Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fragments

Linking up over at Half Past Kissin' Time today, a nice way to usher in the weekend.

Half-Past Kissin' Time
It was spitting snow when I went to boot camp this morning. Supposed to be in the mid-50's tomorrow. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but January is meant to get cold and stay cold. Isn't that somewhat necessary to kill off all the germy germs?

I googled that and apparently not true, but still...January should be cold.

My hawk is back, and guess what? She's got a mate. Technically she's not my hawk, and in fact I don't know if she's a she or a he, but whatever, she's back and she's not alone. Hubs read that Red Tailed Hawks mate for life, which makes me happy. We're celebrating 30 years of marriage ourselves this year, so I'd say a metaphor of sorts is happening in our treetops.

Something so majestic about these birds.
That sky is au natur-al, btw.

Wednesday night hubs walked in the door carrying an absolutely ginormous and stunning bouquet of flowers. And just like that, I felt my heart grow lighter. I've had a bit of a week, and fresh flowers make the world seem a kinder, gentler place.

Are you following the NFL playoffs? Our loyalties lie with a number of teams which I have carefully ranked in my head.  When you move a lot you're pretty much guaranteed at least one of your teams will be in contention.  Hmmm...Philadelphia Eagles? New York Jets? New York Giants? Baltimore Ravens? Denver Broncos? Go Broncos! And since the Superbowl is being played in our neck of the woods, I suppose temps in the mid-50s the first week of February would be awesome.

Also unlikely.  ahem.

I really dislike the speaker feature on a phone. How's that for random?  Hubs looooooves the speaker phone option, and I always protest when he suggests putting a call on speaker so I can join in too. Whyyyy?

This is the first weekend in a long while we have no real set plans, other than dinner with friends. Looking forward to a walk, a nap, a little football and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Does anyone still use that expression?

I guess I do.
Here's hoping your weekend is full of whatever strikes your fancy!


  1. Well, only one of the teams you mentioned is actually still in contention. That would be Peyton's team. They're pretty good. :) Indianapolis got lucky a couple of years ago and had unseasonably balmy weather for the Super Bowl. We'll hope the same for your neck of the woods this year. Have a great weekend!

    1. Exactly! Which is why I'm rooting for them : ) My dad grew up in Denver and my grandmother was such a fan back when John Elway played for them. Plus we always always root for Peyton, no matter what team he's on!

  2. I hate to be the person on the other end of a speaker phone call. I find it hard to hear and understand the other person.

  3. Oh yes, whatever strikes my fancy is still used! Enjoy the weekend. The flowers are beautiful and love the hawk pictures.

  4. Good morning! Well first off the flowers are sure pretty...nothing like a bouquet of flowers to lift one's spirits. And yes, big football fans over here...not me so much, lol, but EVERYONE else. And for us it's San Diego Chargers or New England Patriots...I fought the speaker option on phones for years it seems...hubby loved it. However, now I use it constantly. I love my hands free when I talk for other things...multi task don't you know, lol. Enjoy your week-end!

  5. I love a speakerphone especially when I am on hold. My grandchildren love it too.

  6. We have a lot of red tailed hawks plus some larger ones in our town. We see them twice a day.... morning and early evening. That's when they come out to eat. We've also have them go after doves, rabbits and small pets. Hubby likes to watch them but I don't like them.
    Your hubby is such a sweetie to bring you that beautiful bouquet. Gorgeous.
    I use that phrase often. You have a good weekend.

  7. I am not fond of speaker phone I just use my blue tooth headset!!

    My husband and I are celebrating 30 years this year too!

  8. I love the romance of the hawsks. Sounds like a great title for a novel about a couple who married 30 years ago. I am rooting for the New Orleans Saints but I fear that the Seattle Seahawks will defeat them on Saturday.

  9. I agree that you are in the minority about the cold and stay cold. We had enough cold for the whole winter now. No more stinking polar vortexes allowed.
    I like hawks. One reason is they keep down the rodents.

  10. Yes, I use strikes your fancy. :)

    I like speaker phones (at least on my side). I don't mind it on the other side as long as I know they are on speaker.

    30 years - that is awesome! Hubby and I will be celebrating 25.

  11. I use "strikes your fancy" and "floats your boat," to which I get quite the eyeroll from a certain middle schooler. "Really, Mom? Who SAYS that? Is that , like, from the 80s or something?" The flowers are too pretty for words. Big time score for the hubby there. Even though I've had a good week. they'd lift me higher. Speaker phone? My parents ALWAYS have all callers on speaker. Drives me crazy when I want to speak with just ONE of them !

  12. Just seeing the photo of your fresh flowers made my heart grow lighter :)

  13. I actually am a speak phone user.. only because I get freaked out thinking of radiation close to my head holding up to my ear :)

  14. Oh, yes, I do say that a lot and my younger friends just sort of look at me. Guess it's an "age thing." :o)

    Oh, the flowers are beautiful and yes, they do make a day brighter for sure.

    And, I'm with your Hubs on the speaker phone. I love, love that feature. My Hubs, not so much. How funny!

    Happy weekend doing whatever suits your fancy!!!

  15. It would strike my fancy for the Broncos to win on Sunday.
    Gorgeous flowers....I can certainly see how they would lighten your heart.

  16. I like that saying better than whatever floats your boat! uh?
    Gorgeous flowers....your hubby is a smart man! Happy weekend!

  17. I still use "strike my fancy" and it looks like we are not alone, judging from the comments above!! The Eagles, unfortunately, caved, so our team is done for the year. Joe has his other favorites, but I don't really care. The flowers are beautiful and I love seeing the pictures of your hawk(s)!!

  18. I love watching hawks and falcons. How fun to have them so close to watch. I read a book for a nature book club called Red-Tails in Love, about some bird watchers who observe a red-tailed hawk.

    They are saying the flu is in full swing so I hope we have January cold to help kill germs! Unfortunately, it's not cold enough in the school!

    Enjoy your quiet weekend.

  19. Your hubs fascination with speaker phone use is likely a genetic modification from his parents propensity to have both parents on the phone at the same time....just saying, he can't help it. Have a nice relaxing weekend. I'll be spending time with one of your favorite girls this weekend. She's one of my favorites too!

  20. No plans here this weekend, either. I see some quilting in my future. ;-) I'm not a fan of the NFL (or football in general), but DH is ... so if there are any games this weekend, he'll be watching while I'm quilting. ;-)

  21. I still use that expression and about a million others!!!
    Have a good weekend!

  22. We have hawks who fly around daily and they are majestic! Beautiful flowers, so sweet of him. Actually I normally only watch the Super Bowl but I am watching the playoffs, trying to spend more time with Mark. Enjoy your weekend. I am sure I still stay that!

  23. Love your flowers! :) Flowers are such a fun treat to get. Happy Anniversary!

  24. I share your hatred of speaker phones - especially when the person on the other end is using it!

  25. It was a sad football weekend for us Panther fans. Though not really shocking. Now all I want is to see Seattle crush the 49ers. And I will be happy-ish. LOL