are my answers -

1. What's your worst food memory?  How about one of your best?

Two words.  
Corn chowder.  

I haven't had so much as a sip since the great 'Corn Chowder Incident' of  1992. In fact, just typing out the words makes me gag a little. Think adorable four year old daughter, milk based broth, queasy stomach, and a couch that was never ever the same. 

I'm going to need a strong stomach to read through these answers today.

Best food memory? If you read here you may have noticed we love great food, which makes it hard to pick a single meal. One of the best was, without a doubt, a four hour lunch eaten in an off-the-beaten-path little place overlooking Lago Maggiore in Stresa Italy. 

I know it doesn't look like much, but I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this meal was, and yes I know the word amazing is overused, but in this case it fits.  

The view was none too shabby either-

2. Do you appreciate people telling it like it is, or would you rather a person temper his/her words, and maybe beat around the bush a little?  How about when you're the one communicating...which type are you?

I hate people telling it like it is. Ha-how's that for telling it like it is! Sometimes people say they're being honest, when what they really are is mean.  I dislike mean.  

I come from a family of eggshell walkers, so I'm pretty sure its in my DNA.  I will add though, that after almost 30 years of marriage I've learned to see the benefit in sometimes just putting it out there (gently though, always gently).  There's a way to 'tell it like it is' without destroying the other person.  

3. What's your favorite place to hang out?

My patio if the weather's just right.
My sun room no matter the weather. 

4. When do you most feel like you're a slave to time?

When my girls are home for a quick weekend, and we have that airport or train station run hanging over our heads.  

5. What was the last concert you attended?  Who'd you go with?  Was it any good?

Hubs and I went to see Poco a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone remember Poco?  Oh my word, I loved their music and we wore out the Legend album back in the day.  I actually gave birth to daughter1 while listening to 'Little Darlin' so we call it my labor song.  

Am I oversharing here today, because I feel like I might be oversharing with some of these answers.  

Anyway, a lot of the late 70's/early 80's bands, they're now performing in small venues, which I actually prefer. We went with friends and it was good...not great, just good. They wanted to play a lot of their new stuff, but of course the audience wanted to hear the old stuff.  I get it, but was a little disappointed. Still a fan of the Legend album though. 

6. Reality TV...harmful or harmless?  What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to reality TV?

I used to think it was harmless, but now I'm not so sure. I think a lot more about the message these shows are putting out there than I used to. My  favorite 'reality' shows are in the cooking genre, which I do think is harmless-Chopped would be my #1.  

7. What's something you think is overrated?

No haters please, but I'm going with Starbucks.  Dunkin' Donuts coffee for me please!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Thinking of my Daughter2 today as she enjoys her first full day with her brand new classroom full of students. She's been working so hard to make her room warm and inviting and it's turned out so cute.  Oh how I'd love to be a fly on the wall there today!  
"Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee."  Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. i agree about Dunkin Donuts! I wish we had those here. ;/ Have a great week :D

  2. Corn Chowder...beyond gagging here!!
    I know your daughter's classroom will be filled with fun, learning and joy all year long.
    And Starbucks....I just don't like coffee period [yes, I'm one of those oddballs]---but for me, I don't like what the establishment stands up for sometimes. Now....gimme a Dunkin' DONUT any time. :o)

  3. I agree with Starbucks. I do like their drinks but the prices!!! Oh My! I love Dunkin Donuts and visit them often.

  4. Well, once again we have some similar answers! ha! We must have some genetic connection - or may it's Sparta living. Which makes me think of a bad food incident! We were house hunting all day & stopped in Arthur's (St. Moritz - oh la la) and our Kristen was 5 years old. She ate dinner, drank lots of milk and then got up to dance - and dance and dance. Right on the dance floor she projectile vomited everything she just ate. Hello Sparta! We're here! ha

  5. Thinking of your daughter today. That first day of school is always so exciting! Speaking of daughters.... mine is in labor! Big day all around. :)

  6. That is an absolutely gorgeous view! I'm sure the food was fantastic, but that view would make any meal worth remembering. : )

  7. I don't drink coffee, but I agree. Starbucks is overrated. I got a hot chocolate there once and it was nothing to write home about.

    Well....I used to love corn chowder....not so sure any more. lol

  8. Wishing your daughter great luck today and hope she slept well last night. After 31 years, I still an unable to sleep the night before school starts!

  9. Honey would agree with you on the Starbucks/Dunkin Donut overrated ness. He is a hard core D and D fan. That is so funny about the corn chowder! I have a similar story with teriyaki steak, SHUDDER.

  10. I agree with you about Starbucks vs Dunkin! Hands down!

  11. My mouth is watering at the thought of your Italian meal! Long European meals are my favorite ever.

    And we watch so much Chopped at our house! I usually don't know what several of the ingredients are, but it's such a fun show!

