Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Fragmented List of Thirteenish Randoms

It's Thursday, and I'm feeling like a list is in order. You can call it Friday Fragments on a Thursday or Thursday Thirteen, although I haven't thought it all out so it might just be Thursday Ten, but's Thursday and it's time for a list.  An unnumbered list, so really let's just call them fragments.

I hosted a brunch at my house on Monday for a group of about 30 women who volunteer with a club I'm a member of.

Side note-I always thought "never end a sentence with a preposition" was a hard and fast rule of grammar, but I just checked and it's not.  You're welcome.

Now back to my brunch....several women contributed food, and I made punch and provided the coffee along with a sinful sour cream coffee cake and a loaf of banana bread topped with a lime glaze. I'd also gotten up extra-extra early to make mini caprese skewers, about 40 of them.  These-

Which are still in my frig, because I forgot to put them out at the brunch.  Bother.

Actually this is what's left after I doled them out to the hubs with his dinner every night this week. He noticed last night that the toothpick dye is making the mozzarella 'colorful', so I have to toss what's left.  I really hate it when I do stuff like this, which sadly is kinda often.

How 'bout something happy?

We've seen lots of baby deer in recent weeks. It's hard to get a photo, because when they hear me open the front door they stroll on outta here. And also because it's me attempting the picture.

Where's Waldo?

He's there, but you have to look hard to see him amidst the camouflage of my shrubs. Hummingbirds are amazing little creatures, aren't they? We love to sip our coffee on the patio in the early morning hours, and be entertained by the hummingbirds that frequent our feeder. Hubs makes fun of how many pictures I've snapped of these little birds, but they're fascinating.  

There is someone in our house who has no interest in the hummingbirds, even when they are furiously flapping their wings right above her head.  She prefers to stick her nose in here-

My pup is obsessed with catching bees, and bees love my hydrangeas.

I love my hydrangeas too.

In other pretty news...there is a ginormous field of sunflowers blooming nearby, and when Daughter1 was home a couple of weekends ago we stopped for a look-see...

It was a little bit too close to sunset to make the light work, plus I only had my iPhone with me, plus I have yet to master the art of snapping a quick photo with my phone, but get the idea, right?

See that speck in the middle?  That's my extra petite girl trying to snap a picture just like me.  Well, not just like me, because when it comes to picture-taking she's got skilz her mama is lacking.

When our girls are home, they always catch us up on Internet funnies. With football season gearing up, I thought I'd end this list with one of our new favorites here. 

Was that thirteen things?
Somehow it feels more like thirty.

May your Labor Day weekend be light on labor and long on R & R!

If you've got fragments of your own, why not add them to the party by clicking here on Fridays. 


  1. The video is hilarious! Love the photos you shared and I didn't count - just enjoyed your post. Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. I enjoyed reading your 'fragments'. I call them "tidbits".... just those single little thoughts that pop into my head then are gone. If I don't take advantage and write them down when it happens, they could be lost forever.
    I like your pix, especially the deer and your puppy. Hasn't he been stung by those bees? If so, it must not have hurt.

  3. I had to enlarge the photo of the hummer to find it!! I love watching them too. Last night I went out [our first autumn arrivals] to take pictures of the two that were doing their song and dance routine which couples do...and the only one I got 'on film' was the female...the male boogalooed out when I showed up. Guess he was embarrassed.

    Love your bee lovin' dog too. Sweet.

  4. I haven't made those yet but I've been wanting to. So sorry you forgot to put them out, they look delicious. Sweet baby deer and I love the sunflowers fields. Oh my gosh!!!

  5. Love the caprese skewers. They are a favorite of mine to take to tailgates. I cannot tell you how many things I have left in the fridge when we have had people over.

    I heart humming birds too. I feel so accomplished when I get a good picture of one of them. The buggers are fast!

    That is a huge sunflower! I planted some and they were just about to bloom. I was sooooo excited, but our beautiful deer and their new babies had them for dinner one night. The deer are so beautiful until they start chomping on my flowers!

  6. Your hydrangeas are awesome. Enjoyed the little video too. Have you seen the Manning boys doing 'Football on your Phone'? Hilarious!

  7. I love the wildlife photos this week...

  8. Your yard and hydeangeas look beautimous!
    Our kids love those bad lip reading things too, they ARE funny!

  9. I enjoyed all of this! The video is hilarious! We have two hummingbird feeders and I too love to sit and watch them. Soo delicate and sweet! Enjoy your L O N G weekend!

  10. I love your hydrangeas. I'm still waiting for mine to bloom. Not sure what in the world is up with it ... it bloomed last summer, so I know it's capable. ha!

    I want to get a hummingbird feeder for our new deck ... I've seen them in our neighborhood (we even had one trapped in our garage once).

  11. Who is counting but I know there is a Friday the 13th coming up and I'm having a minor surgery that day:(
    The whole preposition thing isn't a hard rule but jeeze try to tell my editor that. She is tough I tell you!
    Hummingbirds and dear have got to be the toughest things to take photos of, good job!
    Wow the sunflowers and your daughter is beautiful!
    The video was so funny I spit my tea:)

  12. Oh, my, can't believe your ladies missed those caprese skewers. I've never heard of them but they sure look good.

    Oh, I love sunflowers and have always associated them with fall, but they are definitely not just a fall flower. We have fields and fields of them nearby and I never seem to make it over there for a pic when they are in full bloom.

    Enjoy your long weekend as well.............

  13. Love the video too funny! The mini caprese skewers look yummy! Have a wonderful long weekend!

  14. Thank you for the preposition info. I kill myself trying to avoid them hanging. I guess I need to revisit my grammar.
    Those flowers are all beautiful but that sunflower is amazing.
    Happy FF!

  15. Hahahaha, the football video was hilarious, thanks for sharing!! I could see the hummingbird, good catch!!! I would love to have them in my yard. My dog could care less too :-)

  16. You know sometimes you just have to end a sentence with a preposition! So thanks for that info!

    Love the hummingbirds, sunflowers and the hydrangeas. The hydrangeas looks different from the ones we have here, I wonder if they are a different kind?

    Have a great weekend!

  17. We're a bit obsessed with hummingbirds, as well.

    Brad always catches up on Internet funnies, when he visits, too. I'm always amazed at how he finds such crazy stuff!

  18. I'm laughing so hard! An orange peanut?! Oh my goodness...people are so funny!

    I also loved finding out about the preposition myth! :)

    Floor covered with bean bags...bahahahahaha!