Monday, January 20, 2014


Technically I'm still in weekend mode. It's Monday, a federal holiday, and Daughter1 is sleeping sweetly in her bedroom upstairs.  That all adds up to 'still-the-weekend'. Technically every day is a federal holiday when you're me, but even when you're not working outside your home its fun to mark days off.

Hubs is working today because holiday schmaliday, but Daughter1 and I have plans that include manicures, shopping, and a nice long lunch before I take her to the train station. She spent a large chunk of yesterday giving my blog a little face lift, so the least I can do is treat her to lunch.

Sometimes I get a little abnormally attached to things, and my yellow background might have been one of those things. I felt like it was time for something fresh, a new way of seeing things here in 2014, and and I love the transformation. It's a new look yet one that feels familiar. As Daughter1 would say, my 'brand' is still recognizable.

I have a brand.
Who knew?

Anyway, if you're looking for a blog face lift or redesign or new header or any other little graphic related project, hop over and visit Daughter1, click on Design Services, and she'll be happy to help you too.

Saturday morning we woke up to snow falling, and it was beautiful. I'm not at all tired of the snow yet, but I do acknowledge it's only mid-January. I pulled out the waffle iron and made homemade blueberry waffles, which were delish. I haven't had a waffle in ages, so it was nice to have an excuse to make some, and yes I use my children as an excuse to bake, doesn't everyone?

The roads were fine so we headed out to an afternoon movie. We were going to see Lone Survivor, but Daughter1 wants to see that with her boyfriend next week so we opted for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Oh my word I think I burned off every single waffle calorie watching that movie. Wow it was tense!  My hubs is a huge fan of the Tom Clancy series of books made into movies.  If he's scrolling through the TV guide, and sees Patriot Games or Hunt for Red October rest assured that's what we'll be watching. I don't think this one was a book, but I might be wrong. Regardless, the movie was really well done and we all liked it.

I have never been someone who 'sleeps in', but two weekends in a row now I've been a little slow getting up and 'attem.  Is that a word?  Hmmm...anyway, hubs brought me coffee before my feet hit the floor Sunday morning, and thought it was hilarious to deliver it in this cup.

Sunday afternoon Daughter1 and I worked a little bit on the jigsaw puzzle I had started with Daughter2 a couple of weeks ago.  It's been sitting partially finished on my dining room table, and I would love to put it away, but I can't until it's completely worked. Apparently my pup wanted in on the action, because suddenly we realize she's chewing on something, and sadly it was this-

Now there's going to be a super annoying space somewhere in the finished product. Bother.

Sunday evening I roasted a turkey breast tenderloin, wrapped in bacon because that's the only way to go with a turkey breast tenderloin, and we settled in to watch football. So happy for Peyton and the Broncos, but especially Peyton because he's the reason we root for Denver. Happy for the Seahawks too, but Go Broncos!  The Superbowl is being played in our corner of the world, but we'll be watching from home, on our comfy and most importantly warm, couch.

As we like to say here, it's Mondaysaturday, and I'm off to enjoy...hope you do the same!


  1. Nice blog makeover - love the polka dots :-)

  2. LOVE the new look! Have a good day with Daughter1!!!

  3. Love the new look. I'm getting one too! :) Have a great day with the mani/pedi/lunch/shopping with daughter.

  4. Good morning! First, love the new face lift. And then, I am just going to say it...I REALLY envy you that you are still at the stage of life where daughters come home once in a while on breaks and hang out. How I loved that season in my life! And there was honestly nothing better than a holiday. And we usually did the exact same thing. Daughter would sleep in a little bit and then after coffee and chatting we'd head out for shopping, nails and LONG leisurely lunches with lots and lots of chatting. I miss those days soo much! She married 2 weeks after she graduated from college and moved out of state immediately, so I didn't get many of those days ever again. When she was first married (first couple of years) she would come by herself for visits occasionally when on break (she was teaching then) and we'd re-live some of the old days, though truthfully she was always anxious to get back, lol, as it should be I guess. Now 5 and half years later she has two babies when she comes and everything is different. Not that it's not good, just different. Savor every minute of this time with your girls...this season in your's one of life's bests. ENJOY your day today ~ and I know you will!

  5. You have a nice new look - still "simple" which I like. Some blogs are too crazy with flashing icons, etc. I am glad to see Denver back to the Super Bowl (Peyton) but think I will be rooting for the Seahawks. They haven't been in years and #12 player(s) are awesome! I think holding the Super Bowl in NY (really NJ) is silly. Too cold - and weather conditions could be a factor. But, nobody asked me! ( : Have a good week!

  6. Sounds like you are having a nice visit with Daughter1 and enjoy your day today. Love the mug and your blog looks awesome.

  7. I love the new look....very crisp.
    Have a great mom and daughter day.

  8. Love the new look. Love the cup!!! Blessings

  9. Your ladyship is blessed to have a hubby who brings you a coffee; mine doesn't know what to do with cafe'...
    PRETTINESS on your new design!
    I've been away for several days visiting with my mom...sleeping late, shopping, eating home-made chicken and dumplings
    Wishin' we had some snow
    Enjoy your manicures and lunch ... fun times!

  10. Your 'brand' is fabulous! ;) I love the mug, I'm thinking I need to pick up something royal like from London.
    I was telling the Hubby that in my opinion, the super bowl city should not be picked until the teams are set! Here we have 2 West Coast teams... traveling all the way yonder to play each other! He said that would not work but still . . . another reason women should be in charge of these things. Just sayin'

  11. I love your new look and may go check out your daughter for assistance. I just bought a new coffee cup myself. May have to take a pic of it. The grand kids are staying with us tonight so I made chocolate chip cookies, we are having pancakes and bacon for dinner and donut holes for breakfast in the morning before taking them to school. Poor teachers.

  12. Nice makeover Joyce. I also love the mug..too cute.

  13. Your weekend sounds a lot more enjoyable than mine, and I'm glad :)

    I love your makeover. Different, but still the same!

  14. Joyce, your new background is wonderful, and I loved this post!!

  15. Love the update. I mostly love that you got to spend the weekend with your daughter. Great weekend!!

  16. I like your new look and your picture!
    I have a feeling that movie is in our future, Mousey is a Pine-Nut!

  17. Just love your bloggy make-over!

    That movie is definitely on our "must watch" list ... we are both fans of the movies made from Tom Clancy and like your hubs will watch them whenever they're on TV.

    We're getting some snow today ... and it's ushering in a new round of bitterly cold weather. Brrrr I am still exhausted from my weekend (3-day swim meet) and would have passed on going to the Y with my neighbor anyway, but I think this is a good day to just stay home where it's warm and cozy. ;-)

  18. Hey Joyce,
    Your blog's looking great as usual. Daughter1 does a great job. I love that you get to spend so much special time with your daughters. When you talk about how you are going to spend your day with one or both of them, I can just picture it being so wonderful!
    Hugs, Carol

  19. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I've had that same puzzle piece experience before!

  20. If you have a great waffle recipe, please share! We've had waffle disasters around here that make me very hesitant to pull out our maker.
    You're so funny, as always! I love the way you put things. :) Another way to make turkey tenderloin that is tasty is with crushed pistachios smashed into it all over, then broil.
    Thanks for your always makes my day when you stop by and let me know you have. :)