  12. Sorry, that last comment from Mandi was me! I was signed into the wrong Google account. (Only this one leads to my blog and who I actually am!)

  13. When you and Hubs go out for Italian Food, you guys really go out. When we want to eat Italian SWMBO and I go to a local restaurant called Fratello's or, and please don't hate me, the Olive Garden. Good questions this week!

  14. Good Luck to your daughter today! I never heard of the show Chopped. I will have to look for it. Maybe see you soon!

  15. Good luck to your daughter. I can picture corn chowder! lol And I agree - tell it like it is - but gently without devastating the other person! Sandie

  16. I agree about telling it like it is. I am a believer in the fact that words can't be unsaid and I always think try to think hard before I speak. Have a great day :-)

  17. I like honesty but your right, some people can be mean and I don't want to hear that. Your right, Starbucks is overrated...good answer, however I have enjoyed sitting there with my computer for a change of scenery or when our interenet has been down. I just got chills, how exciting for Daughter2 and I wish her all the best.

  18. I like Chopped too. Amazing what some of those ingredients are.

  19. I'd almost forgotten about Poco! Good music to sit and listen to :) In fact, I'm listening to them on youtube as I leave this comment! They must be getting pretty old by now...

    I hope your daughter has a great first day of teaching school. One thing's for sure, she'll be tired tonight!

    As always, thanks for hosting!

  20. My hubs and I saw Chicago in concert several years ago, and same thing - they wanted to play their newer stuff and the whole crowd was like, "WHAT?" yep... you've got to play the classics, mix in a few new things, but come on... stay true to what made you successful in the first place, and to the fans who are buying tickets to see you!

  21. Enjoyed this as always...I feel I could write an entire post about number 3. It is such a fine line. I really have such a hard time with people who "tell it like it is" but in reality are harsh and mean, but then again I have just a hard of time with the ones who NEVER say what they really mean or feel but just say what they think you want to hear...believe it or not I have a sister who falls into each category, haha. I guess at the end of the day I'd rather hear the nice stuff, but sometimes you NEED to hear the other. I try EVER SO HARD to hit that fine line, but I wonder what my sisters would say about that. Enjoy your day! Oh, and I know how you feel about your daughters first day..I too wanted to observe my daughters first. Soo fun!

  22. It always seems like the places that look not-so-inviting always have the best food! That was how my best food experience was... hole in the wall place in Sedona, AZ... best food ever. No one spoke English and I ordered based on vaguely remembering "carnitas" was pork. LOL.

    Thanks for hosting! I love doing this hop each week.

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

  23. I so love Food Network too. Hi, praying for Daughter2. My daughter is in fifth grade and went to her second day of school this morning. I so appreciate our teachers and all they do for our children.

  24. Agree with the SB comment. Although their newer Blonde roast is tolerable (maybe because I'm blonde?)
    HA! It's your blog you can share what you like!!!

  25. Great questions this week. I am feeling a post on number 1 and possibly number 2. Thanks for the prompt. I had forgotten my pickle story. Worst concert was Gordon Lightfoot about 5 years ago...he kept dropping lyrics and the crowd sang his stuff better than he did. I felt as if I had wasted 50.00.

  26. Love that picture of you and your daughters. I am with you on the scenery, absolutely beautiful, don't get me wrong you guys are beautiful too, but that background is to die for.
    Why am I not remembering Poco? I am going to have to google them and listen to a few songs on youtube. I am sure it will come back to me. lolol
    until next time...nel

  27. Totally forgot about the food in Italy! oh yum! :)

  28. Ahh, soo fun to think of her and her new classroom!
    I'm a Starbucks drinker but from beans brewed at home. I actually don't care for it from the stores. weird, I know. I think the draw of SB is the cup and 'status' of holding said cup. ha.

  29. Wow...that really is one amazing view! And I can see how a food memory from Italy would be among your best. :)

  30. Oh, I'm having HP withdrawal! I've so missed being with you these past two weeks but I'll be back in full force next Wed. Yea!

    I so agree, Starbucks is so, so overrated!

    And, I would love to be a fly on the wall watching your daughter and her first week of teaching. I know she is going to be such a blessing to all who come her way.

    Happy rest of the week!

  31. hoping your daughter's day is proud for her new beginning

  32. You and I pretty much gave the same answer as far as "telling it like it is" is concerned. ;-) I kind of like Chopped, but again I just can't get myself hooked enough to make sure that I see it "live". If it's on when I'm in the sewing room (for background noise while I sew), then I'll watch.

  33. Just so you know, I prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee too!.. Thanks for hosting, Joyce! ~tina

  34. Glad I didn't like corn chowder going into this post. ;)

  35. Definitely know where your heart was yesterday - with your daughter and her first day in her classroom. So exciting! How did it go?