Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Evergreen State and God

As most of you know by now (because I've mentioned it no less than ten times) my first born baby girl, aka Daughter1, is getting married. We're still trying to pin down the when and the where, and as is our usual way of operating round here, it's complicated. Very.

Let's recap-

We live in New Jersey.
Daughter1 lives in the Washington D.C. area.
Fiance is currently living in Charleston SC.
Fiance's parents also live in South Carolina, but not in Charleston.
The happy couple plan to be married somewhere sometime in SC.

Those logistics are for amateurs, but guess what?
The fiance is moving soon, and when she becomes his Mrs. she'll be moving too.
Are you ready?
W is for Washington

Not Washington as in The District of Columbia, where the bride-to-be is currently working and living, but Washington as in The Evergreen State. The one that sits on the complete opposite side of the US of A, many, many, many miles from all of the above. Deep breaths now. Be brave.

And you know what? I feel brave. And happy. And so excited for the adventure my daughter and future son-in-law are about to embark upon, because here's the thing-

Beginning your life together as husband and wife in a home and city far from all that is familiar, means you must operate as a team from the get-go. An experience like this one can help cement a relationship, it allows you to mark it as wholly your own. Me and you. You and me. Husband and wife. I got you babe.  

I won't deny there is something sweet and special in being surrounded by the physical closeness and comfort of mom and dad and sister and cousins and all your big extended family. I also know there is something very liberating in figuring out what you look like as someone's other half, separate and away from the people who've loved you since the day you were born.

I cannot help but look back and see how God's hand has been upon each one of us, preparing us for this next season of life. How my sweet tender hearted girl, who never wanted her world to tilt in the slightest, had it flipped upside down at the age of fifteen.

September, 2003

How she was plucked from the cozy, familiar home she'd grown up in, and moved an ocean away, and how it was all so strange and new until one day it wasn't. Her fiance said to me recently, 'She's not afraid of anything.' and I smiled. That wasn't always so.

It was in that far away unfamiliar place my girl grew brave. It was there she learned to seize the day instead of allowing it to seize her. She discovered there's a big wide world out there just waiting to be known if you are not afraid to know it.

Above all, she learned that God is everywhere and also just a breath away. That home can be anywhere you are, even a country that is not your own.

Even the Evergreen State.

April, 2014

Her mama knows it too.


  1. My son-in-law has said that one thing that attracted him to my girl is that she isn't afraid to try new things. Being an ex-pat kid must do that, huh? Now they are on ab adventure of living life back on his family's farm. Yep, she'll try anything.

  2. I'm guessing she learned some of that bravery from her mama. Because even when we don't feel brave, we try our best to keep calm and carry on. :) You are so right about making their own way as a couple… as a team, and I know all the steps in their journey have brought them here together. I pray that mom (and dad and sister) will be brave, too. The Evergreen State is a long way away. But it's also just an airplane ride away. Praying for all the 'logistics' to fall into place as you plan and prepare together. :)

  3. Well that's exciting! My side of the world!

    1. Yes! So perhaps when I see Oregon one day we will get to meet in person.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking! :)

  4. That story has God's fingerprints all over it!

  5. Congrats to you and your family. I cannot wait to follow the both of you and reading all about the planning. Washington used to be so far away….now with all of the technology the distance has shortened. I cannot imagine how our parents felt when we moved and/or went away to college.

  6. They will love Washington state...born there and both my parents and extended family are from rains there but not all the time! Will they be in Seattle? She is a seasoned nomad....she will do well. I agree with your advice as usual...perfect!

  7. Wow! That's a big move. I know your excited for them just as I am with Adam & Tristen moving to Pittsburgh. I wish them all the happiness the world has to offer. Let's keep taking those deep breathes.........

  8. Your blog made my day. Thank you for sharing. Nice to meet and follow through atoz

  9. Well, the adventures for your family just continue on. Hubby has a sister that lives in Tacoma and we've been there and it is such a great place. Lots to do and see and I'm sure you will work it all out to see each other as often as is feasible. I agree with you so much, couples really are better off when they have to work together as team and figure it out. That's what I had to do. I moved 1000 miles from my parents the week after I married and there weren't cell phones or email. But, I survived and grew up really quick. :o))))

  10. I married my military man in Tennessee, and we immediately moved to the West Coast via California and then 2 years in the Evergreen State at Ft. Lewis (near Tacoma) ... As newly weds, there was something very freeing about being "just the 2 of us" - but thankfully, a plane can cross the USA in about 6 hours these days!! ;)

  11. My daughter and SIL were both raised in Alabama...have lived here all their lives....during the summer....they are both quitting their jobs....and moving across the big live in Moldova(near Ukraine) and work as missionaries in an orphanage. I am stuggling.....but this too shall pass.

  12. I just read your daughter's post about this this morning. I wondered how you were handling it. I knew you'd be okay though because of the traveling you've done and because of your trust in God.

  13. Wow that sounds really exciting! And scary! You have a wonderful outlook though. I hope I can have the same when my kids start growing up and moving away.

  14. We just got back from there and the hubs talks about moving there EVERYDAY since!

  15. Washington State! Oh wow, Joyce! It's a good thing you don't mind traveling! She'll only be a plane ride away :)