Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I had a really extended extended Christmas break, and in fact should be deep into the the un-decorating at this very moment, but I'm blogging instead.

I did manage to clean out my poor refrigerator this morning, and what a job! For some reason I have three full containers of sour cream?  I don't even eat sour cream, and that's the problem with a too full-neglected-I'll deal with it after the holiday-attitude towards refrigeration. You don't know what you have so you keep buying more.  I have to make a stop at our nearby soup kitchen today, and the lady who runs it is very creative, so I'll take it with me and see if she can incorporate sour cream into her January menus. It is most definitely not on mine!

Daughter2 returned to her home in SC late Sunday, which in my mind signaled the official end to the holiday. She was excited to have some snow while visiting the Garden State, and we had fun playing in it on Saturday. We wanted to make a snowlady, but the texture was too soft and it wouldn't roll. We made a snow girl which was only a little bit pitiful, but the best we could do.

Congratulating ourselves.

She's adorable.

Also you should know this picture makes my heart lurch.
That face!!

It launches me back to this face-

Take heart mothers of littles!
Your girl will always be there, underneath her very grown up life.

In other news, here's something I learned over the holidays-

It's impossible to pass by a container of William Sonoma's Peppermint Bark without sneaking a piece.


It's impossible to 'sneak' a piece because the container refuses to open in silence. 

Ask me how I know.

Speaking of bad habits...my pup may have taken advantage of the icy cold temps, a houseful of company, a relaxed schedule, and a husband who's a softie when it comes to his beloved dog, to develop some habits that now need breaking.  Hmmm. In reading that last sentence I realize the same could be said of me-ha!

So who's watching Downton Abbey? I think the folks who produce the show were wise to delay the new season start-up. That last little 'incident' in Season 3? The one that left us all slack-jawed? Just a distant memory now.  Did anyone else need a minute to re-connect all the people names and places? Does anyone else wish they lived in the English countryside?

In other news suddenly I have a Google+ account. Not sure how that happened, but there it is. I don't understand Google+?  When I visit a blogger and get redirected to their Google+ site I find it hard to navigate. Does anybody out there love it, and if so can you tell me why?  Pretty sure I have enough to manage online, but apparently the Internet doesn't think so.

I guess that's enough stuff for a Tuesday afternoon.  It's not much, nor is it anything you couldn't have lived without knowing, but if I don't occasionally dump the little stuff from my brain, there's no room left for grabbing hold of big ideas and deep thoughts.

I need room in 2014 people.  Lots of room.


  1. I don't understand the google+ thing either. I have an account and someone added me and I keep having a little +1 on my homepage and I'm afraid to push it to see what it means.

  2. I don't really get Google myself... I'm on there so look me up .. but don't look to me for advise :)
    Yes - it took me a minute for Downton. The new lady's maid, I knew she was trouble but it took me a minute to remember why she was sent packing... my mind doesn't handle long spurts of no shows :)

  3. I've never figured out Google + at all. If you find out, let me know.

  4. Downton Abbey - yes and yes. Ha.

    I don't get the google + thing either. Do we have to?

    And YES, she's adorable.

    And my fridge is still waiting for that clean out. I tell myself I'm waiting for Xan to depart but I know he does not eat leftovers so I also know it's a stretch for an excuse. :)

  5. I had Google+ when it first came out because I thought that was what I needed to do. But, soon found I certainly did not need it and undid my connection with them. I'm with you, it is difficult to navigate.

    I laughed over the sour cream because I so related to that. Sometimes it is just easier to buy something than to check and see if you already have it. Sometimes I feel that same way about my clothes closet. :o)

    See you tomorrow at the HP!

  6. I'm not a big fan of google+; I only put my posts on there and scroll through every now & then. I will tell you that if you attach your blog to it, it will make your comments "no reply" so that the person you commented to can't email you back.
    LOVE Downton Abbey! It all came back pretty quickly. Maggie Smith is just amazing!

  7. LOL on the peppermint bark (hmm..I have the same problem), love Downton, not loving Mr. Barrows/Edna. Not one bit. Ugh..should be interesting though. Very lovely photos. --thanks for the smiles.

  8. Yes, I needed a moment (or two) to reconnect the the people and places on Downton Abbey, too--and I just watched Season 3 finale a few days ago! I knew the ending, so I kept post-poning watching it :(

    I'm still putting away Christmas decorations, too...

  9. Love Downton!! Don't like Google+ (or understand it, or why it has to be linked with Blogger!).

  10. After reading the earlier comments, I think we all agree that Google+ is a puzzle. I see no benefits what so ever.

    Now, about Daughter2. She is such a beauty, but even more so, a lovely and warm lady. Yes, that facial expression seems to say it all.

    I was also looking forward to DA this season. I do not enjoy, however, the undercover, downstairs intrigue. I can't stand that aspect and really don't see that it adds anything to the storyline.

  11. Boo. I wish I had gotten to play in the snow with you two!!

  12. I have a google+ account also. I have no idea what to do with it. People ask to be in my circle. I have no clue!! LOL Happy New Year!

  13. Love that face and so glad you had a fun snow day with her! I love Downton Abbey I watched the last years season finale the week before. It was on after the Christmas special of Call the Midwife. Yes, yes and yes again, I want to live in English Countryside. I have a Google+ account to according to them but I don't use it at all. I did not sign up for it!!! Yes I get directed to people's account and I find the link to their blog and then put that blog link into my Feedly account. I don't like Google+ and don't plan on using it and I hope we are never forced to do that.

  14. Like you, I don't understand Google+ and I also can't seem to navigate the Google+ blogs. Hey! I'm still trying to figure out Pinterest! Thanks to your post and the comments after it that confirm I'm not the only one who doesn't "get" Google+.