Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekend. FORE!

Good Monday morning! I must begin today by giving props to the weekend weather. Spectacular! Hubs and I spent all day Saturday outdoors and it was De-lightful. Yes, with a capital D. His company had a booth at The Barclays tourney and we volunteered to help cover the Saturday morning shift.

Which began at 7am.

In the morning.

Nearly an hour from home.

In other words, early.

Technically they had two booths, the first one situated just opposite the warm up field.

Grass? Green?

We started out there and it was a great spot to watch players take their practice swings.

Putts? Drives? Can you tell I don't golf?

Vijay Singh set up directly in front of our booth, and while he didn't fare too awfully well in this tourney, he was amazing in the warm up.  He set up some kind of contraption (remember I don't golf) where he hit the ball between two skinny fiberglass poles, set only as wide apart as the width of the ball and never once missed. Never hit the pole. Just slowly, methodically knocked ball after ball through this exceedingly narrow space. Serious skilz!

About 9:30 we moved over to the second booth where spectators got to try their hand at putting. It was a popular booth and stayed busy, so when the reinforcements arrived to relieve us at noon we were ready for a break. Did I mention it was positively gorgeous on Saturday?

We grabbed a quick lunch then went in search of our favorite players. We missed my favorite favorite Phil Mickleson who teed off early and was already through for the day, but we did catch up with Rory McElroy (a crowd favorite) and Bubba Watson, who knocks the ever livin' daylights out of the ball. Bubba was paired with the Japanese player Hadeki Matsuyama and at one point we found ourselves standing beside his cameraman. Hubs said something to him in Japanese and I wish you could have seen his face light up. Hubs is not fluent but he knows enough words and phrases to communicate a little, and the cameraman was definitely not expecting that.

I may not play golf, but I do appreciate the beauty of a golf course and Ridgewood Country Club is a beautiful course. There are mega rules about picture taking which is probably why I look a little stressed in our selfie on the 17th. Y'all know I don't like to break the rules. There was no play happening when we snapped this, but the picture police were out in force.

Hubs doesn't look worried.

It was a fun day and did I mention the weather? Sunday was another beauty and if this is the prelude to fall I say bring it!

So what did you do this weekend? And more importantly was the sun shining, a breeze blowing, and did a clear blue sky make you happy?


  1. Hot and sticky. I worked outside some, and then got in the pool. Not nearly as much fun as you had, Joyce. My Joe would have loved being there! I golfed years and years ago, but haven't done more than putt-putt in 40 years or so. I was not very good. Ha!

  2. How awesome! I love watching golf on TV and we do love Phil here. I would have loved to have joined you there. We went to the Queen Mary, saw the Princess Diana Exhibit and had the most delightful Windsor Tea!

  3. So hot, so humid here. Ugh. But I did get in some time in the sewing room and some time with my Ts. So it was a good weekend.

  4. I spent the weekend sleeping off meds I took for a sinus infection. Did make it to church and heard a really goodn' from my Pastor. As far as the weather; it's hotter than a billy goat's butt in a pepper patch here in Alabama. Relief should be coming soon.

  5. Oh, what a fun way to enjoy a beautiful day. It was hotter than rip here with humidity at what seemed to be over 100%. Nothing big done here but did make a big run to Sam's. :o)))

  6. We visited our daughter and son-in-law this weekend. We had s'mores. I brought the fixings because I have had a serious craving for them all summer. We visited my parents where I got to witness my daughter tell my parents they were going to be great-parents again! My mom just smiled and smiled and loved looking at the ultrasound pictures. Once she reached out and touched my daughter's belly and smiled. I don't think I've seen Mom smile that much since she had her stroke almost a year ago. :)

  7. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed beautiful weekend weather! As for us, Ed had a 3-day weekend, and we didn't get to spend much of it outdoors, due to weather challenges here! 100 degree temps, followed by thunder storms :(