Monday, April 28, 2014


You'd think with only three letters remaining in the A-Z Blog Challenge that I'd be skating, but you would be wrong. I'm afraid my A-Z will end with a whimper instead of a bang but still, a whimper is better than nothing so here goes something.

X is for An eXcellent Wife

When I first began thinking about words for my A-Z posts, and thought about today's letter (X), the first thing that came to mind was the verse in Proverbs 31 that says-

"An excellent wife who can find her? She is worth far more than rubies..." 

There are then an additional 20 verses that follow, detailing what it is exactly that makes an excellent wife. Included in that list-

Her husband has confidence in her, and knows she will never cause him any harm.
She works hard, eagerly in fact.
She gets up early, while it's still dark.
She invests wisely.
She helps the poor and needy.
She sees that her own family is well fed and clothed.
She is strong and dignified.
She is unafraid of the future.
She is wise.
She takes care of her responsibilities and obligations, and is not lazy.
Her children call her blessed.
Her husband praises her.
She fears the Lord.

But no pressure-ha!

This past week I have not felt much like an excellent wife. More like mediocre. Lukewarm.  While I can accomplish an awful lot under pressure, I can't always accomplish it with enthusiasm. Was the woman in Proverbs 31 exhausted?

Between traveling (think frustrating flight delays outbound and likely weather delays inbound), multiple obligations I need to take care of relating to a volunteer position I hold, a husband who has been a little under the weather, and who has now kindly shared his wicked cough with me, trying to secure a wedding date and venue which requires among other things, a stamp of approval from the US Army, and then add to that roughly a hundred and ten other things both large and small, and well I think you get the picture.

At the moment I am feeling pulled in too many directions, by too many people. Why is it we women so often feel this way? And how does a wife who feels more lukewarm than excellent turn it around?  

One day at a time. 
One hour at a time.
Sometimes just a few minutes at a time. 

There are times when the schedule just won't give. Times when you have more to do than hours to do it in. Times when the people you love all need all of you. Times when you have to look at your day and just get on with it. And so you do. 

Dear wives everywhere who are having a day, a moment, a season-

Remember it is only a day, a moment or a season. 
Remember whose you are, and that His mercies are new every morning. 
Remember life is a marathon, and not a sprint.

Know that sometimes getting on with it is a step towards being the excellent wife you long to be. 

Also a nap never hurt anyone.



  1. Prayers that you can slow down and enjoy this day, this moment, this season and gain strength in the light of His new day. So much to do. So little time. Just do the next thing. After a nap. :) xoxo

  2. Great post and a great way to use the letter X!

  3. Great post, Joyce. I love your three points to remember! And I think the Proverbs 31 woman had way fewer things going on. I'm almost certain she didn't have to think up Hodgepodge questions for her blog. (But I'm sure glad you do. :-))

  4. I enjoyed this post, and it couldn't have come at a better time, for me :)

  5. love this post and thank you for being an excellent example of a wife and mom and for letting me be one of those forces pulling at you... ;)

  6. I did a post a couple years ago about the Proverbs 31 woman. I believe the Lord showed me in preparing that this hard-working, over-achieving woman did not necessarily do all those things at the same time; there are periods that we go through that require different gifts and offer different challenges. Right now, your Prov. 31 example is requiring abilities you have been cultivating for years, however unaware. You are up to this task, Joyce because He has prepared you for this time and promises that He will make it possible for those "who are called according to His purpose."

  7. I especially like the nap part!! A woman's work is never done. So true - even when we DO learn to say no. An eXcellent post, Joyce!

  8. I don't know if you have read A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans, but she has many beautiful thoughts on the Proverbs 31 woman. And while I do not know you personally, I know that your encouragement and kind spirit have been a great lift to my spirit over the years.

  9. I strive for it and love it! The getting up at dark still is a little hard for a night owl LOL!!!

  10. I think we all have those lukewarm moments/days.
    I like to say to myself ~ it's not like I'm saving babies here ~ then I shake myself off and move on. A nap and/or a 'mental health day' does wonders too. :)

  11. Grateful for your vulnerability. Thank you!